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More Than Half of the Most Highly Recommended Companies in the World Offer Marketing Services

December 4, 2017

by Sarah Anyan

Director of Product

Global Leaders offering marketing services are mostly based in California (49%), Illinois (18%), or New York (17%), according to 1st Annual Clutch Global Leaders List.

Clutch Global Leaders by Industry

WASHINGTON, DC, December 5, 2017 – Traditional and digital marketing are popular offerings for Clutch Global Leaders – a list of 475+ most highly recommended companies in the world. More than 50% of the companies on the list offer digital marketing, traditional marketing, or a combination of both. Web and software development (22%), IT services (12%), design (11%), and app development (5%) follow to round out the industries represented in new research on leading B2B companies.

The list aims to make it easy for employees, entrepreneurs, and business executives to find a service provider that best meets their needs: project goals, budget, and location.

For example, nearly a quarter (24%) of businesses from around the world say their main challenge with social media is developing a formal strategy. These businesses can use Clutch’s Global Leaders List to find a social media marketing agency that specializes in strategy creation and execution.

Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder and CEO of Chipperfield Media, a California-based social media marketing agency and 2017 Global Leader, shares how her team helped a client set up Facebook ads to reach a specific audience.

“We had a client approach us in need of up-leveling their social media to reach a broader audience and convert sales. Chipperfield Media developed three Facebook ad campaigns per month based on their unique brand positioning pillars. … This strategy resulted in an increased reach of 360k potential new customers with over 1 million impressions to residences in the Bay Area. Website traffic tripled and sale conversions were up by a third,” said Chipperfield. “Finding the right social media marketing agency can directly impact your bottom line.”

Rahul Alim, CEO of Custom Creatives, a California-based digital marketing agency and 2017 Global Leader, explains how partnering with the right digital marketing agency can increase a business’s revenue.

“Often times, companies employ traditional marketing tactics like billboards, radio or print media ads, or they hire the wrong digital marketing agency and don't get the targeted visibility they need to scale, which stunts growth and depletes their budgets,” said Alim. “[Custom Creatives] help businesses solve two of the biggest problems they face today: getting seen by their ideal customers and increasing sales.”

The majority of companies named Global Leaders are from the United States (76%), with most based in California (24%), New York (13%), and Illinois (12%). The 24% of companies based outside the US are mostly from Canada, the UK, and Ukraine.

Location often plays a big role in the decision to hire one service provider over another. The Global Leaders List makes it easy for businesses to find a local service provider or to outsource their project to a trusted company outside the U.S.

Research, ratings, and reviews platform Clutch compiled company data, including feedback from clients, market presence, services offered, and client base. Then, each company was compared and ranked against its peers in a specific market.

Review the complete report and source the data here: https://clutch.co/resources/clutch-global-leaders-2017.

For questions about the data, a comment on the findings, or an introduction to the companies, contact Sarah Patrick at sarah@clutch.co.

About Clutch

A B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects small and medium businesses with the best-fit agencies, software, or consultants they need to tackle business challenges together and with confidence. Clutch’s methodology compares business service providers and software in a specific market based on verified client reviews, services offered, work quality, and market presence.


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