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ASSIST Software is a 200 employees software partner that provides dedicated creative teams capable of delivering software solutions with high standards of quality. The company has grown to over 200 employees covering roles such as software engineers, QA engineers, project managers, business analysts, solution architects, designers or DevOps.

ASSIST Software is one of the most important R&D companies in South-eastern Europe, but also in the field of providing complex hardware and software solutions. As a testimonial to our innovative capabilities, in 2017 and 2019 we have been awarded 1st place, and respectively the 3rd place in Romania for Research, Development, and High-Tech for medium-sized companies by the Chamber of Commerce.

• Microsoft Gold Partner
• MongoDB Partner
• Amazon Web Services Partner
• OpenStack Partner.

Our services:
• Product Design and Consulting
• Custom Software Development
• Testing and Validation
• Team Augmentation

Summary of our expertise:
• Mobile Development (iOS - Swift, Android - Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.)
• Web Development (Java, Scala, .NET technologies, Ruby on Rails, Django/Python, Node.js, Drupal, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue.js)
• 3D Development / AR / VR (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, C#, C++)
• Cloud / DevOps (AWS, Azure, GPC, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, etc.)
• QA (Jenkins, Testrail, Postman, Selenium, JMeter, etc.)
• Blockchain (Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.js, etc.)
• AI - Computer Vision, NLP, ML: Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement (IBM Watson, Azure ML, AWS Sagemaker, TensorFlow, etc.)

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Suceava, Romania
  • Tipografiei Street 1
    Suceava, SV 720043


Key clients: 

Some of our key clients: Trimble, Drager, Coty, Uniphar Group, STATSports, HealthBeacon, etc.

Zelgor Image


Zelgor is a free to play iOS mobile world conquest game. The core game features three distinct mini-games with different mechanics and gameplay that interact with each other in a natural way.

The mini-games have been built from the ground up in Unity 3D engine, giving the development team lots of flexibility. The 3D and 2D assets, animations, special

effects, GUI are created with the help of the graphics pipeline made of the following applications: 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Topogun, Motion Builder, Photoshop.

The frontend of mobile game development has two branches. The first one represents the native iOS application developed using the following technologies: Protobuf, CoreLocation, and GoogleMaps SDK Kit for iOS, Cocos2D, while the last one corresponds to the 3D games section where we used Unity 3D engine.

The backend component used Open Street Maps, Foursquare API along with our own developed server and algorithm system to create the backbone for the game.

STATSports Image


APEX Athlete Series is a consumer mobile application aimed at people who would like to manage their daily exercise or track their individual performance during team sports. The application uses the APEX hardware to record advanced metrics and is able to break down workouts using specific details.

The application also enables sport-specific features such as positional heatmaps on football

pitches and sport-specific metrics.

APEX Live is an application used by professional sports teams around the world (Premier League, Primera Division, NFL etc.) to manage the training sessions and monitor live matches. The application mainly targets football, rugby, and American football and it uses the APEX hardware to record player live metrics.


Titan Image


Project codename Titan19 is a next-generation multiplatform game development by ASSIST Software as an internal product. The focus is to create the best user experience and at the same time take advantage of the next-generation features provided by Unity 2019 game engine.

A key feature for the in-game store will be the use of blockchain technology for item generation and

market transitions. The game will be fully 3D with an open world sandbox the system that will drive the core mechanics forward.
English Attack Image

English Attack

English Attack! is the first English-language learning service specifically designed for the digital generation.

Designed by gaming experts in collaboration with teachers and neuroscientists, English Attack! is a fun yet highly effective approach to learning English. This application combines in its lessons movie clips and language games in an

immersive learning experience to maintain the learners' motivation each and every day.

ASSIST is English Attack! commercial and marketing partner for Romania and Moldavia.

In 2016, our team managed to complete the design revamp of the platform and tried a  more modular approach. We tried to work in terms of components and not in terms of pages. Implementing a design using components is a more reliable method if we take in consideration how many developers work on this project.

Over one million people already learn with English Attack!, improving their English every day with lessons based on the latest movies.

Mix with the masters Image

Mix with the masters

Mix with the Masters provides a web and mobile application for learning about music production with the world’s most talented music mixers and producers. The application is essentially an e-learning platform which uses a subscription-based model and also supports secure offline access to videos.

ASSIST Software developed both the web

application as well as the two native mobile applications (Android and iOS).
BladeSave Image


BladeSave is a fusion between a Fibre Optic Structural Health Monitoring System (Smartscan) providing multi-sensing capability (strains, vibrations and acoustic emission), and a blade management software (WindManager) linking the data from inspection and maintenance to the SHM data offering a comprehensive solution for wind turbine blade monitoring, repair, and


ASSIST Software is involved in this project in the development of the communication system and the pre-processing of data to perform the system’s trials, the software fine-tuning and system demonstrations.

BladeSave System aims to increase the average annual availability per wind turbine from 95% to 98-99% through the optimization of maintenance routines and the maximization of component lifetime versus unscheduled repair/replacement and breakdown.



ASPIRE is a project that aims to finalize and commercialize an existing robotic system and to deliver a unique and innovative product for inspecting oil & gas upstream asset integrity and recommending maintenance schedules. 

