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You’ve been trying to get your followers to notice you, but you’re not getting the kind of likes and comments you desire. You spend hours working on social media content, but nobody is seeing it.


Sound familiar?

Imagine this: You’re in line at Starbucks, getting your morning coffee. The barista rings up your favorite iced latte, and you sit down to sip on your drink. Picture what’s around you. The cozy feeling of the restaurant, the art on the walls, even the color of your straw.


You’re immersed in their brand culture.Imagine your business attracting the same loyalty as a brand like Starbucks. But guess what? A beautiful brand that speaks to your ideal clients isn’t going to fall into your lap overnight.


When you have a beautiful brand that is tailored to your ideal client, it becomes a member of your marketing team. It starts working for you around the clock to bring raving fans into your business.


Your new beautiful brand will:

Give your business legitimacy in your industry

Set you apart from the crowd

Consistently increase your monthly income!


A great brand helps you come into your space with passion and power, fully in command of your own success.


Why should you choose Abigail White Co?


I have created hundreds of brands for entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them bring more ideal clients into their businesses. I truly believe a brand is a powerful force, and can be the hardest working member of your marketing team. I have seen brands become transformational forces for driven and dedicated entrepreneurs. I have watched my clients grow their following, double their income, and snag every amazing opportunity that has come their way.


I look forward to working with you!

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Manchester, NH


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