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Product Marketing

The Success of your Product requires intimate understanding of market trends, having open and effective communication with product management, including engineering and the growth team. Aligning with an expert Product marketing team, who understands all of these factors is essential for successful product growth.

User Acquisition

Product Growth relies on consistent marketing efforts including organic and paid channels such as SEO, ASO, Adwords,UAC, iTunes Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Ad network Advertising & Affiliate marketing. We are a global network of digital professionals with many years of experience. We are your growth partners. 

App Growth Marketing

Our App Growth Marketing services include:

Paid User Acquisition Strategy

Channel selection and vendor sourcing of ad networks

Organic and ASO strategy: KW selection, icon testing, etc

Facebook User Acquisition



App growth is only possible with in depth analytics & data modeling. App Store Analytics, Attribution Analytics, Product Analytics & sophisticated modeling is the day to day job of our analytics team. We are experts in retention analysis and forecasting. 
Don’t just take our word for it. Make us prove it!

Our Approach

Our Approach? 2 words: Analytical and Direct. The scientific methodology, so to speak. No emotional fluff. Today, data-driven App development is the key to success. We recommend top analytics and tools to our clients and leverage that with the vast experience of our consultants to suggest the best practices and channels. Batch by Batch, user acquisition and incremental small gains, in conjunction with hypothesis development and accurate market planning will put you ahead of the competition.

$150 - $199 / hr
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