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Clutch Reveals Top Creative, Design, and Development Companies in Los Angeles 2018

March 27, 2018

by Katie Chambers

Senior Business Analyst at Clutch.co

WASHINGTON, DC, March 27, 2018 – Clutch announced the top creative, design, and development companies in Los Angeles in 2018. The research features 142 companies that have proven their ability to deliver high-quality services that their clients praise.


The leading creative and design agencies in Los Angeles are as follows:


Web Designers: Bop Design, Endertech, Isadora Agency, KWALL, Ripe Media, SPINX Digital, Weberous Web Design, WebWorks Agency, Fishermen Labs, SEO Brand, Urban Insight, TRIXMEDIA Inc., Kobe Digital, Built by Blank, The Bureau Of Small Projects Top Creative & Design Agencies Los Angeles Badge 2018


Logo Designers: Six Degrees LA, Marc Posch Design Group, TRIXMEDIA Inc, Herman-Scheer, ANDESIGN, Design Spinners, VOKENT Creative Digital Agency, Sur-Ryl Marketing


Graphic Designers: Art+Logic, ATAK Interactive, The Miller Group, Evo Strategies, ANDESIGN, Huntington Pacific Media


UI/UX Designers: Awesomed, Swenson He, CitrusBits, Creative27, Dogtown Media, ISBX, MEDL Mobile, Ripe Media, Specto Design, Wve Labs, Distillery, Naked Apps, Sidebench, blend, STRV


Digital Agencies: SEO Brand, Bop Design, AMP Agency, SEOP, Springbox, Ripe Media, Kobe Digital, LAD Solutions, CCG / Marketing Agency, Ranksharks, Coalition Technologies, LikeSocialBiz, WEBITMD, Wpromote, Weberous Web Design


Creative Agencies: The Miller Group, Sensis, The Bureau Of Small Projects, Mistress, Design Spinners, Branding Los Angeles, Huntington Pacific Media, Evo Strategies, Intensify, FastRock


Video Production Agencies: VeracityColab, Sparkhouse, Rip Media Group, JMaverick Studios, Spot On Media, Inc., Luminoustudios Inc., JLB Media Productions, Fluid, Column Five, blend, R6S, The Miller Group, Made By Wing, Just Digital Inc.

Top Developers Los Angeles Badge 2018

Digital Design Agencies: Bop Design, WebWorks Agency, Ripe Media, Swenson He, Awesomed, Weberous Web Design, SPINX Digital, Fishermen Labs, Art+Logic, Creative27, SEO Brand, CitrusBits, Specto Design, AMP Agency, TRIXMEDIA Inc.


The leading developers in Los Angeles are as follows:


Mobile App Developers: Sidebench, CitrusBits, Swenson He, Dogtown Media, ISBX, Digital Brand Group, STRV, Naked Apps, Sileria, Wve Labs, Distillery, Cleveroad, MEDL Mobile, Neon Roots, Fishermen Labs


iPhone App Developers: Sidebench, CitrusBits, Dogtown Media, Cleveroad, Swenson He, Digital Brand Group, Wve Labs, Distillery, STRV, Naked Apps, ISBX, Fishermen Labs, MEDL Mobile, Neon Roots, Sileria


Android App Developers: Cleveroad, Sidebench, STRV, Sileria, Citrusbits, Dogtown Media, ISBX, Wve Labs, Swenson He, Digital Brand Group, Fishermen Labs, Naked Apps, MEDL Mobile, Distillery, Hvantage Technologies Inc.


Software Developers: Sidebench, Art+Logic, Endertech, Wildebeest, SADA Systems, Neon Roots, Mutations Limited, 8th Light, SPINX Digital, Nextware Technologies, Hvantage Technologies, Creative 27, Intelligent Clout, Manhattan Mobile, Tepia Co


Web Developers: Urban Insight, STRV, Isadora Agency, Sunlight Media LLC, KWALL, ClearSummit, Act Bold Media Group, Distillery, Cleveroad, ISBX, Digital Brand Group, Bop Design, Milo Digital, 8th Light, Built by Blank


E-Commerce Developers: Olibro Design, SPINX Digital, SILK Software, Studio Umbrella Inc., Los Angeles Web Design, Realm Web Design LLC, Sunlight Media LLC, Excela Creative, Clap Creative, Namango Web Development, WebWorks Agency, Think Tank Designs, R&V Studios, Made By Wing


Magento Developers: SILK Software, Sunlight Media LLC, Endertech, Los Angeles Web Design, Clap Creative, WebWorks Agency, Think Tank Designs, Namango Web Development


Shopify Developers: Realm Web Design LLC, Olibro Design, Studio Umbrella Inc., Endertch, WebWorks Agency, Clap Creative, Sunlight Media LLC, Namanago Web Development


PHP Developers: Urban Insight, Bop Design, Milo Digital, Sunlight Media LLC, Olibro Design, Isadora Agency, Dreambox Creations, Digital Brand Group, Weberous Web Design, SPINX Digital, AMP Agency, TRIXMEDIA Inc, AMAGADIZATION, Studio Umbrella Inc.


Ruby on Rails Developers: Neon Roots, 8th Light, Art+Logic, Wildebeest, Mutations Limited, Nextware Technologies, Digital Brand Group, Naked Apps, Built by Blank, blend, Clap Creative WebWorks Agency


.NET Developers: Distillery, SPINX Digital, Art+Logic, Naked Apps, 8th Light, SADA Systems, Nextware Technologies, Act Bold Media Group, Margasoft Corp., General Networks, Hvantage Technologies Inc, TRIXMEDIA Inc, Oshyn, blend, Namango Web Development


WordPress Developers: Urban Insight, Isadora Agency, Bop Design, Sunlight Media LLC, Wildebeest, The Bureau Of Small Projects, Olibro Design, Wve Labs, Zbra Studios, ATAK Interactive, Inc, Intelligent Clout, Vrrb Interactive, Clap Creative, Act Bold Media Group, Studio Umbrella Inc.


Drupal Developers: Urban Insight, KWALL, Isadora Agency, Sunlight Media LLC, SPINX Digital, Naked Apps, Nextware Technologies, ATAK Interactive, Vrrb Interactive, Oshyn, blend, Creative27, Namango Web Development, WebWorks Agency, Hvantage Technologies Inc.


Virtual Reality Developers: Fishermen Labs, Dogtown Media, Sileria, Neon Roots, To The Moon


“Finding the right partner from day one for any creative, design, or development project is essential,” said Katie Chambers, business analyst at Clutch. “The companies listed have proven their expertise and dedication – not only through their rank on our site but also through glowing feedback from their clients.”


It’s free and simple to get listed on Clutch. However, only the leading companies in each industry are recognized as leaders. New companies and reviews are added to Clutch daily.


For a chance to be featured as a one of Clutch’s 2019 Los Angeles Leaders, apply now. Getting listed is a simple, two-step process that takes less than 20-minutes.


These results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on March 19, 2018. These rankings may change daily and may not be what is currently reflected on Clutch’s website.


See full research below.


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