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Founded in 1993, ON Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency with innovation and big creative ideas at its core. For all clients, we take a business-based approach which means we look at the bottom line growth for our clients. We start and execute every assignment with the understanding that there is a tangible business goal to achieve and that our communication strategies must align with the business objectives of our clients.

Our analytical approach combined with our outstanding creative team guarantees our clients receive a focused, well-conceived plan to meet their marketing and advertising needs. ON Advertising always engages the most creative and effective use of available resources. Our talented, enthusiastic team brings a diverse set of skills, insight, and creativity. We cultivate long-term client relationships while executing projects with integrity and a commitment to excellence and bottom-line results! We do this by building committed relationships between brands, consumers, our clients and ourselves.

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We turned down por que.

The translation for Chico Malo is bad boy. Yet nothing about the marketing strategy we created for this high-end Mexican restaurant was bad. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, Chico Malo showcases elevated techniques and organic ingredients in a vibrant setting. Complimented by an equally impressive beverage program focusing on Mexican mixology, Chico Malo

has everything people crave in top-notch Mexican cuisine. Chico Malo reached out to ON Advertising to help spur growth ahead of competing concepts that were moving into the Downtown area and encroaching on their turf. To spice things up, we were also given the task of promoting a one-of-a-kind Cinco de Mayo block party featuring Lil Jon that Chico Malo was hosting. 

Like all of our clients, we approached our relationship with Chico as a partner in their endeavor. After careful, in-depth research, we began to understand the psyche of their ideal customer personas. Armed with sufficient data, we were ready to initiate tactics that would get our client ROI. Leveraging aggressive social media campaigns, paid advertising, blitzing the media, and generating unique videos, ON Advertising was able to boost website traffic to the site threefold and drove sales for the Cinco de Mayo event all within a three month period. Not too bad.

How we rebuilt a legacy.

B&D Industries, Inc. has been an integral part of the Albuquerque community for more than 60 years. They offer specialized expertise in electrical, plumbing technologies, and HVAC systems, including construction, operation, maintenance, and repair services. They hired ON Advertising to redesign their logo and website, create various vehicle wraps, and provide creative

collateral. B&D has benefited from a fresh, modern look that serves as a differentiator from their competitors and places them on a pedestal as true leaders in their field. In 2017, ON launched a successful advertising campaign that accumulated a total of 2,820,093 impressions over 9 months. We exceeded our impressions goal by 343,326. ON continues to strength B&D’s brand and just recently launched an overview, new hire, and testimonial videos.

We brought sexy back.

When Yandy.com, an Arizona based online retailer of lingerie, Halloween costumes, and women’s apparel, contacted us for the creative execution of three videos that were fifteen seconds each, we could not resist the opportunity. With the month of October being Yandy’s busiest time of year, we only had three weeks to turn the project around in time for an October 1st launch date, so

our team banded together to bring this project to fruition for our client.

Once the concepts were selected based on strategy, our Chief Creative Officer meticulously sketched out each frame for three concepts in order to visually articulate the final product. We worked tirelessly on superimposed graphics that would add additional thematic elements and enhance the spine-chilling yet sensual tone of the videos. The videos were all filmed in one day. There are obviously countless horror stories of shoot days gone wrong for other companies, but not with ON Advertising. Our Chief Creative Officer and the Director of Brand Marketing at Yandy were in lockstep on each aspect of the shoot. They never missed a beat and strengthened the production with each scene that was shot. This is the nature of a creative relationship based on trust and is something that we strive for with each client.

After hours of hard work, the videos were finalized and showcased at a Yandy flash mob event in New York City.

We brought urban traffic to a rural hospital.

Across the country, rural hospitals have become evermore isolated with the rise in digital technology and an exodus from the countryside to urban environments. ON Advertising stepped into Preston, Idaho to help Franklin County Medical Center and their Willow Valley Clinic with increasing their market share. ON created a brand new website, generated a social

media footprint, managed online advertisements designed to resonate with a rural community, and developed patient testimonials through strategic video production. Within 2 months of implementing the plan of ON Advertising, FCMC’s market share increased by 3% and they saw their second highest revenue month in company history.

How we created communities.

Hines is a global company that recognizes successful real estate assets are the product of cutting-edge development or redevelopment, innovative technologies, and streamlined management practices—all of which contribute to lasting value. Combined with local market knowledge, their process empowers global partners and clients as they seek to realize unprecedented success.

Hines hired ON Advertising to promote their Chandler Viridian community in Chandler, Arizona. The scope consisted of three different videos in only two weeks. There were many obstacles that we had to work around while filming these videos and shooting photos to make everything look perfect. One of the most difficult aspects of shooting this development was dealing with the construction still taking place on the buildings. Working around the construction workers and manipulating the shots to make it seem like the building was finished was not an easy task. We did a lot of touching up at the end, including removing equipment, fixing dead trees, and more.

Another challenge we faced was the limited amount of time we had. We only had 2 weeks to complete the entire production and only 2 days to shoot the entire 8,900 square foot land with all its features. The first day we shot was before the grand opening ceremony. We brought in various models to pose in “lifestyle” shots, giving the audience a taste of what it would feel like to live and work at Chandler Viridian. We even captured drone footage of the land to show a birds-eye view!