ASPIRE addresses 2 main objectives: delivering continuous improvement in health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) performance and driving growth in daily

production and proven reserves by optimizing existing assets.

ASPIRE system performs inspections, analyzes inspection data and makes maintenance recommendations including schedules, eliminating the reliance on scheduled maintenance which is often done without the knowledge of asset condition, hence risky and time-inefficient.

SterilTrack  Image


SterilTrack is an RFID software solution that aims to help sterilization facilities to better control and monitor the sterilization process.

With this product, the doctors can input all inventory into the system, assign RFID tags, and use Alien ALR scanners and ASSIST Software’s Android-based mobile application to track items and to send data to the

SterilTrack platform. 

SterilTrack is a web-based Internet of Things software platform developed using Ruby on Rails for the backend and Angular for the frontend. Started as an R&D project, SterilTrack, can help the hospitals follow closely the entire sterilization process for a specific kit/instrument and the analytics and reports. 

Hooman Invaders  Image

Hooman Invaders

Hooman Invaders is a free 2D tower defense game, developed by ASSIST Software, for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was developed in Unity 3D and includes features such as cross-platform IAP, social API, analytics and crashlytics integration.

The tower defense game was designed from the beginning with a modular structure that grants an

easy future expansion in case of new content.

The game’s graphics, represented by the game characters, environments and GUI, was created from scratch by our 2D artists, using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as primary tools. 


Virtual Biodome Image

Virtual Biodome

The idea of the Biodome project came from our colleague Gabriel Tironeac, Head of Game Development at ASSIST Software. The machine learning-driven virtual dome through its disruptive technologies desires to change the way the human perceives learning materials and bridge the gap between theoretical “know-how” and practical usability in a wide range of fields. 

For achieving this target, the application has three spearhead core features:

- Develop a knowledge platform for analyzing and simulating (it was used the Unity 3D game engine) the complex processes and environmental factors that impact the growth of plants. 

- Develop a real-time procedural visualization solution for displaying  the impact of the external factors on the plant’s growth and life cycle composed of the following components:

  • plant core growth simulation (root, stem/trunk, branches, leaves, and reproductive structures);
  • damage/degradation simulation to its mentioned structural elements;
  • dynamic controlled timeline;

- Use machine learning agents to analyze the input data (earth mineral composition, water volume, temperature) and add the required corrections to achieve a biodome that sustains the growth of plants in the best condition.  

Sogem Image


SOGEM is a multi-platform application developed by ASSIST Software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and compatible web browsers using WebGL technology. The app is a 3D stair configurator where the customer can configure and filter the perfect stair for his home, depending on his preferences and the physical requirements of the room. With 5

stair families and over 70 configurable stairs, the application is the perfect guide for any potential buyer.

The entire application has been developed in Unity 3D Engine, with a focus on achieving the highest fidelity level for each stair with the help of high detail 3D models and physical-based rendering that simulate the actual materials of the real-life counterparts. 

Valumics Image


VALUMICS work aims to improve understanding the functioning of different links in the food chain, their viability, and sustainability within specific supply chains and across food chains, and how they provide the capacity to foster the sustainability and resilience of the food system.

VALUMICS objectives:

  • develop approaches and tools to analyze the structure, dynamics, resilience, and impact of food chains on food security, economic development, and the environment;
  • explore the impact of public regulations and private initiatives which have shaped these food chains;
  • analyze the suitability of selected indicators to capture the evolution of resilience;
  • develop an integrated modeling approach and use for the analysis of external and internal drivers influencing the performance of food;
  • build foresight scenarios to reflect on the possible evolution of food chains;
  • ASSIST Software`s role in this project is to is build an integrated dynamic simulation model, quantitatively test the model developed and provide understanding about the drivers and outcomes of behaviors within food value networks.

    Health Point Image

    Health Point

    HealthPoint is an ASP.NET web application, built-in C# programming language and designed to use the Model-View-Controller pattern. Basically, it is a Health Management Platform focused on engaging patients, improving healthcare workflow – targeting treatments, procedures, and training for medical professionals.

    ASSIST Software had contributed to the

    responsive design, look and feel, migration to the Amazon platform and development of the platform. Amazon AWS solution provided had contributed to making the platform highly scalable, secure and affordable without a big upfront investment.

    HealthPoint boasts features meant to firstly ease the transition of medical personnel into the digital workings of the medical system and secondly, to provide services and functionality while in step with medical technology and procedures.

    Health Beacon Image

    Health Beacon

    HealthBeacon is a smart sharps bin that observes patient compliance, identifies patient behavior and subsequently engages the patient to achieve higher medication adherence for patients on home injectable medication. The HealthBeacon smart sharps bin is digitally connected and programmed with the patients' personal medication schedule and uses customized reminders to help them

    start and stay on track with their medication.

    ASSIST Software's role in the project is to create a platform and ensure the cloud services database and communication.

    The HealthBeacon was designed using customer feedback and with patient empowerment being our top priority, which has led to 96% of patients accepting the HealthBeacon as part of their treatment.