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TriviaMaker - Custom Quiz and Trivia Maker Image

TriviaMaker - Custom Quiz and Trivia Maker

TriviaMaker is an exciting "build your own quiz / gameshow" app. The layout of the board is a lot like the game Jeopardy! and Family Feud or other trivia game shows. 

Teachers, presenters, and leaders around the world love it!

TriviaMaker allows presenters to create fully customized and engaging trivia games and game shows to engage their audience, 
help students prep for tests,

add excitement to training meetings, and host gameshow nights with their friends and families. 

• You can host your game using your phone, a tablet, or your computer. 

There are now 3 styles of gameplay available:

1. GRID - Choose a category and dollar amount. Ex: "I'll take BIRDS for $500"

2. FEUD - Name the top answers to a question. Ex: "Name something that scares the average person" 

3. TRIVIA - Multiple Choice style answers. Ex: "Name the capital of California" ( Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco) 

Trivia Maker is cloud based, so once you create an account, you can create a quiz on one device and then display it on another device.