The next shoot was at the grand opening ceremony, showcasing all the executives and the first-ever Hines hot air balloon. This was a historic day for us and Hines, as we saw this development come to fruition. With a short amount of time, multiple obstacles and a lot of hard work, everything came together! We were honored to have also created the logo for Chandler Viridian. As pictured here, the logo is plastered on every sign all around the building, giving the new area a unique brand and contemporary feel. Having the elegant logo all over the development ties the hotel, the office, the apartment complex, and all of the restaurants together. With the talent of our creative staff and the hard-working accounts team, we were able to produce a great video for the Chandler Viridian development.

Village of Los Lunas Image

Village of Los Lunas

How we realized it takes a Village.

The Village of Los Lunas is a friendly, pro-development community located 20 minutes from downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico and easily accessed off Interstate 25. ON Advertising has had the pleasure of working with Village of Los Lunas Community Development Department since 2012. Our team has worked on several projects including the rebranding of all of the Village’s

graphic materials, community mobile app, social media management, a stand-alone website for their economic development division (acommunitythatworks.com), and other marketing material. Throughout the Village’s rebranding process, ON Advertising has captured the essence of the community and has been able to convey the Village’s message in a manner that has resonated with the public.
Phoenix Police Department Image

Phoenix Police Department

How we got police to walk the beat.

The Phoenix Police Department hired ON Advertising after attempting to do their recruitment campaign in-house for many years with marginal success. Due to our extensive experience in law enforcement recruiting, we streamlined advertising placement and developed a branded, geo-targeted and culturally sensitive message designed to attract qualified, ethical, and gender

diverse applicants. After only one month, the amount of qualified applicants rose 29% and the department had the largest starting academy class since 2008. 

In 2018 the Phoenix Police Department was looking to hire 300 new officers from January 2018 to July 2020. As of May 15th, 2019 the current number of officers has risen from 2,824 to 3,024 (an increase of 200). We used Facebook and YouTube video advertising with Chief Williams as the cornerstone of the recruitment campaign over 12 months. We also leveraged billboards, radio, and Facebook Boosted Posts. It’s easy to say we had an arresting recruitment campaign that got the job done.

Chompie’s Image


We got into a bagel state of mind.

As a 40-year-old staple of Arizona’s restaurant community, Chompie’s reached out to ON Advertising for help with increasing brand awareness in a state with changing demographics and an increasingly competitive restaurant community. With five locations spread out across the Valley, we had a big task at hand but we were confident our team was up to the


We were tasked with revamping the restaurant’s menu, driving sales through paid advertising and media relations, enhancing customer retention through strategic email communication, marketing for the restaurant’s 40th anniversary, and handling the social media for each location. Before we could bite off all of that and try to chew it, we first needed to interview patrons of the various locations to find out what it was about the restaurant that resonated with them so much. Often times our own assumptions and the assumptions of our clients were right, other times we were surprised by what we uncovered. The reality is that people in different places, even if it’s just the span of a few miles, have different motivators. Our data ultimately pointed to a broad consensus point that transcended generations of Chompie’s fans: nostalgia. This translated into memories of coming to Chompie’s for years, East Coast natives who moved to Arizona and miss New York deli’s, and parents of younger individuals taking them to Chompie’s as children.

Once we understood the audience, we got to work. As a result of our efforts, sales increased substantially at three of the five locations within six months. The two other locations had sales equal to the previous year. We even helped Chompie’s eliminate items from the menu that were not selling in high volumes, which meant we helped them cut internal costs. It all comes back to ROI for the client and we are proud to say we gave this 40-year-old brand a positive return.

Maricopa County Department of Public Health

How we informed a County.

In 2018, STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) were on the rise throughout Arizona, and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health took it upon themselves to educate the community through a creative and informative campaign. They hired ON Advertising to help spread awareness of getting tested for STIs, specifically in LGBTQ, Hispanic, and African American communities. Our

primary focuses were for Syphilis, HIV, and Zika.

A study revealed that “around 1.1 million Americans have HIV and about 15 percent of people ages 13 and older have HIV and don’t know they have it.” And “in 2016, a total of 27,814 syphilis cases were reported.” During 2015–2016, the national syphilis rate increased by 17.6% to 8.7 cases per 100,000 population, the highest rate reported since 1993. 

ON Advertising produced a set of bi-lingual commercials in English and Spanish centered around an individual’s sexual history as well as the effects of STI’s on the human body and an overall message of the importance of getting tested. Even if you don’t suspect you have an STI the message rings true, the risk is not knowing. We created billboards, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and print ads in addition to our TV spots. 

The campaign was highly successful in raising awareness and driving traffic to the STDAZ.com website. There were 4,850,632 impressions for the 6 month Facebook campaign, with nearly 9,000 link clicks. There were nearly 2 million impressions for the Google and YouTube ad placements that generated thousands of clicks to the website. 300,000 impressions were gained from the New Times print ads. With 10 billboards rotating weekly for 6 months we brought 168,645,391 impressions in specifically targeted areas. The TV spots themselves ran over 104 times and garnered 2 million impressions. Testing went up at the County Department of Health and many lives were saved.