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In Latest Report, Clutch Recognizes the Top B2B Providers in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, & Tennessee

October 1, 2020

by Clutch Team

Clutch released their list of the highest-ranking B2B firms in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee. The recognized leaders are considered the best in their specialized fields.

WASHINGTON, DC - October 5, 2020 - Today, Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, announced the top B2B service providers in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee. top b2b providers US 2020

In 2020, leading tech jobs across the country increased that had each state in the US experiencing the effects. 

The leaders from these selected states are skilled in a variety of services from custom software development, video production, IT services, and HR. Because of their achievements in these fields, Clutch is recognizing them as top B2B companies. 

To select these companies, Clutch’s research team goes through an extensive process, analyzing each firms’ commitment to excellence, social media presence, brand reputation, ability to deliver, and more.

Since Clutch’s research into the top service providers in ongoing, companies should be encouraged to apply for a chance to be eligible for next year’s list. 

“In the process of researching for these awards, the projects we saw blew us away in the quality of both their function and their ideas,” said Clutch Senior Revenue Operations Analyst Ethan Lutz. “Our primary criteria focus on services offered and the measurable results of each project, but the creativity brought to their work by these teams should not be underestimated.”

Take a peek at the leaders below:


  1. Sociallyin
  2. Copperwing Design
  3. Flagstone Search Marketing
  4. MotionMobs
  5. Mighty
  6. Red Square Agency
  7. Digital Marketing Experts International
  8. Cypress Mill Co, LLC
  9. Sigao Studios
  10. Purple Tie Guys
  11. Southern View Media
  12. Nick the Marketer
  13. Dean D. Ledbetter, CPA
  14. Slappey Communications


  1. Explainify
  2. Lofty
  3. Simplemachine
  4. Design Shifu
  5. Ion Agency
  6. DK Jones and Company
  8. 3wiredesigns
  9. OgreLogic Solutions


  1. Fieldtrip
  1. NowSourcing
  1. Messenger Healthcare Marketing
  1. Power
  1. One Thing Marketing
  1. VIA Studio
  1. Promevo
  1. Slingshot
  1. KiZAN Technologies
  1. Ifland Visuals
  1. Ghost Rock
  1. Polymath
  1. Iron Wing Studios
  1. Guardian Owl Digital Boutique
  1. Element 502
  1. Thoroughbred Solutions, LLC
  1. Oddball Creative
  1. Ahead Human Resources


  1. ThreeSixtyEight
  1. Susco Solutions
  1. Zehnder Communications
  1. Rep Cap
  1. Cerberus Agency
  1. LookFar Labs
  1. Online Optimism
  1. IWD Agency
  1. Click Here Digital
  1. Get Online NOLA
  1. Primtek
  1. NolaVid
  1. Revelry
  1. FSC Interactive
  1. Atmosphere Cinema
  1. Design The Planet
  1. BlakSheep Creative
  1. BlinkJar Media
  1. Novateus
  1. Rader Solutions
  1. High Level Thinkers
  1. Vibrandt Media
  1. Comfystonefilms
  1. One Click SEO
  1. NOLA Social Studios
  1. Kobus Technologies
  1. Bizzuka, Inc.
  1. Agent C. Advertising




  1. Proof Branding
  1. Taillight
  1. Barker & Christol
  1. DePalma Studios
  1. All My Web Needs
  1. Pyxl
  1. HigherVisibility
  1. PointClear Solutions
  1. Papercut Interactive
  1. Metova
  1. Social Link
  1. LSM
  1. Speak Creative
  1. Mobile Mentor
  1. Izell Marketing Group, LLC
  1. Wintellisys, Inc.
  1. Adelsberger Marketing
  1. MedForward
  1. South Made
  1. Astute Communications
  1. Twin Sun
  1. Fifty Seven Pounds
  1. Datamum
  1. Quantum Branding
  1. Creative Website Marketing
  1. Fortunesoft IT Innovations
  1. Rob Bettis
  1. Moses Media Co. ®
  1. Rebar Technology
  1. LAB Digital Creative
  1. FortyAU
  1. Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC
  1. King Creative Co.
  1. Cumberland Creative
  1. Reibar Marketing
  1. OutboundView
  1. ReadyBase
  1. Push Focus
  1. Levogy
  1. Logic Cadence
  1. Way Solutions
  1. Taskforce BPO
  1. Acquali
  1. Capital Accounts LLC
  1. Knoxweb
  1. Premier BPO
  1. Gabbyville

Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on September 4th, 2020. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.

About Clutch

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year. Clutch has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and has been listed as a top 50 startup by LinkedIn.


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