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We give real business value through an engineering-based solutions model that offers innovative and cost-effective software development solutions to complex challenges. Over the years, our team has been accumulating expertise in building custom software solutions, performing system redesign services, and “rescuing” projects.





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Key clients: 
ANA, Mindol, Crypterium, SwissBorg, Noah Project
Q MATRIX affiliate module.  Affiliate module for Q DAO Ecosystem Image

Q MATRIX affiliate module. Affiliate module for Q DAO Ecosystem

The Client

The Q DAO digital assets ecosystem is an alternative financial ecosystem consisting of different stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USDQ, KRWQ, and others. These stablecoins offer crypto traders with the benefit of both – a stable currency to trade in and a virtual asset that provides lower entry barriers and faster, more secure transactions.


governance token controls the Q DAO stablecoin ecosystem. This token allows holders to participate in the governance process, build consensus, and help in keeping the price of the stablecoins from falling into extreme volatility. 

  The Scenario

Referral systems are vital to keeping users of any platform motivated to get more users into the ecosystem. This could be a handy instrument in any marketing strategy. However, traditional referral systems suffer from limitations and can reward users only up to 2-3 levels. In such a scenario, the opportunities for earning rewards are limited. It can demotivate community members, and further growth of the affiliate network may not occur.   

 The Business Requirement

It was necessary to rethink the entire strategy and come up with a truly out-of-the-box solution to overcome the limitations of traditional referral systems. The new affiliate system was to provide limitless potential and seemingly infinite possibilities for any user to earn rewards by referring new users to the platform. Moreover, users should be able to pass on this opportunity to others as well so that the cycle of earning profits continues.


The Solution

The expert team at Platinum Q DAO Engineering developed a unique platform called Q MATRIX which is a separate, dedicated affiliate network service that uses cutting-edge technology to build an infinite referral matrix. It offers a new way for users to earn QDAO tokens inside the OTC  by using their frozen tokens. This can be done by inviting 6 people inside the matrix to earn rewards.


The Features

1.      Seamless authorizations – Users can easily and securely access data from OTC without visible authorizations.

2.  Multi-level matrix – There are 3 types of the matrix: Start, Premium, Luxe. All of them have different prices and a higher one can be accessed only by purchasing the previous level.

3.  No lock-ins – The best part about Matrix income is that it is not frozen and ready to withdraw as soon as it’s paid.

4.  Comprehensive information and activity dashboard - It’s possible to visually see all matrices with invited people on a dedicated page. Users can generate a referral link and invite people or send invitation link via email right from this page.


5.  Auto reinvestment feature - After a user closes a matrix of a certain type, an auto reinvestment takes place. This means that users can infinitely invite referrals and receive profits.


Project Development

The project was developed within a short time frame of two months.

The project was completed by a team consisting of: 

  • Project Manager - 1

  •  CTOs- 2

  • Back-End Developer - 1 

  • Designer - 1 

  • Front-End Developer - 1 






QDAO Dashboard. Universal tokensale platform. Image

QDAO Dashboard. Universal tokensale platform.

The Client

The Q DAO digital assets ecosystem is an alternative financial ecosystem consisting of different stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USD, JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, etc. These stablecoins offer traders with the best of both worlds – a stable currency to trade in and a virtual asset that benefits from lower entry barriers and faster, more secure transactions.

The Q DAO stablecoin ecosystem is controlled by the QDAO governance token. This token allows holders to participate in the governance process, build consensus, and help in keeping the price of the stablecoins from falling into extreme volatility.  

 The Scenario

The Q DAO ecosystem of stablecoins was created as a result of the need for stablecoins – digital assets whose values have been pegged to traditional assets like fiat currencies or commodities. They can help crypto enthusiasts get the multiple benefits of digital assets and the assurance of price stability. The crowdfunding platform attracted a large number of interested individuals who wished to participate in the token sale and buy the QDAO governance tokens.

Due to a multi-stage sale of the QDAO tokens, there was a need for streamlining the process and a comprehensive single touchpoint for token sale participants. Moreover, it should provide all relevant information and activate the lock-ups of the tokens and other features. 



The Business Requirement

The Q DAO ecosystem conducts its token sale in a multi-stage manner with different lockup periods to ease the entire process and allow maximum participation of interested individuals. There was an urgent need for a comprehensive dashboard. It should unify and integrate features that would make it easy for the token sale participants to view all information about the token sale and their assets through a single interface. The interface needed to be feature-rich and powerful, yet simple to use and intuitive.  

