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AHG develops integrated cloud-mobile applications for businesses that are engaging, interactive and add to your bottom line.

We specialize in business productivity mobile application for android and iOS which are integrated with back-end database / internal software.

Our out-of-the-box software in the area of inventory management, assets tracking, traceability, mobile data collection and workflow / process management will increase your efficiency at a fraction of the cost of custom mobile development.

These business productivity solutions can be purchased as is or used as foundation for custom applications. We will be happy to work with you on implementing ready-to-go solutions, customizing them or creating completely custom mobile applications tailored to your business needs.

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QR Audit Image

QR Audit

Using QR Audit, you can complete stock taking, physical inventory count or asset audit in hours, rather than days or weeks - and get accurate, error-free results.

QR Audit allows you to do physical inventory count, stocktaking and asset audits by scanning QR code or barcode label on the assets or inventory items with a smartphone.
As items are scanned, results are sent to a secure cloud and are never misplaced or

lost. Audit / stocktaking can be done concurrently by any number of employees
with different mobile devices, resulting in the fast task completion. There is no need any more to stop business operations for several days to do inventory count / stocktaking.
QR Mobile Data Image

QR Mobile Data

Mobile data collection and mobile workflow tracking. Using QR code / barcode scanning and mobile forms to make the process of data collection and process documentation efficient and error-free.

QR Mobile Data is an integrated  mobile - cloud software that allows you to track workflow, collect data and document processes in real time using mobile devices for barcode scanning and data entry / look up.

You control

the entire process via the web dashboard and customize it to your business scenario.

Create custom mobile forms for data collection, add instructions and images - and your employees will have these forms on their mobile devices to fill out in the field or on the shop floor.

Create custom workflows, define steps, and attach mobile forms to workflow steps. Define what data need to be collected on each step.
Your employees will track the project through the workflow by scanning QR code / barcode, collect data and fill out mobile form(s) applicable to the current step.

All team members have a live access to the progreass of all ongoing projects, collected data and detailed history of the past projects.

Completed forms can be converted to PDF files with custom layout, that you can share internally, with the customers or external auditors.

QR Inventory Image

QR Inventory

QR Inventory is modern, lightweight, yet powerful inventory management system that uses QR codes and mobile technology to streamline inventory management process.
 Use smartphones  to efficiently check in, check out and lookup inventory by scanning QR codes or regular UPC barcodes. No bulky proprietary scanners are required - no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory, they

all have scanners in their pockets.
 Access accurate real-time inventory status, location and other details from anywhere - use smartphones, tablets or desktop computer for inventory lookup, details and reports.
 Choose what you want to track, record and report. Control custom fields via the web interface - and these fields will appear in the smartphone application for your employees to fill out.
 Never run out of inventory - set re-order points and receive low inventory alerts.
 Check reports on inventory usage, identify trends, and break down inventory by trackable fields: see how many items are at a specific location, how many are on hands, how many were used for project A and project B, how many will expire next month, etc.
Integrate QR Inventory with your internal systems and software.