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Sigma Software is a team of 1,100+ IT experts in Sweden, the US, Poland, and Ukraine. We love finding smart solutions to our customer’s business challenges & needs, and have been successfully doing this for over 18 years already.

Our company is a part of the leading Scandinavian technology consulting group and one of the world’s TOP100 outsourcing companies. 

Sigma Software is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified, titled Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. 


  • Turn-key software product development 
  • Custom software solutions and applications development 
  • IT consulting & digital transformation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Big Data solutions and Data Engineering services
  • R&D in Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence and IoT 


  • Solutions aligned to your business goals
  • Stable delivery with no compromise on quality
  • Full process transparency
  • Wide range of services to meet your current and future business needs 
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Service lines
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
Client focus
  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
  • Small business (<$10M)
Industry focus
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Education
  • Gaming
Mobile platforms
Mobile focus
Frameworks and CMS
Programming & scripting
Application platform
BI & big data focus
BI & big data solutions


Key clients: 

Over the past 18 years we collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, smaller businesses, and start-ups in Western Europe and the US. Among our Key Customers are Volvo, Scania, KnorrBremse, AstraZeneca, Scandinavian Airlines, Oath, Fortum, Wargaming, LeoVegas, IGT, Mindvalley, Viaplay, DanAds,, Mikz, Telematics Wireless, and others.

Global Ecommerce Portal Used in 40 Countries Worldwide Image

Global Ecommerce Portal Used in 40 Countries Worldwide

Volvo Penta wanted to use on-line sales channel to increase sales and make it easier for dealers and customers to order marine engines and power systems spare parts. Thus, they contracted Sigma Software to deliver an e-Com portal to facilitate the process.


The Solution delivered:

  • Is used by 150+ Volvo Penta
centers in 40 countries
  • Manages spare parts catalogue with 200K+ unique items (new & remanufactured)
  • Supports 15 different markets with global & market-specific parts, market-specific pricing, currencies, taxation and delivery cost calculation mechanisms

    Sigma Software team has delivered the portal in 2010 and continues with development, support and maintenance of the solution ever since.

    Read the full story on our Website

    Development of Ad Solutions Daily Used by 30K+ Companies Image

    Development of Ad Solutions Daily Used by 30K+ Companies

    Sigma Software delivered a video advertisement platform for a start-up called Vidible. In 2 years’ time, it was acquired by AOL and integrated into AOL global programmatic content and advertisement suite.

    Our team continued extending and supporting the product which now operates 120+TB of data daily with 2.5M events processed per second.



    The solution we delivered:

    • Is used by 30K+ companies worldwide in their daily routines 
    • Provides tools for automatic best-fit advertisement selection based on thousands of tags and 100 additional metrics
    • Offers rich ad-in-ad tools (within the campaign itself you can include pre-rolls, interactive mid-rolls, synchronized banners, dynamically loaded branding areas, etc.)
    • Enables smart analytics & reporting based on 400+ metrics
    • Supports Near Real-time processing with minimum interval of 2 minutes
    • Provides mobile SDK to publishers who want to embed ads into their apps for further monetization


    Read the full story on our Website


    AR Mobile Game with Precise Geo-positioning & Advanced Gameplay Image

    AR Mobile Game with Precise Geo-positioning & Advanced Gameplay

    Blacksnowgames, Inc. was created with an idea of launching an innovative AR game enabling full player immersion effect

    • on a regular smartphone
    • with no extra hardware
    • and no time-consuming pre-calibration procedures

    The game

    Sigma Software team delivered is built on top of a custom AR engine and:
    1. Employs almost every sensor a modern smartphone has (cameras for better gameplay impression, compass and GPS for positioning, gyroscope and accelerator for haptic control).
    2. Stretches the playing area for 2 kilometers in every direction from the player’s location achieving accurate player geo-positioning through the integration with a cartographic service.
    3. Combines graphic alignment with surround sound and haptic feedback to safeguard player’s full immersion.
    4. Executes calibrations in a hidden from the user mode to eliminate time-consuming pre-calibration and make AR gameplay immediately accessible. 