 The Solution

The Platinum QDAO Engineering team developed a comprehensive dashboard that contains multiple powerful sections and provides the opportunity to organize the whole process of not only selling and withdrawing one’s tokens but also motivating users to perform some tasks and activities inside and outside of the Dashboard.


The  Features

1. High level of security – Secure account with two-factor authentication as well as authentication via social networks to keep all users’ actions and records of transactions safe and secure.

2. 3-level referral system – A powerful 3-level referral system with a number of helpful features such as tracking of invitees and referral links along with tracking the source users come from, as well as detailed statistics of their actions and purchases.

3. Rank system – 6-level evolving levels for each user. Each level contains specific tasks to complete, after which exciting bonuses and features get unlocked once the user successfully completes all tasks of a level. (E.g., filling in some info in a profile, buying some amount of QDAO, inviting some friends onto the platform, etc.)

4. Ability to buy QDAO –  The Dashboard allows users to buy QDAO through dozens of cryptocurrencies during dedicated token sale rounds. Outside of the token sale periods, users can deposit the QDAO they had bought earlier via exchanges.

5. Promo-code system – This system generates promo-codes regularly to deliver exciting deals and discounts to Q DAO customers.

6. Curator feature – This feature allows users to ask questions and queries that will be immediately answered, and users can be guided through any questions or difficulties.

7. External withdraw module – The tools.qdao module allows users to send and lock tokens for any period and unlock them for shared payments according to a predefined schedule. Tokens can be locked and can also be claimed by a user via the tool’s interface and can be received to a Metamask ERC20 wallet.

8. Internal lock-up system  - This feature allows users to keep track of bought or obtained QDAO tokens. It enables the withdrawal of only those tokens, which are unlocked according to the unlock schedule directly to a given wallet.


Development of the Project

The dashboard was designed from scratch by the in-house team of Platinum Q DAO Engineering without any external assistance.

The system has already proven itself as a solid and reliable platform capable of working under significant load and being able to host tens of thousands of users and transactions efficiently.

The project was developed within six months. Because this is an evolving product, regular updates continue to happen, and development is regular for the improvement of the product.


The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team is continually working to improve the Dashboard by following customers’ reviews, feedback, and suggestions. The team is to keep up with the very best standards in both technology stack as well as user experience.


The project was completed by a team consisting of: 


  • Project Managers - 2

  • CTOs - 2

  • Back-End Developers  - 4

  • Blockchain Developer  - 2

  • Designers - 2      

  • Front-End Developers - 3

  • Q&A Engineers - 3

NOAH Blockchain Wallet Multifunctional blockchain wallet for the NOAH Project Image

NOAH Blockchain Wallet Multifunctional blockchain wallet for the NOAH Project

The Client 

The Noah Project seeks to create a blockchain-enabled, digital assets-powered ecosystem. All financial transactions within this ecosystem will be carried out by the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among other things, the project seeks to create a secure wallet to hold digital assets, a payment system, a transaction explorer and a blockchain-powered city-state, called Noah


The Scenario

The primary problem involving digital assets is its storage. A cryptocurrency wallet is designed to store funds. However, many security issues plague today’s wallets. While “cold” wallets are the most secure and highly preferred, they lack the agility of transferring funds quickly. “Hot” wallets, on the other hand, are always online and carry the risk of being hacked. This presents an opportunity for our client to build a user-friendly and secure crypto wallet. NOAH is a digital asset on the new blockchain developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

The Business Requirement

The client put forward the requirement of creating a secure, technologically advanced, feature-rich digital assets wallet that will solve the problems faced by current wallets, like: 

  • The threat of attacks and hacks;

  • Rigid architecture that sometimes makes the easy exchange of funds difficult.


The Solution

The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team built an advanced, secure, multi-functional blockchain wallet that uses a sophisticated architecture integrating the best features of cold and hot wallets. The Platinum team of engineers designed this entire wallet from scratch - from conceptualization to deployment in less than two months.

We integrated additional features to make an exchange of funds between different wallets and to a digital assets trading platform effortless and seamless. The platform is built with high-security standards for maintaining these funds secure and prevent any security breach . 


