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Cloud Security Both A Benefit and Cause for Concern for Many Enterprises

March 3, 2016

by Sarah Anyan

Product Manager

Even enterprises that applaud the benefits of cloud computing employ additional security systems for reinforcement, new survey finds.

Primary benefit of cloud computing - Enterprise Cloud Computing'16 - SecurityWASHINGTON, DC, March 3, 2016  Medium and large enterprises in the US have mixed feelings about cloud infrastructure security, according to a new survey conducted by Clutch, a leading B2B research firm. While 22% of enterprises ranked security the number one cloud computing benefit, 31% also identified security as the most prevalent challenge.

When compared to older legacy systems, the majority of enterprises (64%) agree that cloud infrastructure is more secure. They cite cloud infrastructure’s sophisticated monitoring systems, multi-layered security safeguards, and central management as the main reasons they consider it a more secure option.

“Using the Cloud is like putting your money in the bank versus under your mattress,” said David Linthicum, Senior Vice President of Cloud Technology Partners. “Even though your money, or data, is not on-premise, the bank will do a much better job protecting it because it has vaults and security cameras – more than what a single enterprise company can do.”

At the same time, enterprises remain wary of security challenges when using cloud infrastructure and often bring on additional protections to safeguard against security breaches, data loss, or service traffic hijacking.

The survey revealed that 75% of enterprises adopt additional security measures beyond what a cloud computing service provider offers. Data encryption (61%), identity access policies (52%), and regular audits (48%) were identified as the most frequently implemented additional security measures.

Industry leaders agree that reinforcing security in the Cloud is necessary.

“If a company selects a specific cloud platform or vendor, they will need to implement the security measure that the vendor does not provide,” said Jason Reichl, CEO of Go Nimbly. “If no measures exist to tie a company to the cloud platform or hold the apps together, additional security is necessary so that there’s a common identity across all the apps and business processes.

Clutch’s enterprise cloud computing survey included 300 US enterprises with more than 100 employees. The study also measured the budgets enterprises allocate for cloud security and the standards and compliance they consider most important.

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