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Appes is all about apps and evolution. We are a tribe of curios and agile tech enthusiasts driven to build web and mobile solutions fit to specific goals.


Our purpose is to help organizations take advantage of the right technologies to craft the kind of apps that can go a long way.

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Bucharest, Romania
  • 160 Splaiul Unirii
    Bucharest, B 40041


Key clients: 

Infomoss Malta, ThemisBar,, Wain

Velimo Hotel Image

Velimo Hotel

Velimo Hotel is a Whitelabel app built for hotels. The main selling point is allowing hotels to implement fast a digital solution which fits their needs. The features set include: mobile check-in, room service, service requests, staff chat, smart QR door unlock, mood lighting and other functionalities.

Geolocation management system Image

Geolocation management system

This project represents a system for supervising and gaining insights from geospatial data specific to a fleet of smart devices. The devices were phisically mounted on-board of charter traveling buses and they allowed a constant connection between the passangers, the bus and the cloud systems. This geolocation project is part of a much larger system for passanger entertainment and it represents a major component of it by giving

realtime visual information for bus managers and also realtime features to the passangers