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About Arias & Thompson Digital

Arias & Thompson Digital Consultancy, based in Tallinn, Estonia, consists of two location-independent principals, Ian Thompson and Maria Paula Arias, and a team of freelancers dedicated to providing industry-leading, location-independent digital services in the Arts & Culture, Heritage and Higher Education sectors along with small, niche businesses.

Grounded in Estonia, Bound by No Location

We are a location-independent business putting us in the class of digital nomads. With the studio grounded in Tallinn, Estonia and home bases in Qatar, Canada and the UK, we work remotely and are set up to handle global business no matter where the client may be.

Why is this a benefit for you? You have the opportunity to benefit from our Canadian roots blended with our international and expatriate experience bringing high quality service and digital expertise to much needed areas.

Applied Digital Experience

With more than 15 years of industry experience ranging from design agencies, academia, higher education and archaeology all the way to museums and art galleries, we bring much needed direction and added value to organizations attempting to navigate the digital world.

Specializing in web design, development, social media and digital strategies as well as audience and market research, we accept projects that add value to the organization and to the greater body of knowledge surrounding digital technologies and experiences.

$25 - $49 / hr
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Tallinn, Estonia
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Key clients: 

University of Calgary in Qatar

Numu Consulting

Relational Path Institute

I Ponti Marketing & Communications