Branding, UI & UX Design, WordPress, Front-end Dev

Ashley is a user-centered design and development leader who believes in simplifying complex problems and storytelling. She bridges the gap between human and data-driven design to help grow companies, people, and brands during various stages from ideation, discovery, prototyping, and design to implementation, measuring and analyzing feedback.



UI & UX Design, WordPress, Front-end Development, Logo Design & Brand Strategy, Product Design, SEO



Every step of a creative partnership is collaborative and accountable. Ashley's services are based on integrity and experience. She will respect your investment and protect it with a commitment to give more than you expected and on time, making it a smart investment for your business. You’ll get her best effort and great work that will set you apart.



Great design inspires and changes people. No template or one-size-fits-all solution works. Ashley’s approach starts with asking the right questions to discover your visual brand. She will analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities – where you are and where you want to go, then craft a plan to get there.



Ashley’s persistent learning, problem-solving, and focus on helping clients achieve their goals has earned Outstanding Website Awards for websites, design and awards consecutive years since 2011 in the MPMA Design competition, and recognition in Germany’s PAGE Magazine for a packaging rebrand.



Great stories teach and inspire action. What makes your story unique? By really listening to your customers and analyzing their needs and desires, you gain valuable insight into how your products and services can fit into their lives.

$100 - $149 / hr
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West Des Moines, IA


National Geographic - Wildlife Adventure Series Concept Image

National Geographic - Wildlife Adventure Series Concept

Fire in the Hole | Cinnamon Flavored Vodka Image

Fire in the Hole | Cinnamon Flavored Vodka


Bluff Creek Distillery


Bluff Creek Distillery is located in the heart of Boone, IA and was established in 2018. They are dedicated to handcrafting high-quality vodka in small batches using non-gmo grain from a family-owned century farm located in Boone County.

Design Inspiration

Bluff Creek is inspired by tradition and the great outdoors. The primary logo font is a natural

woodcut font. Thin gold borders and sans-serif ‘distillery’ bringing a touch of refined elegance and modernness. Their premium launch product is the ever so smooth Y-not Vodka, followed by the sweet heat of Fire in the Hole Cinnamon-Flavored Vodka.
SAVA Trading Co Image

SAVA Trading Co

Identity / Brand / Messaging / Labels / Website

Iconic Wine Beauties Image

Iconic Wine Beauties

Logo / Branding / Website

Iowa School of Beauty Image

Iowa School of Beauty

Logo / Brand / Website


Iowa School of Beauty


Iowa School of Beauty was established almost a century ago (1923) and has been family-owned & operated by the Oswalds since 1973. Their goal is to prepare students for a career they will love, help

them grow personally and professionally, and at a fair cost.

Design Inspiration

The new logo is stately and contemporary—resembling high fashion magazine typography with the use of Bodoni. Iowa School of Beauty often goes by its acronym ISB; therefore, the primary logo also needed to have the full name iterated.

The website is vivid, colorful, and fun with large serif headings (Playfair Display) in contrast with condensed uppercase subheadings (Oswald) and sans-serif body copy (Muli).

Komatsu Ramen Website Image

Komatsu Ramen Website

Logo / Branding / Website

Komatsu Ramen T-shirt Image

Komatsu Ramen T-shirt

Iconic Beauty Image

Iconic Beauty

Logo / Branding / Website

Intensity Nutrition Image

Intensity Nutrition


Intensity Nutrition – Raising the bar on sports supplements


Founded by a former Navy SEAL and a group of hardcore functional fitness enthusiasts, Intensity Nutrition develops nutritional products for athletes who train and operate at the highest thresholds of athletic performance. Special operators and those who train at ultra-high intensity require unique nutritional support – and SEALs are

famous for the intensity of their workouts.

Design Inspiration

In the discovery phase of the sports nutrition and supplement industry, other brands use bold, loud colors, some are “rock & roll” feeling with grunge textures and type (often poor font choices), others excessively use a reflective foil material or a solid powerful color with modern, edgy, or techie type. Most supplement labels were overcrowded and too noisy.

My goal with these labels was to keep the design controlled, pulled back from the noise of competing brands, use bright color, geometric shapes, and icons to differentiate each supplement type. I used only a couple of different fonts (Proxima Nova and Eurostile) to maintain a modern, simplistic, geometric design that retains masculinity, yet also appeals to a female audience. These labels are actually printed on a holographic foil material which highlights the logo, thin lines in the geometric circle graphic, and are subtly randomized throughout the triangle pattern, giving interest to the background.

Ostrea Image


Logo / Brand / Website

Worth Rivals: Dale Nichols and Terence Duren Image

Worth Rivals: Dale Nichols and Terence Duren


Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art

Book Summary

When it comes to Regionalist and Social Realist art, two of the best artists representing these styles are Nebraska’s own Dale Nichols and Terence Duren.

In the summer of 1945, Nichols had planned an exhibition of his work in his hometown of David City. He had recently become art editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica and also sold his

painting, End of the Hunt, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Interestingly, just 20 miles down the road, the people of Shelby were celebrating their own nationally known artist Terence Duren, who recently had his painting, Picnic in the Park, accepted into the Portrait of America contest sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Despite this rivalry, in retrospect, their lives are far more similar than one might think. Worthy Rivals: Dale Nichols and Terence Duren offers a glimpse into the lives of these two remarkable artists, showing the rich history of American Scene Painting forged on the rolling fields of Nebraska in the 20th century.


The title alone using purely typography and color includes a variety of symbolism. Worthy Rivals is in the shape of Nebraska. Worthy is in white and the ‘O’ uplifted. And in the initial concept, the ‘R’ on Rivals was flipped upside down and the word is darkly-color to emphasize rivalry. The book typography is composed of nostalgic drop cap letters, contemporary Oswald, Gotham, and Brandon Grotesque fonts.

Village of Elm Creek Image

Village of Elm Creek

Cornfest 2019 Image

Cornfest 2019

Digital Luxury Brands Image

Digital Luxury Brands


Digital Luxury Brands


Founded by a passionate team of highly experienced e-commerce, luxury, and consumer goods entrepreneurs.

Design Inspiration

Luxury, high fashion, data, and tech are a few terms that informed the design of this website.

Felt Racing UI Concept Image

Felt Racing UI Concept

Iceland Travel UI Concept Image

Iceland Travel UI Concept

Lawyer Website Image

Lawyer Website