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We design and build mobile & web apps that

  • Increase customer engagement with your brand.
  • Convert up to x10 as many downloads into sales, compared to similar apps in the category.
  • Get 25% - 300% more organic downloads.
  • Retain more customers 3, 6 and 12 months after signup.


100grams is a full service mobile creative agency. We design, develop and scale mobile apps that deliver clear, measurable results for your business.


Some of our recent work:

  • 84% of Q/Q sales growth for Psngr app came from marketing optimizations we’ve made using mobile analytics and big data.
  • We’ve increased In-App purchases x10 times within 3 months for Psngr app.
  • We’ve developed video chat integrations that boosted mobile user satisfaction by 25-200% across 3 different apps.
  • Tiqets was announced the fastest growing Dutch startup in 2017. We’ve helped them build their iOS and Android apps.   

Our services: 

  • Free consultation for startups.
  • Fixed-cost app design & development
  • Mobile services and custom integrations
  • Result-driven app optimization & marketing

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Key clients: 

Mayo Foundation, UBS, Vidyo, TomTom, Belfius Bank, Bloomberg, Tiqets, Psngr, Bluefin, Bangladesh Accord

Tiqets Image


Tiqets offers a very simple concept: purchase your tickets via the mobile app and skip the lines at the venue. The mobile app features dozens of venues such as museums, tourist attractions and cultural events in over 30 cities around the world. Once installed, you can browse venues nearby or select a specific city from the list. Ordering is done in 3 simple steps and the tickets are stored on your device and/or forwarded to

your email. All purchased tickets are available off-line so no internet connection is required when you're at the venue.

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Belfius Mobile Image

Belfius Mobile

In 2017 we helped Belfius Bank of Belgium to integrate video chat into their mobile banking application Belfius Mobile. The video infrastructure was provided by Vidyoand the integration was done by our team. To me, this felt like a turning point in banking services.

Video has the potential to bring back personal relationships to banking. Customers can now contact their banker directly from the mobile app and have a

quick face-to-face interaction. To the bank, the cost of providing such a service is a fraction of maintaining physical branches. It's a true win-win situation and a potential game changer for many banks.

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Bloomberg Nexi Image

Bloomberg Nexi

Nexi is based on Vidyo's white-label Neo app, a Windows/Mac desktop application for video conferencing which is built with Chromium. Neo has since been rebranded as VidyoConnect, a brand name which now aligns all Vidyo's clients on mobile, web and desktop. Our role was to customize VidyoConnect to fit the Bloomberg brand identity and functional requirements. Special attention was given to hardening the client authentication

mechanisms to ensure both increased security and simpler sign-in flow for the user.

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FaceTalk Image


QConferencing's FaceTalk app is a virtual office where doctors can make secure video calls with patients and other healthcare professionals. It was specially developed for use in healthcare, and offers a range of features to make it easy for doctors and patients to use.

During 2017 we collaborated with QConferencing to bring Vidyo's Telemedicinesolution to the Netherlands, branded as FaceTalk.

The key concept

behind FaceTalk is to make doctor-patient face-to-face video calls effortless and practical. A patient receives an invitation to a video appointment from the doctor via email or calendar meeting, clicks a link and joins the call.

Read the full case study.


Vidyo Mobile Image

Vidyo Mobile

VidyoMobile is a team collaboration mobile app for iOS and Android. At the heart of the app is the video chat functionality, which provides robust HD video conferencing capabilities, ranging from a two to hundreds of partifipants.

Our focus in the design of VidyoMobile was to provide rich in-conference user experience and seamless integration with the enterprise environment, including scheduling video chats on your

calendar, sending/receiving meeting invitations via email, active directory, chat, screen sharing and more. The combination of all these integrations into a single, simple to use app was critical for reaching the right target audience.

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ELITE-Connect Image


ELITE Connect is an online connection platform dedicated to listed companies, institutional investors, brokers and other intermediaries. It allows participants to efficiently engage and increase productivity. With this user friendly App, you can join digital meetings and video-conferences from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

TomTom MyDrive Image

TomTom MyDrive

TomTom MyDrive app helps you plan your daily drive with real-time traffic. 

MyDrive syncs with your TomTom cloud account to get all your favorite and recent destinations, as well as your current route plan. So it's a great companion for last-mile instructions to your final destination, in case you had to park your car 2 blocks away.

MyDrive is great for pre-planning too. Choose the best route to take

before you get in the car. Set up your personal traffic checker for any delays on your commute and see where traffic is right now. Optionally share your destination with a TomTom sat nav* for navigation through traffic.
Psngr Image


Automotive | B2C | B2B 


Psngr is a mileage tracking and reimbursement platform produced by 100grams. We've released v1.0 for iOS in late 2014, followed by 2015 launch of the Android app, and a full web dashboard for managing trip data in 2016.

Psngr has been gaining traction consistently and is now ranking in the top 20-50 top grossing apps in several geo's. 

We are continuing the work with

Psngr to improve the product, launch new features and optimize the app's performance.