    However sophisticated, the game would not hit the market unless it has visual appeal and a thrilling plot. Thus, we spiced the product with the following:

    • Real-time multiplayer capabilities
    • Combination of several game mechanics - cards collection game, geo game, and AR game 
    • Cinematic gameplay
    • Fascinating game art - 3D visuals and special effects

    The game went Live on the App Store in June 2019 and is now available in 18 countries, while the team continues expanding the game.

    Read the full story on our Website

    Development of the Cyber Security Platform Used by 60+ Global Publishers Image

    Development of the Cyber Security Platform Used by 60+ Global Publishers


    Together with Sigma Software developed an innovative cyber-security platform that:

    • performs behavioral analysis on sites and apps (page-level) processing thousands of ads per second
    • detects even the most sophisticated attacks
    • eliminates malvertising threats in real-time

    Sigma Software is the core technology partner for delivering product management, software architecture design, development, testing, support, DevOps, and graphical design services.

  solution is already used by 60+ customers including Xandr, The Boston Globe, Whisper, Imgur, and PubPlus to protect user experiences through 13K sites & apps worldwide


    Our team continues working with the product and releases new features & improvements to help fight bad actors in the Internet. In addition to the full-cycle product development, the team helps the customer cope with diverse challenges caused by rapid growth, e.g.:


    The initial data platform failed to cope with drastic increase in data volumes so we redesigned data organization moving the platform to BigData rails.

    The new platform enables processing 60 000+ ads per second and is 30% more cost-efficient than the previous solution.


    At the beginning of operations, each support line used a separate tracking system. Our IT Support team has introduced Jira Service Desk to enable end-to-end support process automation.

    The new solution enabled efforts & costs saving, brought more visibility and shorter response time.



    Budgeting IT Systems Modernization, Support and Maintenance Image

    Budgeting IT Systems Modernization, Support and Maintenance


    Faced with a strong competition within the industry, SAS adopted 4XNG strategy aimed at halving IT costs over the upcoming 5-year period.

    One of the steps in 4XNG strategy included replacement of the Airport Charges legacy system with something less costly to maintain. Sigma won the bidding process and was contracted to perform the development and

    implementation of the New Charges System.

    SAS was impressed with our ways of work and decided to outsource support and maintenance of the whole Budgeting Ecosystem (10 different systems including Charges Management) with us.


    So, we took over support and maintenance and continued systems optimization:

    Implemented New Charges system that provides daily direct cost calculations for each route based on the info from the SAS flight planning system

    Extended the system with 3 additional modules that replaced several other legacy systems:

    • Activity Based Calculation that performs budget and actual direct & indirect costs calculation for every single flight
    • Fuel Management module responsible for handling actual consumption and costs for jet fuel
    • Invoicing module performing automated invoice control and verification

    Optimized support & maintenance processes to reduce maintenance costs for 5 additional systems we work with


    Those improvements enabled SAS halve their IT costs within only 3 years (2 years faster than initially planned).

    Moreover, the optimizations we introduced brought more efficiency and speed to the whole business process. For example, fuel budget calculation now takes only 25 minutes which is an amazing achievement if compared to 70 hours it took with the old systems.


    Read the full story on our Website


    Remote Training Mobile App: Idea Turned into a Live Product in 6 Months Image

    Remote Training Mobile App: Idea Turned into a Live Product in 6 Months

    Ridesum is a technology start-up built around the idea of a mobile app that would enable equestrianism sportsmen to:

    • Practice remotely
    • With professional coaches
    • Through live video streaming.


    Software helped Ridesum launch the product in less than 6 months to involve first users and secure the next round of investment.

    The new extended version of the product has been released recently.

    The apps attracted 900 coaches and several thousand users within the first year.

    The apps are cross-platform (React-based) and are featured with:

    • Coach and expert bank for riders to select the right coach by location, skills, offer, price, etc.
    • In-app chat for communication between riders and coaches.
    • Live video streaming for remote training sessions (through the integration with the video streaming service).
    • Possibility to send training videos and get feedback & advice.

    Read the full story on our Website

    Enabling Web Presence of 300+ Theater Associations in Sweden Image

    Enabling Web Presence of 300+ Theater Associations in Sweden

    The Customer is a cultural organization uniting over 300 theater associations and groups working to make drama, dance, and performing arts available to all people, all over Sweden.

