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B2C Website Design for Project Academy Image

B2C Website Design for Project Academy

Client's need:

Project Academy require a new website as their business are vastly growing. They found numerous impediments to find the right fit agency that has a strong capability in understanding their philosophy and apply it through visual design. Their end goal is to have a website that not only visually stunning but also able to generate more traffic and leads. 

What we've


We started with a UX research and information gathering phase to get a better understanding of their philosophy, key value propositions and their target audience. Therefore, it enables us to improve their existing brand. Afterwards, we work closely with the client to transform their visual identity.

On a production phase, we initially create website’s wireframe & design prototype. Thus we to build the website, which involves a WordPress developer specialist, project manager and a QA tester. We complete 100+ website checklist from visual, accessibility, usability, functionality perspective to ensure the website is optimal and has no issues. 

And that’s how we create the new website for Project academy.

B2B Website for Punchy Digital Media Image

B2B Website for Punchy Digital Media

Client's need

Punchy Digital Media seeks a design agency to reshape their brand by adding compelling creative flair to their visual identity. They want the brand to be distinctive and stand out. Furthermore, they want to associate the new transformed brand to be applied consistently to their website. They want a visually stunning and profitable website with a high conversion rate.

What we've done

On a strategy side, we start with research to gain better insight and understanding of the opportunity to build a meaningful brand. Afterwards, we implement the new versions of the brand to their visual identity. We adopt a fun & playful design approach to match it with their business philosophy and services.


On the production side, we apply the new brand consistently to the website design. We did over 15 pages of custom web designs, both desktop & mobile version. Each page is craft with distinctive illustrations and well thought UX research.