Plans and Pricing

Get the most out of partnering with Clutch by learning about our main three types of offerings.

Choose the best option for your business based on visibility on Clutch, review collection, marketing opportunities, and customer service.

Prices vary by company size.

Basic Profile

  • Unlimited review collection (online only)
  • Eligibility for ranking on Leaders Matrix
  • Showcase achievements with Clutch widgets & badges
  • Inclusion on and

Premium Profile

250 /month
All benefits of Basic Profile, and:
  • Access to the Lead Matching Program
  • Unlimited phone & online review collection
  • More visibility than Basic Profile once Verified
  • Dedicated Clutch representative

Plans and Pricing

Select you company size to see personalized plans & pricing.

Sponsorship Overview

Sponsorship increases your company’s visibility on one or more reviews pages.

How it works:

  1. Each sponsorship provides enhanced visibility on one reviews page.
  2. Your final price tag depends on:
    • Number of pages you sponsor
    • Level of sponsorship for each page
  3. When multiple companies sponsor a page, the highest-level sponsor will appear on the page first.
  4. When multiple companies sponsor a page at the same level, they show in order of Clutch Rank.

Does Sponsorship Affect Leaders Matrix Rankings?

No. Sponsorship does not affect your company's Clutch Rank or ability to be featured in a Leaders Matrix.

For more common questions, search the sponsorship Help Center.

Select Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Level
Price per Reviews page


300 /month

Reviews page listing above Basic and Premium profiles.

3-month payment required.


650 /month

Reviews page listing above Starter sponsored profiles.


1,250 /month

Reviews page listing above Bronze sponsored profiles.


2,500 /month

Reviews page listing above Silver sponsored profiles.


4,500 /month

Reviews page listing above Gold sponsored profiles.


8,000 /month

Reviews page listing above Platinum sponsored profiles.

Double Diamond

13,000 /month

Reviews page listing above Diamond sponsored profiles.

Triple Diamond

18,000 /month

Reviews page listing above Double Diamond sponsored profiles.

Quadruple Diamond

23,000 /month

Reviews page listing above Triple Diamond sponsored profiles.