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Corporate Video Services Hiring Guide

Harness the potential of video to showcase your company culture, communicate your employer brand, and connect with candidates on a deeper level.

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Corporate Video Services Hiring Guide

Updated March 19, 2024

Get ready to unlock the potential of corporate video in talent acquisition, as we embark on a journey to redefine your hiring practices and create a lasting impact on candidates.

In this digital era where attention spans are shrinking and competition is fierce, corporate videos have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Whether you're looking to showcase your brand, launch a product, or train your employees, a well-crafted corporate video can make a lasting impact and drive results.

However, finding the right corporate video services can be a daunting task. With countless production companies, freelancers, and service providers vying for your attention, how do you ensure that you choose the perfect partner who can bring your vision to life?

This guide will go into everything you need to know about corporate video production services and how to hire the right company to grow your business’s video marketing strategy.

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What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate Video Production: The process of creating audiovisual content for businesses to promote their brand, services, products, or internal communications.

The goal of corporate videos is to enhance brand recognition and build trust while engaging your target audience. Like traditional video production, the hope is to work toward marketing or communication goals with high-quality visual content.

Also like traditional video production, there are several tasks involved in corporate video production that are needed to effectively convey a company’s message in a visual format.

Common tasks involved with corporate video creation include:

  • Conceptualizing ideas
  • Scriptwriting
  • Scouting locations and talent
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Sound design, motion graphics, & effects
  • Distribution & promotion

Depending on the scope and complexity of the corporate video project, the specific tasks might change. For example, an animated video may take more editing than a simple brand video with an employee testimonial.

Corporate video production service providers need to work on a timeline with strict deadlines, but their teams need to remain flexible, collaborative, and communicative when working with their clients. To create the best video content for your company’s goals, find the right corporate video production firm to match your needs locally.

Corporate Video Services by Country

Corporate Video Services by City

5 Benefits of Corporate Video Services

corporate video benefits

There are several ways video content can demonstrate its value in a corporate setting. Being such a versatile medium, the benefits of corporate video production are dynamic, helping various departments including human resources, marketing and sales.

From boosting brand awareness and generating credibility to increasing engagement internally, the advantages of using corporate video are endless.

Here are some of the biggest reasons companies invest in corporate video services:

  1. Increase company credibility and trust. A corporate video can enhance your company’s credibility by building trust among your target audience. For example, corporate videos can showcase your team’s years of experience, answer questions about your products, highlight the quality of your work, and more, helping establish your brand as reliable.
  2. Boost viral branding. Corporate and commercial videos are meant to go viral. When someone views an engaging video on social media, their first reaction is to share it with their list of followers. Corporate videos present a great opportunity to increase branding through social media and other effective video-sharing channels.
  3. Helps with SEO. Search engines favor videos, making it a valuable medium to grow brand awareness. By incorporating relevant keywords and tags in your video descriptions, titles, and transcripts, you can improve your website's search rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site.
  4. Improves internal and external engagement. Corporate videos are an engagement driver for customers and internal teammates. Depending on your business goals with video, an engagement opportunity is presented with an effective video.
  5. Opportunity for high information value. Corporate videos are a great way to pack more information in a condensed format. With images, sounds, texts, and more, your company can produce videos that deliver on the desired subject matter in a seamless format that will grab attention.

What Services Do Corporate Video Production Companies Provide?

Corporate video production companies deliver the same services as a traditional video production firm, but with a slight edge.

Expect corporate video production companies to deliver the following aspects of the video production process:

  • Storyboarding & scripting
  • Video editing
  • Voiceover & other sound editing
  • Visual design
  • Post production services

Various types of videos under the corporate lens can produce great brand perception, explain your company’s background and history, and skyrocket your conversions.

Corporate video production companies can produce various forms of videos for businesses:

  • Company Culture Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Explainer Videos & Case Studies
  • Event Coverage

Company Culture Videos

A company culture or brand story video explains information about the inception and current standing of your company as well as the values, motivation, and vision of your business.

These videos often highlight various aspects of the company, such as the office space, employee interactions, team-building activities, and company events.

Company culture videos build trust and raise awareness for businesses. This type of video content can play a role in attracting top talent while fostering a sense of community internally.

Training Videos

Videos can make your training practices more effective. Hiring a corporate video production company to capture your top talent delivering messages and lessons on processes and values can be extremely impactful for new employees.

These videos typically follow a structured format, presenting information in a clear and concise manner. They can include a combination of live-action footage, animations, screen recordings, voice-over narration, and graphics to effectively convey the intended message.

It also frees up bandwidth internally for in-person training events while letting newer hires take their onboarding process at their own pace.

Overall, training videos are a valuable resource for businesses in all industries.

Testimonial Videos

A heartfelt testimonial or case study can do wonders for businesses. Corporate video production companies can help businesses generate positive word of mouth by filming past and current customers.

The team can film various video clips from clients to put together a promotional video for your business that can focus on attaining more of your target audience.

If potential customers are hesitant about your team’s services or products, a video testimonial can serve as a tangible form of social proof that they might find comfort in.

This type of video content is commonly used in marketing campaigns because they are effective at boosting conversions and brand awareness.

Explainer Videos

Pitch your company’s latest products and services with demos and sales videos that explain everything viewers need to know.

The primary goal of an explainer video is to simplify complex information and make it easier for viewers to understand. They often follow a storytelling format, using characters, animation, or live-action footage to grab attention and maintain interest.

