Publishing a company profile and participating in our ratings and reviews process is free. But, if a company performs well in our research and wants to increase its visibility on Clutch, we offer several levels of sponsorship.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is an opportunity for companies to further promote their profile on Clutch.

Increased visibility on reviews pages.

What does this mean? When you land on a reviews page, the default sort is to sponsors first. Sponsors are clearly marked with the sponsor flag icon  Sponsor. 

Visitors may use the filter tool and change the sort order. The “Clutch Rank” sort lists companies based on our methodology and research findings. If no firms sponsor a category, the default ordering is our Clutch Rank.

No change to Clutch Rank or Leaders Matrices

Our methodology is grounded in evidence and consistency. All sponsors undergo the same process as other agencies and solutions on our site – comprehensive evaluation of past work, market presence, and client feedback. And, they are mapped on the Leaders Matrix based on our evaluation, regardless of sponsorship status or level.

Why Sponsorship?

Our sponsorship model provides an opportunity for you to further promote your company to the people seeking your services.

If you see tangible benefits from being listed on Clutch. If you have five or more published client reviews. If you want to highlight your company page… Sponsorship may be for you.

How to Become a Sponsor

1. Consider The Service(s) You Specialize In

To maintain accuracy, companies can only sponsor reviews pages that are relevant to the services they offer.

Each sponsorship includes visibility on one of our primary pages below.

2. Understand the Primary Pages

Primary reviews pages are valuable because they receive a high volume of traffic on a regular basis. You can find a comprehensive list of our current primary pages in the table below.

*If you are interested in sponsoring a page that is not listed in the above table, please reach out to [email protected].

3. Know Our Pricing Breakdown

You pay a monthly rate that’s based on the level of sponsorship. We also provide discounts based on company size. For more information, see the pricing chart below.

The final price tag depends on three factors:

  • Number of primary pages you sponsor
  • Tier of sponsorship for each primary page
  • Your company size

4. Choose Your Sponsorship Tier

We offer four different tiers:

  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Diamond is the top sponsorship tier followed by Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

If multiple companies sponsor a services category, the highest-tier sponsor will appear on the reviews page first. And, if a page has multiple sponsors within the same tier, Clutch Rank will determine the ordering.

More on sponsorship tiers in the breakdown below.

Basic Profile



  • Company profile
  • Leaders Matrix eligibility
  • Reviews listing
  • Priority reviews listing
  • Premium support

Get Listed

Silver Sponsor


50-250 Employees - $1,250/m
<50 Employees - $1,000/m

  • Company profile
  • Leaders Matrix eligibility
  • Reviews listing
  • Priority reviews listing above Basic
  • Premium support

Buy now

Gold Sponsor


50-250 Employees - $2,500/m
<50 Employees - $2,000/m

  • Company profile
  • Leaders Matrix eligibility
  • Reviews listing
  • Priority reviews listing above Silver
  • Premium support

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Platinum Sponsor


50-250 Employees - $4,500/m
<50 Employees - $4,000/m

  • Company profile
  • Leaders Matrix eligibility
  • Reviews listing
  • Priority reviews listing above Gold
  • Premium support

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Diamond Sponsor


<250 Employees - $8,000/m

  • Company profile
  • Leaders Matrix eligibility
  • Reviews listing
  • Priority reviews listing above Platinum
  • Premium support

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Sponsorship is a subscription service and is billed monthly. Contact us to set up invoicing or to bill a credit card. PayPal options are below.


Silver Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship

Diamond Sponsorship

Contact us for payment options



Overall, sponsors receive more visibility in their research category than companies that are not sponsors. Each increasing tier of sponsorship receives priority over lower tiers. And, we offer higher-tier sponsors additional benefits, which are outlined in the program overview.

The value of sponsorship depends on three factors.

1. Sponsorship Tier

High-tier sponsors are placed higher on primary pages. We order sponsors from highest to lowest tier – diamond, platinum, gold, and silver, followed by non-sponsors.

2. Primary Page(s) You Sponsor

Because sponsors are ordered based on tier, you may need a higher-tier sponsorship to get the visibility you want on our most popular primary pages.

For pages that have not reached primary status or are more specialized, lower-tier sponsorship or your performance in our research alone may provide the visibility you want.

3. Performance In Our Research

Overall, the best strategy to grow and maintain visibility is to combine sponsorship with a strong company profile, performance in our rankings, and a growing number of client reviews. 

The value of sponsorship increases over time. It depends on two factors: research category growth and service type popularity.

We suggest monitoring sponsorship value over a 4-6 week period.

New silver and gold sponsors can choose to discontinue their sponsorship within 45-days, and receive a refund, if they don’t see the value they want.

Platinum and diamond sponsors cannot refund their sponsorship. But, they have access to additional insights. Analysts create customized reports that include profile analytics and offer tailored guidance to support their listing on Clutch.

Yes. You can select a different sponsorship level for each primary page you want to sponsor.
Yes. However, you only can sponsor the primary pages where you have earned placement based on our research. If you are placed on multiple primary pages, you are welcome to sponsor these. However, you cannot sponsor pages that are unrelated to the services you offer.

Research categories that receive the most traffic are called primary pages. These pages are likely to generate the most value for sponsors. Because more people visit the page, the sponsor’s profile becomes more visible.

The analyst responsible for the research category determines when a page reaches primary status. Until then, the only way to increase visibility in a category is through research performance.

The analyst responsible for the research category can designate a page as primary. A page deemed primary cannot be changed.

Companies receive one month notice before we convert a page to primary status and begin enrolling sponsors for the page.

Because research categories are updated regularly, it is impossible to predict your exact placement on a page. Sponsorship level is not the only factor that goes into placement.

However, analysts can show you which sponsorship bracket you fall in, which is based on your research performance and sponsorship level compared to other companies in the same category.

We do not offer free trials or discounts. If you are unsure about becoming a sponsor, we recommend enrolling at the silver or gold levels. We offer silver and gold sponsors a 45-day money back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with the value they receive.

Clutch analysts determine whether an agency is listed on local reviews and Leaders Matrix pages.

They consider multiple factors:

  • Physical office in the location
  • Full service staff operating on-site, including designers, developers, strategists, and project managers

Requirements may vary by location and service category; Clutch Analysts will make the final decision on whether a company qualifies for a local listing.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to the analyst responsible for your company profile.