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In Latest Report, Clutch Recognizes the Top B2B Companies in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont

October 21, 2020

by Clutch Team

Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, awarded the top B2B service providers in these selected states today. 

WASHINGTON, DC - October 26, 2020 - The leading B2B ratings and review platform, Clutch, announced the top 50 B2B service providers in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, US b2b leaders 2020Rhode Island & Vermont. 

The IT sector thrives in one of the most vibrant regions in the U.S. As the need for talent within these states grows, the need for top service providers remains steady.

Clutch is honored to recognize the top 200 companies within the region for their ability to deliver and industry expertise. 

Clutch’s process is extremely selective. Their research team evaluates companies on a variety of criteria including their social media presence, former clients, brand reputation, and recency of verified reviews. 

Companies, for location-based awards, must also have a verifiable presence in the area.

Since Clutch’s research into the B2B sector remains ongoing, potential recipients are encouraged to create a profile today

“We’re proud to highlight these companies for their ability to deliver,” said Clutch Account Manager Jake Cox. “As leaders in their field, they’re able to meet client expectations and deliver high-quality services.” 

Take a look at the top companies below:


  1. Van Deusen & Levitt Associates
  1. Stella Rising
  1. CAL Business Solutions
  1. Zero Gravity Marketing
  1. Movable Media
  1. Technosoft Solutions
  1. Aspire Digital Solutions
  1. Stratedia
  1. Strategic Sales & Marketing
  1. milk*
  1. Interpreters and Translators, Inc.
  1. Cloud IT Guru
  1. Taylor Design
  1. Omnislash Visual
  1. Agency Labs
  1. SN Media Services LLC
  1. SL Development
  1. Bengston & Smith, P.C
  1. HiveBrand
  1. ACC


  1. Anchour
  2. Portland Webworks
  3. Square Mill Labs
  4. First Pier
  5. Maine Creative
  6. Rugged Coastal
  7. Acadia
  8. Chasse & Company

New Hampshire

  1. Zco
  2. Millennium Agency
  3. Treehouse Technology Group
  4. Flylight Media, Inc.
  5. eCoast Marketing
  6. Vital Design
  7. SEOptiks
  8. Ascendle

Rhode Island

  1. Rejoiner
  2. Oomph, Inc.
  3. Drupal Connect
  4. MojoTech
  5. BusySeed
  6. Blackburn Labs
  7. Denis Robichaud Design, LLC
  8. UX Studio
  9. Reel Big Media
  10. DataGenius Technologies LLC
  11. OldPlanet Media


  1. TreeFrog Studio, Inc
  2. Ecom Growers

Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on September 4th, 2020. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.

About Clutch

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year. Clutch has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and has been listed as a top 50 startup by LinkedIn.


Anna Peck