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NBC IT Outsourcing is a Technological Partner that delivers software projects and helps companies scale their software development teams.

We use our expertise to understand the client's needs and business to deliver support in their projects. The team has over 10 years of experience in banking, media, e-commerce and new technologies. 

NBC enjoys successful and long standing cooperation with ING, Idea Bank, Santander, Capgemini, Accenture, Assecco, Onet, Interia and many more.  


NBC's proficiencies Include: 

  • Strong Domain Expertise - NBC has over 400 senior developers specializing in Front-End, Big Data, Machine Learning, Embedded Software Solutions, & Testing. They are skilled in Java, PHP, .NET, Python, React, and other programming languages.
  • Rich Industry Experience - NBC can support projects in Finance, Banking, Media, eCommerce, Embedded Systems, AI & Machine Learning, and modern technology
  • Various Software Delivery Models - NBC adjusts delivery models to business requirements to address adequate problems. They can provide entire teams to work on product backlogs, or extend internal teams with dedicated engineers. 
  • Quick Action - NBC works in Agile, not only for software development, but in building company culture too. Teams are not afraid of taking on new challenges and accepting non-standard solutions. 

NBC also provides software and project delivery consulting. Contact us if you are stuck and in need of guidance.  


$25 - $49 / hr
250 - 999
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Wrocław, Poland


Key clients: 
ING, Idea Bank, Santander, Capgemini, Accenture, Assecco, Onet, Interia and many more.
How Embedded Systems Support Environment Protection Image

How Embedded Systems Support Environment Protection

Modern embedded software development allows data collection from multiple machines for business and technical analysis. Common problems related to embedded systems are legacy code replacement or the architecture not compatible with functional requirements. 

The client is a producer of vehicles headquartered in Western Europe. The machines have an embedded system that controls mechanical devices to automate complex

processes. New hardware is in production, so the new software solution is needed to assure the performance. Current software is in technological debt. 

NBC as a Technology Partner  advised to replace the legacy code with a modern software framework for new hardware. Team created machine prototypes and usability tests to prove that the software is compatible with the requirements before it can be implemented on the final hardware. Lab was created in the office to assure proper testing conditions that imitates the machines’ working environment. This has brought credible performance results. 

The project began in late 2019 and is on-going (despite unexpected events due to Covid-19 expansion). Current NBC team consists of a Project Manager, Tech Lead, and Senior Software Developers with plans to incorporate  Quality Engineers. Team members prototype ideas and test solutions with a software lab. The project was made in Waterfall methodology, however, tasks on the software development level were executed using Scrum approach. Dividing  these two models allowed us to adjust business requirements and identify issues earlier. 

NBC proudly supports this challenging technological project that will make a difference to the environment.  

Contact us to discuss embedded software solutions. 


Operation Resources Management System for an EU Agency Image

Operation Resources Management System for an EU Agency

NBC created an updated version of a system that plans and manages operational resources among all member states for a major EU security agency. 

The team consisted of 5 experienced .NET developers working in the Managed Capacity model, who are one of two distributed scrum teams in the project. Additionally, 2 NBC .NET developers were part of the Client’s team using Staff Augmentation. Due to security regulations, the

team had to be screened and granted certificates.

The application allows the storage of information on available resources from member countries. It plans and controls the use of resources in operations, as well as summarizes the actual use after the operation. It is used by all EU member states. NBC influenced the data management process to make it user-friendly. 


End-to-End Solutions: Implementation of a GDPR-compliant Solution to a Big Data Bank Ecosystem Image

End-to-End Solutions: Implementation of a GDPR-compliant Solution to a Big Data Bank Ecosystem

NBC was responsible for delivering a project related to GDPR and Big Data for a large European Consumer Bank. 

The goal was to create an application that would securely handle fragile client data that were stored using data structures of different formats (HBASE, HIVE, HDFS, text files). The application needed a Reporting Dashboard module to allow the end-user to control the entire

process comfortably.

The NBC team was responsible for delivering an end-to-end solution: starting from initial analysis and design, through POC and MVP phase, to full project implementation in Agile methodology. 

The client now uses the GDPR-compliant solution to handle considerable amounts of data in a secure and well-organized tool.