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67 Creative Agency is a design and marketing agency based in Porto specialised in industrial brands, that uses brand communication as an engine for its client’s growth. We have experience in branding, advertising, graphic & web design, marketing, strategy and consultancy, always with the purpose of creating more leads and sales for our customers.

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Key clients: 

AHenriques, Bolflex, Italflex, Profsea, Mar Cabo, Ascendi, For Ever, Nelo, Procalçado, BN-IP, Bwizer, Mostrengo

Aloft Image


Aloft prides itself in being a world-class team with passion and determination to deliver the best product possible. They are named after a species of swallow known for being exceedingly fast, a symbol of their fast-paced factory and reliable service.


The branding developed reflects that, and conveys an active and dynamic image that makes Aloft stand out among other industries.

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Nelo Image


Nelo is the leading company in top performance kayaks and canoes and the major innovator in canoeing, from boat design to services and technology. As a manufacturer favoured by Olympic athletes, it was important that their website was easy to navigate and provided quick and clear access to the vast amount of information and content the brand offers.

Our job was to design a multi-language website

suited for several of their needs, from buying, renting, testing and even designing boats, to accessing training centers, participating in competitions and contacting the company.

Besides the website, we also did a promotional teaser video for the launch of a new Kayak, the Nelo 5.


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AHenriques Image


Established in 1911, A.Henriques is a private society that produces rubber components for several industries. It’s one of the top rubber factories in Portugal, and it also exports to an international market, providing their costumers a reliable, safe and cost effective service.


Because of the high quality of their products, and the passion behind them, we developed stationary and advertising that proudly

showcases them, and that will catch the eye of their collaborators. ​​​​​​​This was achieved through product photography and an instagram catalogue to increase the company’s social media presence.


Furthermore, we redesigned their website to showcase their products and services in a clear and easily accessible manner.

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Profsea Image


Profsea sells various ultra frozen fish produce and was looking to rebrand itself with a more appetising look that would appeal to its direct consumer. The main goal was to bring together the frozen product with the flavourful cooked meal it could become.

For their rebranding we used the iconography of a fish and a banner together, and opted for a bright, warm red as the main colour. This was due to

red being commonly associated with food and offering a great contrast with the colder blue tones typically found in frozen produce packaging.
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Mar Cabo Image

Mar Cabo

Mar cabo is a company that fishes, prepares and sells frozen fish for the International market, and that was looking to modernize its factory by giving it a fresh new look.


For this we renewed their visual identity with nautical themes as our main inspiration. The logo is a direct reference to the factory name, which translates roughly as “sea cape“. In it, a lighthouse appears as a representation of the

shore against the ocean.

Through the predominance of blue colours we also wanted to convey a cold look that would tie in with the frozen products Mar cabo sells.


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For Ever Image

For Ever

For Ever manufactures shoe soles for some of the biggest industrial footwear brands in the world, and are specialised in custom made designs unique to the brands they work for.

For their rebranding and advertising campaigns, we communicated their belief that the creativity of shoe manufacturers can’t be limited by the sole, and that all dreams and visions can come true with For Ever.

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Bolflex Image


Bolflex is a market leader company with consolidated skills in the production and supply of soles for the European footwear industry. Their biggest strength is the capacity to manufacture from conception to the final product without having to rely on other suppliers or partners.

Because of this we build on the idea of them being a real one stop shop, where their clients can trust them the

entirety of the sole producing process and save time.

For the rebranding of this company, we wanted an image that respected its professional heritage, and was also fresh and exciting. This took form in two ways: a logo redesign to balance and adjust the previous branding, and a highly visual communication campaign.


Whether to quickly convey the particularities of their products and materials, or to simply celebrate the brand, we developed an advertising language that was imaginative and unique to Bolflex.


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Procalçado Image


Procalçado is one of the biggest European footwear industries, priding themselves on their innovation and technological leadership. As such, we designed a logo that would allow the brand’s services to be identified at first glance.

Procalçado offers a great variety of products and material within their area of expertise, being particularly familiar with producing soles.

With this in

mind, we took advantage of the recognisable shoe sole pattern and merged it with the letter P, the first of their brand name. This simple but effective solution was considered for different mediums and formats so as to retain readability while preserving the details that make the logo stand out.

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