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Clutch Releases Highest-Ranking Chicago Marketing & Advertising and IT & Business Service Companies in 2018

March 26, 2018

by Sara Philibotte

Senior Analyst at Clutch.co

WASHINGTON, DC, March 26, 2018 – Clutch, a leading B2B market research and reviews company, announced the highest-ranked marketing and advertising and IT and business services companies in Chicago. The 154 leaders were identified by their services offered, market presence, and most important, client feedback. Top Chicago Marketing and Advertising Badge



The leading marketing and advertising agencies in Chicago are as follows:


Advertising & Marketing Agencies: Killian Branding, Rule29 Creative, Coming of Age, Stevens & Tate Marketing, bvk, JJR Marketing Inc., JB Chicago, Bandwidth Marketing Group, NOTICE, The Harbinger Group, Pivot Design, Paragraphs, LLC, Hustlemore, Sparkfactor, Agency Squid


Digital Marketing Agencies: Perfect Search Media, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Brafton, 97 Switch, Wpromote, Walker Sands Digital, SoMe Connect, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Over The Top SEO, OneIMS, KeywordFirst, VisualFizz, Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing, LyteYear Group, NOTICE


Public Relations Firms: The Harbinger Group, JJR Marketing Inc., Bear Icebox Communications, Cascade Communications, ComboApp


Branding Agencies: BatesMeron Sweet Design, Rule29 Creative, Paragraphs, LLC, ArtVersion, Pivot Design, ColorJar, Nelson Cash, Killian Branding, JB Chicago, a5 Branding & Digital, Coming of Age, March Media Chicago, Bandwidth Marketing Group, UnitOneNine, Solid Digital LLCChicago IT and Business Services Badge


SEO Services Companies: Straight North, Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Northcutt,

Over The Top SEO, BFO (Be Found Online), Comrade Web Agency, OneIMS, 97 Switch, The Ocean Agency, Marcel Digital, LLT Group, SoMe Connect, Walker Sands Digital, Perfect Search Media


PPC Management Companies: JumpFly, SCUBE Marketing, Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing, Wpromote, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, BFO (Be Found Online), Best PPC Marketing, OneIMS, Walker Sands Digital, The Ocean Agency, Ice Nine Online, Perfect Search Media, Chicago Style SEO, 97 Switch


Social Media Consultants: Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, SoMe Connect, Perfect Search Media, Bright Bright Great, Wpromote, Rule29 Creative, KeywordFirst, 97 Switch, 3Q Digital, NOTICE, Stevens & Tate Marketing, bvk, JJR Marketing Inc., Cascade Communications, PR & Digital Marketing Agency, VisualFizz


Content Marketing Agencies: Brafton, Duo Consulting, Over The Top SEO, 97 Switch, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Wpromote, SoMe Connect, Symbiont Group, Perfect Search Media, Sparkfactor, Innovaxis Marketing, NOTICE, VisualFizz, Bandwidth Marketing Group, Arcalea


Inbound Marketing Agencies: KeywordFirst, Ice Nine Online, Perfect Search Media, Over The Top SEO, The Ocean Agency, SoMe Connect, OneIMS, Simple Machines Marketing, NOTICE, Mightybytes, SearchLab, Walker Sands Digital, Bright Bright Great, VisualFizz, Marcel Digital


Email Marketing Agencies: Brafton, Symbiont Group, The Ocean Agency, Arcalea, Killian Branding, Coming of Age, The Weinstein Organization Inc., Kahoots Creative Group, Macon Raine, Acme Dream Company


Digital Strategy Agencies: KeywordFirst, Magnani Continuum Marketing, Youtech & Associates, Matchnode, Nelson Cash, Angle180, Bright Bright Great, DevMynd, Palantir.net, Agency Squid, Perfect Search Media, Over the Top SEO, Coming of Age, Sparkfactor, Mightybytes


Naming Companies: BatesMeron Sweet Design, Rule29 Creative, Killian Branding, Nelson Cash, Pivot Design, JB Chicago, Agency Squid, Olive Street Design, ColorJar, Design Womb, UnitOneNine, March Media Chicago, Mabbly, Concentric Design, NOTICE


Direct Marketing Agencies: BatesMeron Sweet Design, The Weinstein Organization Inc., Bandwidth Marketing Group, Idea Marketing Group, Inc., Coming of Age.


Media Buying & Planning Agencies: 3Q Digital, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Bandwidth Marketing Group, JB Chicago, Verve Marketing Group, The Harbinger Group


The leading IT and business service companies in Chicago are as follows:


IT Consulting Companies: Switchfast Technologies, SWC Technology Partners, Mindsight, Maven Wave Partners, ServerCentral, Stratosphere Networks, IT Risk Managers, Converged Systems, JetRails, Softweb Solutions, Framework Communications, LME Services, Realnets, Aptitive, Kavi Global


Managed Service Providers: Switchfast Technologies, ServerCentral, Mindsight, Realnets, Framework Communications, Converged Systems, IT Risk Managers, Stratosphere Networks, SWC Technology Partners, LME Services, Ameex Technologies Corp., JetRails, KeyLimeTie, Helio Interactive


Data Analytics Companies: CBIG Consulting, Anthem Marketing Solutions, Kavi Global, Aptitive, Softweb Solutions, 3Q Digital, Maven Wave Partners, Wpromote, SWC Technology, Partners, Intersog, CSW Solutions Inc.


Cloud Computing Consultants: ServerCentral, Softweb Solutions, Maven Wave Partners, JetRails, Mindsight, SWC Technology Partners, Converged Systems, Stratosphere Networks, Realnets, Aptitive, CSW Solutions Inc., 8th Light, IT Risk Managers, Framework Communications, Xumulus


Staff Augmentation Service Companies: Plego Technologies, Sphere Software, Intersog, Ameex Technologies Corp., IT Risk Managers


BPO Service Companies: ClutchGroup, Quislex, NCC, Merge, Ameex Technologies Corp.



“In a place as competitive as the Chicago metro area, companies must find a way to stand out,” said Sara Philibotte, business analyst at Clutch. “These companies demonstrated their excellence not only by providing top-notch services but also by exemplifying the highest standard of customer service. We are incredibly excited to have them onboard with Clutch.”


It’s free and simple to get listed on Clutch. However, only the top-performing companies in each industry are recognized as leaders.


For a chance to be featured as a one of Clutch’s 2019 Chicago Leaders, apply now. Getting listed is a simple, two-step process that takes less than 20 minutes.


These results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices as of March 19, 2018. These rankings may change daily and may not be what is currently reflected on Clutch’s website.


The full research can be found at:


Chicago Marketing and Advertising Agencies:
















Chicago IT and Business Service Companies:









About Clutch


A B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects small and medium businesses with the best-fit agencies, software, or consultants they need to tackle business challenges together and with confidence. Clutch’s methodology compares business service providers and software in a specific market based on verified client reviews, services offered, work quality, and market presence.




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