Boutique product design and development studio

Andrew Bowen Designs llc. is a full service design and engineering consultancy. 

We pride ourselves at being diverse problem solvers. Our work includes an array of consumer, commercial, medical, and professional products. Including branding, packaging, and graphic design that creates a cohesive user experience and company identity.    

Our projects are designed to address user needs, market trends and opportunities while considering best manufacturing processes, business returns, as well as social and environmental impacts.

Combining refined skills in Industrial design, engineering, and marketing the practice specializes in new product innovation with solid brand directions.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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    United States


Mantris was conceived and designed correct and alleviate bad posture as well as back and neck pain from laptop users. Its form factor was intended to be portable and easily slip into bags while also fitting complex mechanisms that provide safety and security for various standing and sitting heights.
A true smart mug that regulates its based on atmosphere and desired temperature. Using its purposefully designed outer body channels internal electronics can self regulate to maintain the optimal temperature. Internally heat from hot beverages can capture and store energy using an internal battery which can be used to power other devices. With an innovative cap mechanism a user can open with either hand and drink from any side.

Brushean Makeup brush sanitizer

Brushean is a smart beauty device that easily and safely sanitizes makeup brushes after every use. Our patent-pending design features UV-C sterilization technology that kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Our easy-to-use hydraulic lift function and dust cover help safely store brushes in a safe and clean environment. Brushean also includes an automatic five-minute timer and operates with a rechargeable battery. It’s simple,
sleek and safe.
Cambot 360 Image

Cambot 360

AI powered 360 degree camera. Using four, 4K lenses that instantly auto stitch to produce superior 16K all around views. Artificial intelligence software provides the ability to auto focus and capture content of interest. Designed and developed for the professional VR developers and video production.
Sequoia Seawater Particle Analyzer Image

Sequoia Seawater Particle Analyzer

The Sequoia FERPS system was designed and developed for oceanography research as a portable and rugged digital lab. Used on research vessels that charter the open oceans. The system can run 24 hours a day taking in seawater from ship intake systems to collect and compile crucial data to better understand the health of our oceans.
Target Vision Cameras Image

Target Vision Cameras

With a focus capable of up to two miles distance the Target Vision camera system aids marksmen to improve their aim to hit the target every time.