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The primary mission behind Arctic Leaf is; to provide CRO and UX focused design and development services for custom web applications and e-commerce stores.

Arctic Leaf is the product of Arctic Empire and NewLeaf. The two companies merged after a long history of working alongside one another, bringing together experience and specialties from different fields under a single name. With this merger, we’re posed to take on larger projects and involved applications more than ever before. It was in 2015 that both companies began working with one another through a mutual client that proposed a proprietary crowdfunding platform. Arctic would handle the backend and NewLeaf would polish up the UX design and push out marketing efforts. This trial by fire forged a strong synergy between the companies and by September of 2017, the Founders of each company were sitting down at a restaurant in Ottawa near Arctic and the talks of a merger came up. After nearly two years of closely supporting one another, it was a natural decision and would help cement the relationship and maximize efficiency and the suite of services both companies could offer.

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Key clients:,,

Design and Development Image

Design and Development

Subtle colors, rich features, and strong imagery offers popular clothing brand Dunning Golf space to reinforce its brand value-add.

Email Marketing Template and Campaign Management Image

Email Marketing Template and Campaign Management


Enhance your breathing to go toe-to-toe with the best with the newly released Performance Breathing Mask 3.0. Now with granular oxygen restriction controls to build progressive strength.

Birdwell Redesign and Development Image

Birdwell Redesign and Development

Utilizing the most up-to-date features of Shopify Plus, we created an engaging and modern site design and e-mail marketing strategy for a company obsessed with quality and style. The Birdwell brand has been offering custom options to their clientele for years, so it was important for us to ensure a tailored online experience for each and every customer.


Patch Additions


Created a unique UX visual pop-up builder that allows customers to preview custom items added to garments. Increased AOV by allowing customers to add custom patches and buttons to garments.


Advanced Custom Boardshort Builder


We've taken customs one step further - allowing customers to customize every aspect of the garment itself. Customizations hook into fulfillment application for a seamless process.


Built Fulfillment App with Shopify API and Webhooks


  • Leveraged Shopify’s webhooks and API's to develop MEAN stack custom web application.

  • Made use of Ship Station’s APIs for fulfillment aspects.

  • Auto-produced custom production sheets for seamstresses.


Optimized Mobile Navigation

  • Developed in-depth user behavior study and implemented a streamlined mobile design to fit consumer needs.

  • Used Hotjar mapping to create intuitive mobile navigation design.

  • Full functionality, including custom product building, on mobile devices.

UX Design and Development - BigCommerce  Image

UX Design and Development - BigCommerce


Understanding and installing high performance parts requires significant instruction. A simple, yet detailed layout allows Grams Performance to showcase its products in an intuitive light.

Email Marketing Template and Campaign Management Image

Email Marketing Template and Campaign Management

A clean, minimalist look for luxury CBD beauty brand Lab to Beauty to reflect the purity of their products and upscale website.

MCG Design and Development Image

MCG Design and Development

Using the power of BigCommerce and the beautiful palate of the MCG products, we’ve created a stunning and adaptable website that is continuously being improved through customer data and our expert’s industry insights.


The Path to Purchase

  • We reduced the number

of clicks from first impression to order confirmation.
  • Users can purchase directly from the category view and see a clean preview of their cart contents without navigating to the cart.


    Making Choices Easier

    Given the complex nature of the product, we found that many customers struggled to narrow their browsing experience down from the navigation menu with all the scientific names.

    Making use of a mega menu with images on hover has helped make this process much easier for each browser.

    • Custom Mega Menu

    • Sub-Category Hover Images

    • Lazy Loaded Images for Performance Optimization


    Swift Shopping

    • Mountain Crest Gardens stressed that many repeat customers know the plants they want to order and thus never need to view the product detail pages.

    • In this refresh we included add to cart buttons on the category pages with quantity selectors to help speed up this repeat buying process and reduce clicks


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    CRM Dev for Financial Holding Company

    "They’re very hands-on, doing a tremendous amount of internal discussion on how to enhance our product."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    2017 - Ongoing
    Project summary: 

    Arctic Leaf Inc. continues to serve as the lead developer for a full-scale, real estate CRM development project. The team uses the AWS platform and MongoDB and is currently working on improving the product.

    The Reviewer
    1 - 10 Employees
    Owner & CEO, Financial Holding Company
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    Arctic Leaf Inc. engineered a robust, functional CRM despite its complexities. Throughout the partnership, they have remained a communicative team that leverages its expertise to provide valuable suggestions and advice. Customers can expect a proactive partner that’s committed to meeting needs.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Introduce your business and what you do there.

    I’m the owner and CEO of a financial holding company.


    What challenge were you trying to address with Arctic Leaf Inc.?

    We wanted to develop a real estate CRM.


    What was the scope of their involvement?

    Arctic Leaf Inc. is developing a full-scale CRM relating to the operation and pain points that real estate agents and brokers face. They’re developing the platform on AWS and it’s written in MongoDB. The team has added all sorts of features including a DocuSign plug-in.

    To get the CRM to beta testing, they had to put together a servicing package. So, they set up a pre-production site, a beta site, and an actual site. Arctic Leaf Inc. is still working with us to improve the CRM as well as the service, sales, and marketing aspects of the project.

    What is the team composition?

    We work directly with four teammates and indirectly with 6–8 others, including one teammate who is our full-time developer.

    What is the status of this engagement?

    We started working with them three years ago and our engagement is still ongoing.


    What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement? 

    The product was done and engineered very well. We’ve had some bumps in the road but, generally speaking, they’ve been very good.

    How did Arctic Leaf Inc. perform from a project management standpoint?

    The team has two offices, one in Ottawa and another in Los Angeles, so it’s been an easy process for us. In addition to our daily calls, Arctic Leaf Inc. uses an application called Teamwork that has an open window of everything they're doing when they’re doing it and how they’re doing it. 

    I log in on an hourly basis to see what’s going on. Like everything else, there are delays that we have to deal with, but they are really good at having backups for all the critical issues.

    What did you find most impressive about them?

    They’re very hands-on, doing a tremendous amount of internal discussion on how to enhance our product. Additionally, the team is very communicative and gives us suggestions on how to do things better. 

    Are there any areas they could improve?

    They’re a small company so there are always going to be irritants along the way.

    Do you have any advice for potential customers?

    Be prepared and give them the tools they need to accomplish what you want. Give them a description of the model that you want so they know exactly what they need to put together. In the beginning, there was a learning curve for both parties because a CRM is more complicated than a simple website.

    Overall Score
    • 3.5 Scheduling
    • 4.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 4.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 4.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to work on a project similar to ours.