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Add a Clutch Review Widget to Your Website

October 13, 2014

Showcase ratings, reviews, and testimonials from Clutch directly on your website to build trust and convert leads.

clutch review widget

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Adding a Review Widget Is Easy: Follow These 4 Steps to Get Started

  1. Log into your Clutch account.
  2. Select "Review Widgets" from your account menu.
  3. Choose the widget style that best fits your brand.
  4. Copy the script and add it where you want the widget to appear on your website.

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Find the Review Widget Style That's Best For Your Brand

Choose from 16 widgets to find a style that works for your business. Check out some popular widget styles below.

1. Feedback Widget

feedback review widget

2. Sticker Widget

clutch review widget - sticker widget

3. Compact Widget

clutch review widget - compact widget

4. Snapshot Widget

clutch review widget - snapshot widget

5. Grid Widget

clutch review widget - grid widget

6. Carousel Widget

clutch review widget - carousel widget

7. Everything Widget

clutch review widget - everything widget

Add My Widget

Already logged into your Clutch account? Add your widget from your Clutch dashboard.

Customize Your Review Widget Colors

Make sure your Clutch reviews match your brand style by customizing your widget colors.

custom colors clutch review widgets

Customize My Widget

Review Widgets Make Online Reputation Management Easy

You invested in collecting client reviews. Now, make this feedback as accessible as possible for leads by adding a Clutch review widget to your website.

To get started, log into your Clutch account and select the widget option that works for you.

Choose A Widget

Showcase Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials

Adding a widget means that people can learn about your history of success from a verified third-party platform without ever leaving your website.

clutch review widget - showing ratings, reviews, and testimonials from clients

Collect Reviews

Make it easier for clients to review you. Add a feedback widget to your website to send clients directly to your review form on Clutch.

feedback review widget

Highlight Your Best Projects

Quickly create a testimonial or portfolio page by adding a carousel or everything widget. Give clients an in-depth look into your past projects – the challenges you tackled, industries you specialize in, and key results.

clutch review widget to highlight your best projects

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