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Key clients: 


How We Increased The Traffic By 450% in 4 Months! Image

How We Increased The Traffic By 450% in 4 Months!

The Challenge: – Though known for its jewellery designing and development, but still it was an uphill task for the company to establish its presence in the online market. The toughest challenge was to bring an organic traffic to the website which can convert into customers. In

addition to this online aggregators, outranked GLAMIRA on many of their brand keywords. Therefore our challenge includes distorted traffic, SERP ranking and ineffective URL tagging in Google Analytics. Although it was quite difficult for us to achieve the target in 4 months, our proficient team of experts don’t let us down.

The Solution:-For Optimization,we adopted 360 ° approach which included

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building

Further, the idea was delivered with product keywords, map results, brand keywords, local SEO for the targeted country keywords. We ran SEO campaign on each of the targeted products- Engagement rings and wedding rings. For this, we assign this very challenging SEO campaign to our most reliable team of SEO experts so that we that can focus on every possible aspect that our client wants.

Initially, we carried out comprehensive keyword research and profound analysis to analyze the existing content and new content requirement to boost the traffic to the website. Our efficient team identify almost 100 keywords for this two product and suggest their effective use. Further, this follows up by the onsite performance, blogs optimization, navigation changes, content marketing and link building. Subsequently, our country based keywords bring improvement in the visibility across countries like Italy and Finland. Asides, we put an extra effort to gain top organic ranking in the brand based keywords set.

We nipped content to appeal traffic to the site. The process for improving user conversion and engagement rate optimization was also initiated.

The Result:- 

Once again W3ERA reiterated on its belief that targets are just number. One can achieve phenomenal results with concentrated and regular efforts across the Search engine landscape. Within a month a mammoth scaling of numbers has been observed.

Within a month the ranking of the “Engagement Rings and wedding rings” was pushed to the top ten position on both Mobile and Desktop respectively.

How We Increased The Traffic By 42% in 1 Month! Image

How We Increased The Traffic By 42% in 1 Month!

bjective: -ReplaceMyRemote wanted to attract traffic to its website, therefore,they approached us. As in past years, we have worked with numerous clients as well as well-known brands. Besides, we are proud of our award-winning results and ensured this client for the same in the guaranteed time.

Challenges: – Although we had satisfied numerous

clients with their anticipated results ReplaceMyRemote was one of its kind, therefore we reframed our strategies so that we can meet the expectation of this client in the way the wanted. Traffic means more impression, more account signups and more purchases- indirectly means more revenue. But, the main quest was, how to capture the traffic to the website from the search results? For a crowded and evolving website, the service provider must offer diverse services to its customer. The nature of the business was unique but still, it failed in appealing to its website.

Therefore in other to resolve this issue we frame a completely new strategy which brought drastic and fast improvement to the website faster than we thought.How we helped:- ReplaceMyRemote wants to earn visibility, links as well as web traffic to its website, therefore we create a strategy, and here we are sharing some takeaways

  • Start slow and don’t forget to take advantage of easy wins
  • Secure handful strategic links to important pages
  • Passive links to develop momentum
  • Intentional content creation bring significant impact on the search
  • Level up and target high-value opportunities.

Start Slow: -Our highly experienced team of experts understood, limitations of the website. Therefore it was important for us to focus on opportunities of decent competition and traffic values. We use SEMrush to figure out traffic and manual research to determine competition. By closely examining SERP pages, we came to know about issues which are leaving an adverse impact on the website like

  • Bad domains (exact-match)
  • Outdated content
  • Low link counts on pages
  • Lack of large name products.

Handful links of prominent pages: – Every page of the website need links to get ranked in the SERP ranking. But for this links are needed to be competitive, site, type of query and niche and so on. Moreover, with the every update search engine has become sophisticated toward links, therefore emphasize more on the quantity as well as quality. Our sustainable link campaign secure quality links of converting pages and drive engagement for the website.

Passive link channel: -Securing links is a difficult as well as manual process therefore in order to grow traffic tothe site we establish passive link channel which amplifies our link building efforts. This was an integral part of our content strategy, therefore we linked back to the original source.

Thoughtful content creation: – Creating content for the audience is a sound strategy, but our strategists suggest us to take a step further, therefore we focus on the strategic and intentional content published on our client website. For creating every content according to the competitive edge we compare SEMrush traffic values against of the competition.

Level up: – SEO trends leave multiplying impact on the results, therefore we designed a strategy that follows the same. Therefore helped the website in earning more visibility and traffic. Further, a customer will return back to the site when it stands out on its expectations, and undoubtedly ReplaceMyRemote is the best in its field, so customers do return back and that’s why we startedtargeting on more customer space.

Results: – W3ERA used a hack to grow traffic of the website. We had invested our time in developing quality links and compiling content, that’s why our client’s site grow as we had expected.

How We Increased The Organic Clicks & Impressions by 100 & 116% in 28 days! Image

How We Increased The Organic Clicks & Impressions by 100 & 116% in 28 days!

The Problem

When THE MOGAN approached us to acquire search engine optimization services, some of the major hurdles which were attenuating the website online visibility in the search engine were the disruption in organic traffic, intermittent lead generation, and constantly dwindling online

visibility. Apart from this, the company was frequently evolving its product base and updating all the categories, so an all-around approach was required to target all the issues and enhance the online visibility of the website within a short span of the time. Their main concern was impressions & clicks.

The Solution

Our team of vastly experienced digital marketers first carried out the painstaking analysis of the client website. After the detailed analysis, we spot out few major issues and devised a strategy to eliminate them. The solution was divided into the 5 major phases-

1.On-page optimization

2.Content optimization

3.Link Building

4.Redesign of website user interface

5.Conversion optimization

Redesign of Website User Interface

In the first phase, we completely re-hauled the website user interface and re-designed it to look more alluring and eye-catching. As the website key service is fashion clothing and modish accessories, more high definition images were required to make it more flashy and tempting.

On-page and Content Optimization

In the second and third phase, we acclimatized a comprehensive approach. An on-page report was made which include effectively created title and meta-tags, crawl able URL structure, and social media sharing buttons to edify the visibility of the website on all the distinguished social media platforms.

We then created keyword oriented and SEO friendly content and add it to the website to make it search engine friendly. This combination of on-page optimization and content optimization started to deliver the fruitful results and gradually improve the rankings of the major keywords.

Link Building

Our SEO experts worked on link building task to increase the reach of the website and generate a substantial amount of traffic for the website. Local listing was done heavily on prominent directories to strengthen the business profile of the company and pull the massive amount of traffic.

Conversion Optimization

In the last phase, we commenced conversion optimization strategy to shoot up the number of sales per lead ratio of the traffic generated and grow company revenue. This includes the combination of data analysis and continuous testing to minimize cost and maximize return.

The Results

Weare renowned for converting the stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Once again, we hit the bull’s eye and generated a whopping amount of organic traffic within the 4 weeks of implementing the strategy. THE MOGAN e-commerce website witnessed an enormous growth in per page view as well as traffic through organic search.