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Clutch Recognizes Top Croatian B2B Companies for 2020

August 24, 2020

by Clutch Team

Today, Clutch released their list of the top B2B companies in Croatia. The companies included are skilled in development, IT services, marketing, and more. 

WASHINGTON, DC - August 24, 2020 –Washington, DC-based market research firm, Clutch announced the top B2B companies in Croatia today.Top B2B Companies Croatia

The 63 Leaders represent a variety of cities, including Split and Zagreb, the headquarters of many Croatian tech companies.

To determine Leader Awards, Clutch takes into account a variety of factors. These included the company’s online presence, services offered, former clients, and their reviews on Clutch.
“The companies on this list represent the best Croatia has to offer,” said Clutch Senior Revenue Operations Analyst Greg Kotchik. “The reviews they’ve gathered on our platform and others leave no doubt about the extraordinary success achieved by each and every one of their clients as a result of their hard work.”

Clutch’s research into Croatia remains ongoing. In order to be considered for a Leader Award, create a Clutch profile.

Check out the leaders here!

  1. Q agency
  1. Kontra
  1. Human
  1. Inchoo
  1. Serengeti
  1. Bornfight
  1. Clover Studio
  1. Ars Futura
  1. Mono Software
  1. Ingemark
  1. Factory
  1. Undabot
  1. Machinery
  1. Cinnamon Agency
  1. Enterwell
  1. COBE Tech
  1. Agilno
  1. Kod Biro
  1. Async Labs
  1. AGENCY04
  1. Locastic
  1. lilcodelab
  1. Delta Reality
  1. Lloyds Design
  1. Direct Design
  1. Kala Presence
  1. CoreLine
  1. Transmeet.Tv
  1. Kodius
  1. Hexis d.o.o.
  1. Sysbee
  1. Pseudocode
  1. Zero Molecule
  1. Online Press
  1. Websolutions Agency
  1. Bamboo Lab
  1. Trive
  1. 3topia
  1. Nepted
  1. Speck
  1. Digihey
  1. BrightDock
  1. Intellegens
  1. Miadria
  1. Software Sauna
  1. Beap
  1. SHIPSHAPE ltd
  1. BrainIT
  1. Comminus
  1. NodeFactory
  1. Darko Skulj
  1. Explanatorro
  1. Subpixel
  1. North2
  1. Konekta
  1. Nava IT
  1. Mario Matkovski
  1. Resonate Digital
  1. REVIVAL Digital Agency

Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on July 13, 2020. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.

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