An unconventional name, an unconventional agency

Instinctive disruptors, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of traditional research methods and challenging client briefs since 1989. We’ve successfully navigated the increasingly complex world with our clients and now have global offices in the UK, USA, and Asia. 

We are a global consumer insight agency on a mission to translate data into insight, and insight into decisions and actions for real impact. Our multi-disciplinary teams combine qual, quant, digital, data and behaviour science techniques with your data sources to tackle unanswered questions.

Audience Intelligence: Get up close and personal with your current and potential audience - who they are, what they want - and their needs, pains and gains across journeys. Using a blend of social or behavioural data, digital ethnography, context/decision points and key category emotional drivers, we build rich segmentations, map journeys and category assessments. 

Brand & Comms: Shape your brand positioning and strategy; develop and optimise marketing communications strategies to attract customers. Applying tried and tested, creative and experimental qual and quant techniques, we explore brands in competitive context, measure brand perception and equity, optimise campaigns, and then track how the reality delivers on the promise.

Product & Innovation: Spot gaps in the market; ideate new products or services; develop concepts into market ready products; optimise positioning, pricing and packaging. Facilitating co-creation labs, ideation sessions and creative workshops, we test propositions and optimise concepts, features and pricing with conjoint analysis. 

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London, United Kingdom
  • 12 Flitcroft Street Covent Garden
    London WC2H 8DL
    United Kingdom
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  • 4551 Glencoe Ave, Suite 350 Marina Del Rey
    Los Angeles, CA 90292
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