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ARDEM was launched in 2004 to provide the best business process automation solutions.


Listed as one of the top Business Service Providers by Clutch, ARDEM builds outsourcing solutions by melding together skilled people, process and technology. 


Our clients come to us when they have a large volume of data which may exist on paper, or, is available on the web, and, they need this data to run their business. So this could be customer contact leads, rebate forms, claim forms, surveys, vendor invoices- any number of opportunities where needed data could be coming in on paper, or, scraped off the web, or coming in digital format, however, the content needs to be pulled into their business system.


We are the experts in:Developing the best outsourcing solution to meet and exceed client requirements. Processing large volume of data entry transactions daily. Providing robust process workflow management Delivering excellent quality. Exceeding customer expectations in each deliverable 

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Data Entry for Government Agency

"It helps save time and allows records to be organized and stored."

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The Project
2002- Ongoing
The Reviewer
201-500 Employees
Brooklyn, New York
HR Manager, Government Agency
The Review

Why does your firm need back office services? Did you use to handle these needs in-house?

We do most of our work in-house but this provider is the best out there.

What types of work can your internal staff avoid by utilizing a back office service?

They help take care of duplicate data.

What challenge were you trying to address with the service provider?

They save us time.


What was the scope of the service provider's involvement?

They do data entry only.

Could you describe the service provider's pricing structure and how they billed you?

It's a temporary need.

How did you come to work with this service provider?

We found them on an online search.

How would you assess the service provider's ability to turn around quality work quickly, their client service, and communication.

It's very successful.

How much time and money does this service provider save you each month?

It saves about 1200 hours.


What takeaways and measures of success can you share about working with this service provider?

It helps save time and allows records to be organized and stored.

What are the service provider's strengths?

They have the ability to do what they promise.

What areas can the service provider improve?

There is nothing.

How long has your company been working with this service provider?

It's been 15 years.

How much money do you spend annually with this service provider?

We have spent over $10,000,000 total.

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