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Up Analytics is a small boutique agency committed to driving the best results for clients by providing in house marketing teams with hands on expert support. We do not just buy and plan your media. We aim to become your most valuable partner and help you drive your strategic goals. 

We prefer to work alongside your business’ marketing team and partners to implement structural improvements to marketing tools, digital strategies and processes, and/or your partners and people. 

Nowadays consumers everywhere expect an easy transition from ideas they research online to finding what they need in the physical world. That means challenges as well as opportunities for marketers who have traditionally looked at online and offline in silos. We specilise in coming up with omnichannel marketing solutions addressing the need of your potential consumers. 

Our scope on online marketing is across both of on the Google’s platforms, Google Marketing Platform and the Google Ads side of the spectrum. But we are also comfortable executing your marketplaces strategy, or optimisng your own website to convert better. We will focus on an increased profitability from deploying new digital strategies whatever the channel that fits your strategy best.  

We are run by ex-Google product specialists that have spend a decade solving the most complex marketing measurement issues for Google's largest clients in the UK. There are very few challenges we have not dealt with before. So stop trying to re-invent the wheel and get in touch!

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Key clients: 
Hertz, Waitrose, Google, Avepoint & Roka
Training Digital Marketing team Image

Training Digital Marketing team

Supported Lyceo with training. Also focused on Google My Business support for the online marketing team after listings were declassified.

Growing EU Sales and Optimising Conversion Rates of webshop Image

Growing EU Sales and Optimising Conversion Rates of webshop

Working with Roka on exploring a marketplaces strategy and onkline marketing strategy for Europe and optimising pagespeed across the US, UK and EU websites.

Grow Avepoint's online Lead Generation ability Image

Grow Avepoint's online Lead Generation ability

Supported the Avepoint Marketing team in setting up a defence against ITP and created a way to track leads converting offline after a long sales cycle and integrate this with Google Ads. Set up Google & Bing Ads campaigns across 20+ markets gllobally. Worked on making sure Google Analytics is used to analyse and improve cross channel paid marketing. Created PPC landing pages and executed AMP tests to improve Conversion

rates. Supported technical analysis of 100k pages for the creation and execution of an SEO strategy. Also set up and optimised Google My Business to ensure we use our physical locations to enahnce our ability to create leads online. 
Marketing Technology Research Image

Marketing Technology Research

Marketing technology is breaking free of many of its traditional limitations and making new insights possible. For marketers, 2020 is the year to make the most of the opportunities the technology provides. 

We analysed thousands of websites over three years to geet a full picture of how Marketing Technology was adopted and used by British marketers.

Full article here: 

From buying a TV to planning a holiday vacation, it takes consumers, on average, four clicks before completing a transaction online. Some of these clicks matter more than the others.


You can

customize your DDA model to fit your business goals. By creating tailored attribution models for both new and existing customer journeys, we were able to easily see which campaigns are contributing to our chosen business objective, and switch between those objectives fast when needed.
Hertz Marketing Measurement Image

Hertz Marketing Measurement

Data offers amazing opportunities for brands to understand current and potential customers better, engage in more relevant ways, and by doing that, make marketing budgets stretch as far as they possibly can. Companies that pre-date the Internet often face the problem of data being siloed within departments or being retained on systems that are outdated and/or incompatible with each other. Useful data and its location

can also be forgotten due to staff churn. Poor or inaccessible data results in impaired decision making. In order to effectively use your data in your marketing efforts, it’s important to have all of your data in one place.


Hertz recognised it needed to improve its data gathering and analytical capabilities so that its decision making could be improved. The firm had to audit its current data sources, figure out what new data touch points it might need to access and bring as much data as possible together in one platform. Hertz realised it needed a flexible and single source of truth. To kick off its action plan to be a “best-in-breed” digital business and understand potential customers Hertz chose Google Analytics 360. This meant that the Hertz marketing team could easily integrate analytics and customer data, via Analytics 360, in its online marketing strategy.