These short explainer videos can be used as social media videos or for promotional videos in emails. Explainer videos can also be used for internal purposes, such as recruitment videos.

Overall, explainer videos are an effective tool for businesses to engage and inform their audience, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Event Coverage

Have you thought about filming your next corporate event? That’s another area where a corporate video production company can come in handy.

Business events can help with developing relationships with customers, investors, and potential employees while generating interest in your brand.

The purpose of event coverage videos is to provide an immersive experience and allow viewers to feel connected to the event, even if they couldn't physically be there. They serve as a marketing tool to promote future events, showcase the event's highlights, and generate interest and excitement among potential attendees.

Event coverage videos play a crucial role in capturing the energy, essence, and key moments of an event, allowing people to relive or experience it vicariously. They serve as a powerful medium to engage, inform, and inspire viewers and promote the event and the company behind it.

Common KPIs for Corporate Video Services

When investing in any sort of video production service, tracking how well your efforts are performing is essential to understand the impact.

Depending on the services your corporate video production firm is delivering, you can outline key performance indicators (KPIs) to see how your video marketing strategies are working. Common KPis for corporate video services include:

  1. Impressions: The number of times your content is shown to a viewer. This can help analyze the level of campaign awareness.
  2. Reach: The number of unique viewers of the video since publication. This can help give you an idea of where your content is getting seen and shared. It can even help with video content planning schedules.
  3. Views: The number of times a video is watched by viewers. This can be used to measure engagement and virality of the content.
  4. Leads Generated: This shows how many people are interested in your service or product after viewing your videos. This can be seen as an expression of interest through clicking a CTA or performing an action - the initial step before becoming a full conversion.
  5. Sales: After watching your video, how many people made a purchase or subscribed? This isn’t an easy metric to track for video content, but can be a driver.

What is a Corporate Video Team?

The primary focus of a corporate video team is to produce videos that align with their client’s vision. Because of this, there needs to be team members that are in charge of planning, producing, and delivering high-quality video content.

corporate video team

Each individual brings a level of specific expertise to their role and is considered essential for a successful video project.

Here are some of the most common roles that make up a corporate video production team:

  • Videographers: These individuals handle the camera operation, lighting setups, and other technical aspects of filming to create high-quality videos.
  • Directors: These individuals are responsible for translating the vision into a final video product. They generally oversee the entire production to ensure it is on track.
  • Project Managers: A project manager assists the director by ensuring all of the work behind the scenes is on track. They can assist with budgeting, planning, and managing logistics to meet client expectations.
  • Editors: This teammate takes the raw video content and transforms it into a polished final product. They arrange all of the footage, visual and sound elements, and graphics together.
  • Scriptwriters: A scriptwriter creates a narrative that communicates the intended message and flow of the video.
  • Designers: These individuals create all visual elements for the video project, including graphics, texts, or animations.
  • Sound Engineers: These teammates handle the audio aspects of corporate video production, including voiceovers and music. They ensure that the audio aspects fit well with the video content.
  • Production Assistants: Production assistants provide support to the entire team during all aspects of production. They can handle administrative tasks, equipment setup, and other logistical duties.

What To Look For When Hiring Corporate Video Production Services

All businesses have a set list of criteria when it comes to hiring an outside resource.

When looking for video production services, in particular corporate video services, finding the right partner is critical.

But that is easier said than done - there are plenty of video production companies out there, but which one is the right fit for your business?

Understanding what your company is hoping to achieve with a high-quality video production service will help narrow down the top picks.

The most important factors when searching for a corporate video production service is your company’s budget and goals. Take those and other requirements as considerations.

Criteria for Hiring a Corporate Video Production Company

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Experience in industry
  • Business video expertise
  • Professional video equipment and tools
  • Collaboration style
  • Production processes
  • Team size

What Matters to You Most?

When looking for corporate video production services, it’s important to consider what matters the most to your company.

Whether it’s their experience working with companies in your industry, their specializations in specific video services, or their proximity, identifying your hiring criteria is key.

If your company has an initial idea of what they’re looking for, start shortlisting potential partners that fit your needs on first look.

During the evaluation process, it's essential to assess potential corporate video production partners based on their ability to meet your desired results and other outlined requirements. When interviewing them, ask about their past projects and the outcomes they achieved to gain insight into their experience.

Here are a few questions you should ask when interviewing corporate video service providers:

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Corporate Video Services

  1. What is your experience in creating corporate videos? Can you share a portfolio?
  2. What types of corporate videos do you specialize in?
  3. Can you provide references from previous clients?
  4. Do you provide a complete package of services for pre-production and post-production tasks?
  5. Are you familiar with our industry?
  6. What’s your process for project management?
  7. What equipment and technology does your team use?
  8. Do you offer other creative services like audio production and graphic design?
  9. How do you handle revisions and edits?
  10. What are your pricing and payment terms?

When hiring corporate video services, asking the right questions is important. Remember to tailor them based on your company’s specific needs, priorities, and goals.

Finding the Perfect Corporate Video Services

Whether you’re a small startup or an established corporation, video production services are key for businesses looking to increase their exposure.

When hiring a corporate video service, it is important to vet potential partners thoroughly and discuss your goals. Each company is unique when it comes to business goals, budget, and audience.

Remember, the world of video production is constantly evolving, with new techniques and technologies emerging every day. It is important to stay adaptable and open to experimentation, always seeking ways to push the boundaries and stand out from the competition.

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