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At AHEAD Human Resources and Staffing we specialize in partnering with companies that want to save time, money, and hassles, whether it be related to recruiting, hiring, managing or terminating employees or in the area of HR administration. We can help with all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to termination, and all areas in between. AHEAD offers a variety of solutions so you can get back to focusing on your business – and growing it!

We’re here to help you in just about every area of Human Resources – from temporary workers to complete HR administration. We’ve been serving companies with Staffing and HR for more than 20 years. Our staff is dedicated to two things: Great Customer Service and helping your business grow! AHEAD knows that it is getting harder and harder to run a business. The regulations are ever-changing and recruiting and hiring the right employees can be a nightmare of endless rounds of interviewing, and employee turnover.

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Louisville, KY


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PEO & Employee Leasing for IT Service

"Their knowledgeable and dedicated employees are what make the company so good and trustworthy."

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The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
2014 - Ongoing
The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
Manassas, Virginia
IT Director, IT Service
The Review

Why does your company require HR services?

After a long time of failing to recruit capable employees because those who were chosen failed to match the capabilities we were looking for, we decide to hire an expert company who could handle this problem. I used to handle these needs in-house.

What types of work functions can your internal staff avoid by hiring an HR consulting firm?

Basically, they avoid working extra hours in a position they weren't hired for. Before hiring an HR consulting firm, a large portion of the management staff took over the position of doing interviews to find new employees.

What were your company’s goals for the partnership with them?

Our main goal was that we could achieve the goal of finding excellently trained professionals in this really saturated market. We wanted to establish a better and more qualified HR department that will help us handle any HR-related issue especially those related to numerous employment laws. Once everything has been established we want to have more engaged and satisfied employees.


Could you describe their pricing structure and how they bill you?

The pricing structure varies depending on what you need in the moment and will need in the future. Once the issues you need immediately for hiring have been resolved you can opt from a very large and complete list of all the services they offer, as well as which are the most suitable for your specific business. Regarding the billing at the moment, we have a monthly payment plan.

How did you find and select them?

First, the executive staff had a meeting in which each member presented a list of five companies dedicated to human resources. Each option was presented with all the information available, as well as pros and cons of the company. All the options were found on the internet personally by each member of the staff. Once everything was discussed the list was reduced to only three options. After a new presentation for every option and a few hours of debate, we finally decided on Ahead Human Resources


Please assess their quality of work.

Their attention and willingness have been outstanding, and the personal service leaves no complaints. They are available at any time of the day and come personally to the company whenever we are in need of something. The level of care to even the smallest detail is really impressive and has left us very satisfied with their service.

How much time and money do you estimate that they save you each month?

In terms of time, they help me save approximately 30 hours every month. As far as money is concerned, they help me save $4,000, more or less, every month.

Based on your experience, what takeaways can you share about working with them?

I have learned that is better to ask for a professional approach in the matters of HR because they are so many technicalities, laws, and issues regarding an organization and their employees. If you are not are aware and don't have the training to deal with them, it will cost you money and time that could have been better spent somewhere else.

What do you think are their strengths?

I think that, in addition to their years as an established company in the business, their knowledgeable and dedicated employees are what make the company so good and trustworthy.

Where do you think they can improve?

Personally, I think that they need to start offering services in companies entirely based on internet business--those companies that don't have a physical location but that have employees who work shifts from home in the same way as a normal company. I think that this is a market that is going to increase exponentially in the next few years, especially with the fast development of new technologies.

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  • 5.0 NPS
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