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Clutch Names Top Developers in UK & Canada

February 1, 2018

by Misty Lopez

Business Analyst

New research identifies 153 leading development companies with locations in the UK and Canada, respectively.

WASHINGTON, DC, February 01, 2018 – Clutch published a report recognizing top-performing developers in the UK and Canada. All development firms underwent in-depth evaluations focused on client reviews, market presence, and ability to provide high-quality services.

The leading development firms by category and location are listed below.

UK Developers:Top Developers UK 2018 Badge

Mobile App Developers: hedgehog lab, Fueled, Magora, Apadmi, Mubaloo, Ready4S, 3 SIDED CUBE, Intellectsoft, Corporation Pop, Brightec, Rantmedia, MyOxygen, Waracle, Cleveroad, nomtek

iPhone App Developers: Fueled, Intellectsoft, hedgehog lab, Cleveroad, Magora, Apadmi, Ready4S, nomtek, Rantmedia, Tubik Studio, Mubaloo, Brightec, Apptunix, Glance Creative Ltd., The Distance App Developers

Android App Developers: Intellectsoft, hedgehog lab, Cleveroad, Magora, Apadmi, Ready4S, Fueled, Rantmedia, Brightec, The Distance App Developers, nomtek, Itransition, MyOxygen, Glance Creative Ltd., Corporation Pop

Software Developers: DCSL Software, Intellectsoft, BJSS, BrightStarr, Digiryte, Ballard Chalmers Ltd, Bright Interactive, Isotoma, Cleveroad, Magora, Itransition, Atlas - Clever Software, Inviqa, Human Made, Instil Software

Web Developers: DCSL Software, hedgehog lab, Human Made, Moove Agency, Pragmatic, Ready4S, Netsells Group, Xibis, Valtech, Itransition, Wholegrain Digital, thoughtbot, Isotoma, Atlas-Clever Software

Ecommerce Developers: Itransition, iWeb, Made Tech, CTI Digital, Vaimo, Priocept, ustwo studio, Designer Websites Ltd., Active Webdezign ltd., Xibis, Clickingmad Ltd., Pinro, SystemSeed, twentysix, Waracle

Magento Developers: Vaimo, iWeb, Itransition, CTI Digital, Active Webdezign ltd., Clickingmad Ltd., Priocept, Liquify Design

Ruby on Rails Developers: thoughtbot, Digiryte, Cleveroad, 8th Light, Eastern Peak, Made Tech, Intellectsoft, Tubik Studio,YouTeam, Liquify Design, Empire Elements Ltd., Design Proficient, Softwire

.NET Developers: DCSL Software, Itransition, Atlas - Clever Software, Audacia, Ballard Chalmers Ltd, BJSS, Cleveroad, BrightStarr, VTS Software, Designer Websites Ltd., Intellectsoft, Bright Interactive, 8th Light, Net Solutions, YouTeam

WordPress Developers: Pragmatic, Human Made, Moove Agency, Wholegrain Digital, Active Webdezign ltd., CTI Digital, Agency,Mai?, URTeam Ltd, Elixel

Drupal Developers: Mubaloo, Cyber-Duck, Microserve, CTI Digital, SystemSeed, Net Solutions, Activate Media, Inviqa, Brown Owl Creative

Virtual & Augmented Reality Developers: hedgehog lab, Corporation Pop, ribot Ltd., Vakoms, Eden Agency, INGIC

IoT Developers: Apadmi, Magora, Ready4S, Waracle, Somo, Vakoms

Canadian Developers:Top Developers Canada 2018

Mobile App Developers: 14 Oranges Software, FreshWorks Studio, Clearbridge Mobile, MindSea, Macadamian, A.Y. Technologies, Norbsoft, Two Tall Totems, Osellus Mobile, Vog App Developers, AppStudio, Pieoneers, Guarana Technologies, Plank, Consultica

iPhone App Developers: 14 Oranges Software, FreshWorks Studio, Master of Code Global, Clearbridge Mobile, Two Tall Totems, MindSea, Guarana Technologies, Norbsoft, AppStudio, Plastic Mobile, Steamclock Software, Underlabs Inc., Lets Nurture, Evenset Inc., Consultica

Android App Developers: FreshWorks Studio, Clearbridge Mobile, 14 Oranges Software, Norbsoft, AppStudio, MindSea, Macadamian, Evenset Inc., Consultica, TWG, Pieoneers, Master of Code Global, Guarana Technologies, Samsao, Two Tall Totems

Software Developers: ImageX, Spiria, Vooban, Iversoft, TWG, Macadamian, Open Concept Consulting Inc., Webtye Solutions, ITW Consulting, Valtech, GURUS Solutions, Quantum Mob, Leadweb, Cortex, Evenset Inc.

Web Developers: ImageX, Digital Echidna, Cheeky Monkey Media Inc., Myplanet, Therefore, Symetris, OPTASY, Backbone Technology, Kinex Media, Valtech, Lift Interactive Inc., OpenConcept Consulting Inc., Plank, Techguilds Consulting Inc., TWG

Ecommerce Developers: Demac Media, Pointer, SAU/CAL, Diff Agency,Cortex, Falcon-Software,Vikont, VerticalWave Solutions, Kinex Media, Pixel Army, OPTASY, BOLT Media Inc, ICONA INC, Idea Theorem, New Local Media

Magento Developers: Demac Media, Cortex, Kinex Media, ICONA INC, Idea Theorem, New Local Media, OPTASY, NexToronto

Shopify Developers: Pointer, Diff Agency, VerticalWave Solutions, Kinex Media, OPTASY, Cortex, ICONA INC, Idea Theorem

Ruby on Rails Developers: TWG, Master of Code Global, Brewhouse Software, Pieoneers, Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc., Pixelcarve Inc., Bedouin, VerticalWave Solutions, Digi117

.NET Developers: Vooban, Synergo Group, Net Solutions, DINO - Tech Solutions, 247 Labs Inc., Macadamian, Lets Nurture, Digi117, OKD Marketing, Cloudsoft Mobile Inc., Facilite Informatique Canada

WordPress Developers: Kinex Media, Top Draw, Forge and Smith, Eggs Media, Twirling Umbrellas, The Story Web Design & Marketing, Vordik Digital, Noble Pixels, iTec Web Solutions, MB Creative

Drupal Developers: ImageX, Digital Echidna, Cheeky Monkey Media, Myplanet, Therefore, Symetris, OPTASY, Coldfront Labs, Net Solutions

Virtual & Augmented Reality Developers: Cortex, Hyperflow Labs, Leadweb, Vog App Developers, Two Tall Totems

IoT Developers: Arts & Science Digital Experience Design Inc., Spiria, Master of Code Global, Leadweb, Input Logic, Hyperflow Labs

“Working with a development team able to understand and execute your ideas is beyond crucial, but not enough to drive success,” said Misty Lopez, Business Analyst at Clutch. “Developers who can take those ideas, improve them, and deliver remarkable results have been highlighted today. These are the companies prepared and willing to surpass expectations for their clients.”

It’s free to get listed on Clutch, but only the most highly recommended companies in each industry are recognized as leaders. Clutch’s research is ongoing. For a chance to be named to Clutch’s 2019 UK and Canada Leaders List, apply now. It’s a free, two-step process that takes less than 20 minutes.

Upcoming leaders reports will highlight digital marketing and design agencies.

Learn more about opportunities for reputation management and lead generation through Clutch's Media Kit.

The full UK research can be found at:














The full Canadian research can be found at:















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