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Funny Advertisements Are Consumers' Favorite

February 14, 2018

by Kristen Herhold

Senior Content Developer & Marketer, Clutch

Consumers are more likely to enjoy and recall advertisements that involve humor, a new survey finds.

Consumers Like Advertisements If They're:WASHINGTON, DC, February 14, 2018—Consumers want to laugh when they see or hear an advertisement, according to a new survey from Clutch, a leading B2B research and reviews firm. Over half (53%) of consumers say they are most likely to remember and enjoy an advertisement if it’s funny.

Humorous advertisements offer consumers a break from everyday life.

“Humor is just something people like to feel,” said Michael Ancevic, managing partner and chief creative officer of The Fantastical, an advertising agency that represents Samuel Adams, Panera Bread, and TripAdvisor. “It’s a bit of a break from other news in the world or the seriousness of life in general.”

Humorous advertisements also tend to be among the most highly rated. All six companies that received an “A” grade for their Super Bowl advertisements in Northwestern University’s annual Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review had humorous commercials: Amazon, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Avocados from Mexico, Tide, and Wendy’s.

Advertisements Need to Convey Trust and Educate Consumers

More than half (51%) of consumers also say they remember and enjoy an advertisement if it is from a brand they know and trust.

But an advertisement needs to deliver valuable information or consumers will lose interest. Consumers dislike advertisements that don’t educate them about the product or brand (51%) and/or if they cannot relate to the advertisement (48%).

Food & Drink Advertisements Most Popular Among Consumers

Advertisements that feature food and drink are also popular among consumers. Eighty percent (80%) of consumers named this category among their top three favorite categories of advertisements.

“Everyone needs to eat, so the connection is almost a given,” said Rob Albertson, managing director of Bandwidth Marketing, an agency with clients such as Allstate, Gore-Tex, and GrubHub. “Plus, the visual aspects in a food advertisement versus almost any other medium targets your taste buds – (like) a gorgeous pizza with cheese dripping.”

When it comes to other favorite categories, there is a divide between men and women. Men prefer technology and sports advertisements (49% each), while women prefer fashion/beauty (69%) and travel/leisure advertisements (54%).

TV is Favored Advertising Medium

The majority of consumers (58%) prefer TV advertisements over any other medium. Of the nearly 25% who prefer online and social media advertising, 36% identify Facebook as the platform they prefer for social media advertisements.

Clutch’s 2018 Advertising Survey included 1,030 U.S. consumers who have seen or heard an advertisement in the past week.

Read the full report here: https://clutch.co/agencies/resources/what-consumers-want-in-advertising

For questions about the survey, a comment on the findings, or an introduction to the industry experts included in the report, reach out to Kristen Herhold at kristen@clutch.co.

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