    The solution Sigma Software delivered to the Customer consists of three major elements:




    The portal is used for strengthening customer’s presence in the Web and consists of three components:

    • The website providing general information about the organization, member associations, recent news shows and events held by member groups. It is built on top of Drupal framework with a  custom theme utilizing about 30 ready-made contributed Drupal modules and 10 custom modules developed from scratch. 
    • WordPress-based Blog for member associations and groups to share news and valuable content about art and performance.
    • Internal knowledge base on top of the MediaWiki engine for members and affiliates providing information about processes, collaboration opportunities, etc.



    The Platform enables fast and easy creation of Websites for customer’s affiliates

    For now, over 300 websites have already been launched on top of this platform.

    The platform uses WordPress blogging engine with ready-made 3rd-party plugins and a number of custom ones developed from scratch.



    WordPress-based Platform that facilitates collaboration between performing groups planning a tour and local organizations offering premises for performances.


    Read the full story on our Website

    Supporting DanAds from MVP to Enterprise-level Product Image

    Supporting DanAds from MVP to Enterprise-level Product

    Sigma Software helped DanAds to create a white-label self-service advertisement platform.

    The product found its market fit and turned DanAds into a preferred supplier to the leading publishers like Hearst, SoundCloud, Shazam, BloombergMedia, Tripadvisor, and Philips within only 4 years.



    collaboration goes far beyond software development services and includes:
    • Consulting on the development options and strategies
    • Product development
    • Information security services
    • Assistance in investment pitch
    • Platform presentation to prospective clients
    • Platform customizations for new customers
    • End-user support


    As of today, we continue extend the product with new features and support DanAds in growing the business.

    Read the full story on our Website

    Full-cycle Development from the Game Concept to a Live E-learning Product Image

    Full-cycle Development from the Game Concept to a Live E-learning Product

    Universal Learning Games, a Swedish product house focused on educational games, was looking for a partner to deliver a new game to be used at schools and add more fun to English classes.

    The customer involved Sigma Software to develop the solution turn-key, so the team:

    • elaborated the game concept & plot
  • designed characters and scenery
  • developed the application logics and progress assessment rules
  • delivered the product and moved to the maintenance phase

    The game combines several genres:

    1. Quest where the main character interacts with funny NPCs (to train reading comprehension)
    2. Slot machine adjusted to train in English listening comprehension
    3. Combat part where the main character confronts adversaries (just to make it more fun for kids)


    Game soft launch in Sweden was followed by further geographical markets expansion – today the Minnits are a part of English courses curriculum at schools in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czechia, Spain, and Colombia.


    Read the full story on our Website

    Centralized System to Recruit Patients & Manage Data for Clinical Studies Image

    Centralized System to Recruit Patients & Manage Data for Clinical Studies

    AstraZeneca contracted Sigma Software to deliver a system that would streamline patients’ recruitment for clinical studies.

    The solution Sigma Software has delivered is integrated into AstraZeneca IT ecosystem and is used by clinics in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands to determine COPD patients suitable and ready for participation in clinical



    Our biggest challenges through the project were:


    The system interface is designed to be as clear and simple as possible to make sure the personnel in clinics can fill in and manage all the data with just a few clicks.

    In order to achieve this, Sigma Software UX experts analyzed daily clinic processes and systems, created prototypes, and tested those with clinic personnel onsite.

    This enabled us to make sure both the interface and the flow are intuitive and clear to the end-users.


    The system is used to handle very sensitive information. Thus, security was a common thread going through the whole project specification.

    The solution we designed as a secure web application accessible with one-time password technology. Every clinic is considered as a separate data entry point and is securely isolated from other clinics data structure and data storage.


    The team successfully coped with the challenges, delivered the solution, and has transferred the system to support & maintenance.

    Read the full story on our Website

    Client-server Vehicle Infotainment Solution & Mobile Apps Image

    Client-server Vehicle Infotainment Solution & Mobile Apps

    KnorrBremse has created an Automated Yard Maneuvering system that enables a truck to maneuver to a truck yard loading bay and parking areas without a driver.

