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Get paired up with a web developer or digital marketing expert who can teach you how, step-by-step. We're here to help you finish that web project or launch that campaign. We explain tech problems in terms you can understand and use.

We teach Web Design & Development, SEO, Social Media Strategy, How to create great content, Test for web accessibility, etc.

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Detroit, MI
  • 440 Burroughs St. Suite 119
    Detroit, MI 48202
    United States


Key clients: 
TechTown Detroit, Skillman Foundation, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras, Urbanum, Playground Detroit, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Fashion Savvy Beauty Bar, The SheHive
Instagram for Business Image

Instagram for Business

We helped Terry Tea Company improve their Instagram game, with pro tips from a Social Media expert.

Website in 2 days Image

Website in 2 days

Sharon was able to launch her website in just 2 days, with the help of a web expert.


Sharon needed a website fast - she was running a summer youth program and had no way to promote it online. She needed to share information for parents and application forms for youth participants. The program was a wonderful educational program about the Underground Railroad and it's connection to Detroit.

WordPress Website Support Image

WordPress Website Support

We help m aintain the CYSO website, making sure it is secure, fast and up-to date. Our client relies on us for new feature rollouts on the website each month - such as new content on homepage, new layouts and galleries. We are proud to support this nonprofit organization with WordPress website maintenance.

Website Fixes & Subscribe Pop-UP Image

Website Fixes & Subscribe Pop-UP

Tamela has a successful fashion boutique and online store, but her website to-do list was long. She wanted several features and to fix a few broken pieces here and there. We met for two hours and we fixed it together. 

Content Strategy for Squarespace Website Image

Content Strategy for Squarespace Website

Mary is a multi-talented consultant and needed a website that reflected all of the ways she works with others. We met and worked on improving her website over several months. She made huge improvements over time, and now has a website she can be proud of, and that will yield the right kind of clients for her consulting business.

Boutique Website with Squarespace Image

Boutique Website with Squarespace

Helped the owner build a website very quickly with Squarespace. Taught her some tips and tricks, and helped her include news pages and instagram feed.