"AM-BITS" LLC is an integrator of IT solutions (infrastructure, virtualization, networking and security), and an official partner of Cisco Systems, HPE and Aruba.

Main services:

  • Design and implementation of network and computing infrastructures (servers, data storages, virtualization systems).

  • Developing software for Contact Centers.

  • Managing large groups of equipment and network automation.

  • Big Data, Hadoop.

  • Providing scalability, security and availability of data

  • Audit and monitoring of IT- infrastructure.

  • Service Support

    $25 - $49 / hr
    10 - 49
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    Kiev, Ukraine


    Key clients: 

    Telecommunication companies, banks, insurance companies


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    Database Dev for International Bank

    "Their engineers are highly qualified."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $200,000 to $999,999
    Mar. - May 2017
    Project summary: 

    AM BITS improved a bank database system by integrating Teradata with software to generate reports in real time. The team built multiple extension gateways and ensured data accessibility.

    The Reviewer
    10,001+ Employees
    Anatolly Sidko
    Head of Project Management, Sberbank
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The pilot project was successful and will be moving into full production with AM BITS as the developer. They were responsive and provided the expected level of customer service, quality, and cost for the project. The team is highly qualified and have Hadoop certification.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Introduce your business and what you do there.

    I am the head of the IT department for Sberbank, a large bank in Ukraine.


    What challenge were you trying to address with AM-BITS?

    We worked with them on a pilot project to improve the multiple bank systems.  The challenge was setting up multiple gateways for extensions, making all the data accessible, and building reports in real-time.


    What was the scope of their involvement?

    We used Hadoop Swift technology for the project. We have a data warehouse based on Teradata; the system created by AM-BITS takes that data to Hadoop and allows us to generate reports.

    What is the team dynamic? 

    We worked with five engineers from AM-BITS’ team. They also provided a project manager.

    How did you come to work with AM-BITS?

    We posted a tender on the market. They had high-level qualifications, along with Hadoop-certified engineers. AM-BITS is also a Hortonworks partner.

    How much have you invested with them?

    This was a pilot project, so we haven’t invested anything yet, but we are going to include it in the budget for 2018 when we plan to spend around $500,000.

    What is the status of this engagement?

    We started working with AM-BITS in February 2016 and we finished in February 2017.


    What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

    The results from the pilot were as expected; it was ultimately successful, so we will be moving into full production. AM-BITS worked quickly and had a fast response time. We got everything we expected from them, and we will work together next year on the main project.

    How did AM-BITS perform from a project management standpoint?

    Their engineers are highly qualified. The project manager was good, especially their response time. We didn’t have any difficulties working with them.

    What did you find most impressive about them?

    The solution offered by AM-BITS integrated data from Teradata into Hadoop. It was good quality and was done for a low cost, which is optimal.

    Are there any areas they could improve?

    It was only a pilot project, but we haven’t found anything wrong with the work. We received the results we hoped for.

    Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?

    AM-BITS is a good company to work with in general; we don’t have any particular advice for clients.

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