    In order to be able to demonstrate the system, KnorrBremse needed functionality and interfaces for Yard Operator, Loader, and Driver to control the maneuvering process and involved Sigma Software to deliver



    Sigma Software team delivered the following solutions:

    • Yard Server
    • Yard Operator web interface
    • Mobile apps for Driver and Loader


    The delivery timeframe was quite tough as the customer planned to present the solution at upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicle exhibition.

    Our team delivered all the solutions in time, participated in the end-to-end testing of the solution with a real truck, and joined the customer at the event to present the solution.

    Read the full story on our Website


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    SaaS Product Dev for Ad Tech Firm

    "Although their native language isn’t English, they're far better than others in terms of understanding."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $1,000,000 - $9,999,999
    2013 - Ongoing
    Project summary: 

    Sigma Software developed and launched the functional version of a preconceived advertising platform. The assigned dev team now focuses primarily on bug fixes and feature customization. 

    The Reviewer
    11-50 Employees
    New York, New York
    Jerome FitzGibbons
    Founder & CEO, Zapp360
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The launched ad platform began generating revenue within 6 months, which might not have been possible if it weren't for the proactive involvement of the assigned project team. Another key strength is their flexibility with rapidly evolving requirements.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Introduce your business and what you do there.

    Zapp360 is a software-as-a-service ad-based platform for local marketers. We sell and channel through local resellers looking to use digital tools in order to engage better with their audiences and drive traffic into stores, to events, or for the services they provide. I am the founder and CEO of the company.


    What challenge were you trying to address with Sigma Software?

    We needed tech developers. We had scoped out a rough idea of what we wanted to bring to market but had no technical skills to build the actual product.


    What was the scope of their involvement?

    Sigma Software took our platform from wireframe to reality, providing interface design and coding. We're constantly making new developments and maintaining the platform, so Sigma Software remains a key resource in our world. We also have internal product managers, but Sigma Software provides most of the coding.

    Sigma Software assigned 8–12 developers to our project. As we added new requirements and expanded the budget for executing on those requirements, the team size grew. Our resources include C++ and JavaScript developers, designers, QA specialists, and database managers. We have a one-to-one collaboration, with a key product manager on our side interfacing with Sigma Software's liaison. Their manager has been integral to our product's success. We do interface with Sigma Software's resources directly from time to time.

    How did you come to work with Sigma Software?

    I used to be engaged with a company that used Sigma Software's services. We also looked out to the market for partners with end-to-end capabilities for making our platform come to life. We looked in places like India, but also locally, in the US and UK. We also considered hiring in-house resources but came to the conclusion that Sigma Software would be the best choice for creating a market-ready platform in under 6 months.

    How much have you invested with Sigma Software?

    The cost of Sigma Software's work has been above one million dollars.

    What is the status of this engagement?

    We started working with Sigma Software in early 2013.


    Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

    The platform built by Sigma Software became live and revenue-generating within 6 months. There was a lot of feedback in that short period of time, with tweaks, upgrades, and changes to the development schedule. Sigma Software was accommodating and flexible in doing this.

    They worked with us in interpreting what we were trying to get done. Our main expertise was around the marketing for a software-as-a-service platform. This kind of interpretation can't happen in a vacuum, but rather through the organic collaboration between coders, designers, and technologists acting as business visionaries.

    How did Sigma Software perform from a project management standpoint?

    Working within two different time zones has given us time to think and develop requirements, with Sigma Software resuming work while we were sleeping.

    We used Skype for live chats, which occurred on a regular basis: daily during the early stages and weekly at the moment. We also used certain software for tech development and timeline tracking on Sigma Software's side, as well as phone and email.

    What did you find most impressive about Sigma Software?

    One of the reasons for outsourcing a particular component of a business is the gained efficiency, as well as access to the know-how and resources available in certain parts of the world. There are barriers in terms of time zones, cultures, and languages, but Sigma Software embraced our way of communicating. Although their native language isn’t English, they were far better than others in terms of understanding what we were trying to do, regurgitating it back to us, and executing it. I found this aspect to be unique, compared to other outsourcing shops.

    Are there any areas Sigma Software could improve?

    I can't think of anything off the top of my head. We consider Sigma Software to be a strategic partner and an integral part of what we're doing at this time. They've grown as a company since our first interactions, adding offices in the US and other locations.

    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
    • 4.5 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 4.5 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer