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Lviv, Ukraine


Key clients: 

e-commerce platforms, mobile applications

Lumiere cinema

The project: Lumiere cinema works in Ivano-Frankivsk since 2006. But from that time a viewer’s demands have changed greatly -- their life has moved to online world. They no longer wanna buy tickets in a case and learn about movies from a paper on a wall.

”Lumiere”encounter with a need to be where a viewer is.

The challenge: develop the website with modern design and handy interface

The solution:

For the main color on the website we chose dark grey –  to create a cinema atmosphere. Besides, movie titles are better seen on that background.

We saved time of users and put a list of the movies on the start page. But if a viewer wants to see what's new or look through the nearest premieres, they only need to use a control panel.

Also, we created a branching system of filters, so it`s comfy to pick up a needed time and format of the movie.

It’s extremely easy to buy a ticket with Lumiere. You only need to choose a movie, place and enter your credit card. Your tickets and all personal data are saved in your account.


Family Residens

Task: A modern and adaptive site
for the hotel which allows the user to
book a room just on the site.
Emphasize the photos and to show
the appearance and condition of the


Karol Clothes designer

Task: To create a fresh and easily
adaptive site for a known clothing
designer. Make it possible to view all
collections. To remove features that
are useful on the site.