  • Secure Fund Custody: Our system uses a complex structure of hot and cold storage to allow secure holding of funds.

  • “Safe exchange” Protocol: A cutting-edge feature that allows the safe exchange of digital assets from users’ wallets to crypto exchange.

  • Lockups system: This system will provide a buffer against the fluctuating prices, for individual users.

  • Ability to apply for citizenship of Noah City: This feature allows any individual to send their application to become a citizen of Noah City, right from the wallet itself. If the application is successful, the new citizen gets a digital passport to Noah City that affirms his or her citizenship on the blockchain.

  • Voting System: This is a key feature that helps citizens of Noah City to vote and create consensus on important aspects.

  • Support Centers: The different centers like the citizenship center, the income center or the information and announcement center are meant for providing different services necessary for the citizens, like video tutorials, information about the developmental roadmap, news, and events. 

Development of the Project

The project was developed within a period of less than two months. This incredible feat was achieved by a team consisting of: 


  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 CTO

  • 4 Back-End Developers 

  • 1 Blockchain Developer 

  • 2 Designers

  • 2 Front-End Developers 

  • 2 Q&A Engineers

Roseon wallet. Multicurrency Blockchain Wallet App. Image

Roseon wallet. Multicurrency Blockchain Wallet App.

The Client

Roseon is a blockchain-powered ecosystem that provides a foundational infrastructure for social and enterprise needs. They seek to create a handy platform where digital assets and digital identities build the basis for asset transactions. Moreover, their goal is to establish a new blockchain ecosystem that will transform human society with the help of a valued intermediary.   

The Scenario

While cryptocurrency wallets are revolutionary in the fact that they offer an agile method of storing and managing digital assets, there are still issues that make their use problematic. Apart from the inherent security issues that make wallets, especially “cold wallets, vulnerable to breaches and hacks, there are problems with aspects like true mobility, ease of asset conversion and transactions.

 This was an opportunity for Platinum Q DAO Engineering to develop a highly secure digital assets wallet that was truly agile and flexible to cater to the growing needs of a cryptocurrency trader.


The Business Requirement

Platinum Q DAO Engineering was tasked with developing a one-stop solution for hassle-free purchase, sale, and management of digital assets. The wallet should support all popular digital assets and the system should be designed foreseeing the emergence of new currencies and their integration with the wallet. 

 Customers should be able to take the wallet wherever they go with them and manage their cryptocurrencies at the tip of a finger. As these wallets store some of the most valuable digital assets, the major underlying condition was to develop the multicurrency blockchain wallet in such a way that it closes all doors on hackers and malware threats. 

 The Solution

Platinum Q DAO Engineering developed a multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet that integrated some of the best industry-leading security features, along with the ease of asset conversion and transfer of assets from and to different platforms.

 For offering true mobility, the wallet was designed in such a way that it is accessible through multiple channels and platforms.

 The Roseon wallet also got a robust admin panel to get a bird’s eye view of the whole system for support, maintenance, and detailed settings.


  • Highest security – State-of-the-art architecture-level security measures incorporated within the wallet offer bank-level security to funds.

  • Multi-sig cold storage system - A multi-signature cold storage system is integrated with the application to safeguard funds and private keys.

  • Multi-channel access – Highly mobile wallet that can be accessed on any device – desktop, mobile, tablet. Apps for iOS and Android.

  • Integrated with all major currencies - Roseon wallet currently supports BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC. In the future, the wallet will support many more digital assets. 

  • Hassle-free withdrawal and conversion to fiat currencies - For easy withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and conversion to fiat currencies, withdrawals using debit cards, PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay are made feasible.

  • Performance tracking system - For strategic analysis and decision making, the Roseon wallet enables users to track the performance of their coins and portfolio against all major fiat currencies.

  • Efficient admin panel – A comprehensive platform enables users to gain insights into the everyday market conditions. Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly graphs will help users to take informed trading decisions.

Team and Duration

Our team of eight professionally skilled developers, engineers, designers, and managers from Platinum Q DAO Engineering worked on the Roseon project relentlessly to develop a user-friendly, glitch-free, fool-proof multicurrency blockchain wallet application. 

Product Manager - 1

Back-end Developers - 2

Blockchain Developer - 1

Front-end Developers - 2

Designer - 1

Q&A Engineer - 1


Duration: 2 months