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6irdView is a software development company, specializing in mobile, web, and enterprise software. We bring ideas to fruition by building robust and scalable software solutions for global enterprises. Our services range from design and development to testing and product launch. Post go-live of the software application, we also offer complimentary maintenance to ensure continuous high level performance. 


Our Services include:  

  • Desktop Software Development 
  • E-Commerce Development 
  • Mobile Development (iOS and android)
  • Web Development 
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Enterprise Software 
  • Maintenance 


We have successfully launched Sason, a smart photo editor app in the App Store that has reached Top 500 Apps List in 7 countries. Our team is committed to bring your vision to reality. Thus, we work on architecting systems, in order to develop a robust and scalable solution that can adapt to change, which is crucial in new product development.

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San Jose, CA
  • 99 South Almaden Blvd., Suite 600
    San Jose, CA 95113
    United States


Key clients: 
Imbue, Capture, Sason


1) The goal of the mobile application is to help influencers create engaging digital content equivalent to professionally captured photos.

2) Developed a feature that suggests how to compose a picture and how to frame the subject in the picture.

3) helped users efficiently brainstorm and come up with new ideas which reduced the time it took to produce engaging content by 50%.

4) In the apple store, Sason

Imbue - Fitness Revolution

A mobile application for a global digital interoperable athletic facility membership.

This will be available in the app store soon.

User Interface Wireframe - Mime

Mime is a social media mobile mobile application with similar features with Facetime and snapchat.

Capture - Photo App

Capture allows businesses to create engaging content by analyzing and scoring the visual quality in real time. We built the app from scratch: design research development and currently in beta testing.

The App utilizes image shading and working with GPU using languages such as Metal, modularizing codebase and working with Docker.

We are training our machine learning model using aws-cli.

We are developing

algorithms that process lookup tables to enhance images