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Artistic-Zeal Media LLC offers our clients peace of mind in knowing that industry experts are working hard to make sure your business is in front of those that matter most - People whose needs are filled with exactly what you are offering! While you are doing your thing, we'll handle everything on the digital end. No matter what your needs, we've got you covered... From the up and coming entrepreneur to the well-established corporations that have been around for decades.

When you need a hand, you know who to call... Artistic-Zeal Media LLC is your One-Stop-Shop for all your business needs!

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Key clients: 

Retirement Planning Service Providers, Local Elected Officials, Education Foundations, Real Estate Agents, Home Service Providers, Salons, B2C, B2B, Entrepreneurs

Payment Processing Services Image

Payment Processing Services

We partner with a payment processing company that offers green-friendly, health-conscious options for local businesses. Their services include an extremely user-friendly system to manage payments, for billing and filing purposes.  Thanks to their excellent reputation, they are the perfect addition to many of our clients.

Product Testing Image

Product Testing

We've helped a number of companies with product testing and affiliate promotion. This may be the best way for a light launch or pre-launch of a product in order to get essential information on how prospects feel about a product, information needed to create content that will attract buyers, and to get the word out about your product. 

Digital Strategy In Action Image

Digital Strategy In Action

We've worked with individuals and businesses to educate them on digital strategy. We've worked with them to finetune their current methods or lack thereof. We've especially enjoyed helping entrepreneurs get their business plans in action. From the point of concept to branding, then to website design, launch and beyond, we enjoy walking alongside people to see their dreams achieved.

Product Promotion Image

Product Promotion

We've worked with a number of entrepreneurs and small businesses to promote their products online. We've created promotional videos as well as other content for them, used social media advertising to reach target audiences, and helped them create marketing plans to get the best performance. This includes content calendars so that we can assure proper communication with our clients as to what will be published and when.

Real Estate Promotion Image

Real Estate Promotion

We've worked with property owners and Real Estate Agents to promote their listings, as well as their business. We've worked with individuals for their print needs for signs and other advertising materials and for this particular client, we created a page that focuses on all of the benefits of this particular piece of land. This includes videos of the area (provided by clients) that we edited for promotion on the site.

Human Resources Assistance Image

Human Resources Assistance

We helped this human resources company with branding, content creation, and print services. We also set up their social media account, designed their page, and helped them to become familiar with standard social media practices. They are currently very successful, helping other companies with HR issues and the implementation of policies and procedures.

Retirement Planning Content Creation Image

Retirement Planning Content Creation

We provide content creation to fit our clients' needs... From Newsletters, Blogs, Scripts, Sales copy and more. We offer ghostwriting services for physical and ebook services as well. For this particular client, we've offered Web design, content creation, social media management, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click services, event planning, graphic design services, print services, and more.

Salons Image


We've worked with a number of salons to recreate their image, as well as to help them start from scratch. For this particular client, we helped the Owners with their corporate logo, promotional material, designed websites for each of the various salons that they owned, setup company/individual business emails, and more. We helped them set up analytics as well as with other business resources.

School Work - Education Foundation Image

School Work - Education Foundation

For this Education Foundation, we created a website specific outside of their school page that would display the purpose of the organization, as well as to help gain funding. In addition, we helped advertise their events and with social media marketing, we were able to target the local community to gain additional involvement.

Small Business Setup Image

Small Business Setup

For this local writer, we provided brand management services, logo design along with other graphic work, web design, advisory services for launch/business essentials/money management systems and much more. We were able to help them get low-cost plans in place to start their business with success. Since, we've also helped them with hiring services for their growing company. Their first year they successfully made over 90k!

Home Service Providers Image

Home Service Providers

We've worked with a number of home service providers such as moving companies, roofing companies, construction companies, waste/septic, and more. For the clients above, we constructed their website as well as their sub-domain, setup company emails, advised in the areas of marketing/advertising/business management, provided Pay-Per-Click services, as well as helping with graphic design work.

Campaign Management Image

Campaign Management

We've done campaign management for the past few years for a number of elected officials including their campaign sites, print advertising such as in local publications/via flyers/etc,  social media management and much more. All of our clients to date have been elected to the roles they were campaigning for. 

Affiliate Sites Image

Affiliate Sites

This was an early work produced for a local Author's affiliates. The sites linked back to the Author's manufacturer in order to have books distributed and individually track which affiliate sold each item. In addition, a video was created for the purpose of providing affiliates with the in's and out's of their new page.