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Clutch Announces Top-Ranked Creative & Design Agencies and Developers in Chicago in 2018

March 26, 2018

by Sara Philibotte

Senior Analyst at Clutch.co

WASHINGTON, DC, March 26, 2018 – Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews site, has released a report highlighting the top-ranked creative and design agencies and developers in Chicago. Analysts at Clutch chose these 154 companies based on thorough rankings and evaluations of companies’ feedback from clients, service lines, and ability to deliver.Chicago Creative and Design Agencies Badge


The leading creative and design agencies in Chicago are as follows:


Web Designers: Angle180, Duo Consulting, EDUCO, ePageCity, Idea Marketing Group, Inc., Motivo Media, Olive Street Design, Solid Digital, LLC, Straight North, Usman Group, Orbit Media Studios, VisionFriendly.com, Bright Bright Great, ArtVersion, 97 Switch


Logo Designers: a5 Branding & Digital, Paragraphs, LLC, UnitOneNine, Pivot Design, Design Womb, Killian Branding, Concentric Design, Lunar Media, ColorJar, C2 Creative, Torque Digital


Graphic Designers: Paragraphs, LLC, Agency Squid, SoMe Connect, Pivot Design, Walker Sands Digital, Fresh Design Studio


Digital Designers: Fuzzy Math, ePageCity, Intechnic, Paragraphs, LLC, ArtVersion, UnitOneNine, MSTQ, Angle180, Olive Street Design, a5 Branding & Digital, Bright Bright Great, Idea Marketing Group, Inc., Orbit Media Studios, VisionFriendly.com, Dom & Tom


UX/UI Designers: Fuzzy Math, MSTQ, Intechnic, Dom & Tom, ArtVersion, Eight Bit Studios, Magnani Continuum Marketing, Vault Innovation, Greygoo, 3Q Digital, MightybChicago Developers Badgeytes, Ethervision, ORA, Kahoots Creative Group, Red Foundry


Full-Service Digital Agencies: Straight North, SoMe Connect, The Ocean Agency, 97 Switch, Walker Sands Digital, Bright Bright Great, Idea Marketing Group, Inc., Stevens & Tate Marketing, Comrade Web Agency, Olive Street Design, ePageCity, Brafton, Wpromote, Solid Digital, LLC, Ice Nine Online


Creative Agencies: Rule29 Creative, Paragraphs, LLC, Pivot Design, JB Chicago, Killian Branding, 3Q Digital, Bandwidth Marketing Group, a5 Branding & Digital, Verve Marketing Group, Hustlemore, Stevens & Tate Marketing, JJR Marketing, bvk, Sparkfactor


Video Production Companies: Demo Duck, LooseKeys, The Ocean Agency, PUREi, NOTICE, Doejo, a5 Branding & Digital, Sparkfactor, SmarkLabs




The leading developers in Chicago are as follows:


Mobile App Developers: Dom & Tom, Red Foundry, Eight Bit Studios, Table XI, Codal, Simpalm, Ethervision, ORA, LaunchPad Lab, Vault Innovation, SnapMobile, DevMynd, Hashrocket, KeyLimeTie, Sphere Software


iPhone App Developers: Dom & Tom, Eight Bit Studios, Red Foundry, Codal, Table XI, ORA, SnapMobile, Simpalm, Hashrocket, Lakeview Labs, Ethervision, DevMynd, Geeks Chicago, Breakthrough Technologies, Sphere Software


Android App Developers: Dom & Tom, Codal, Eight Bit Studios, Red Foundry, ORA, Simpalm, Sphere Software, Ethervision, SnapMobile, DevMynd, Hashrocket, Geeks Chicago, KeyLimeTie, Chicago Software Solutions, Intersog


Software Developers: Table XI, DevMynd, Eight Bit Studios, Kohactive, Breakthrough Technologies, Intersog, Chicago Software Solutions, SnapMobile, Loadsys Solutions, SYDCON, Inc., Youtech & Associates, Intechnic, Plego Technologies, NEXT/NOW, Sphere Software


Web Developers: Dom & Tom, Hashrocket, Codal, Orbit Media Studios, Breakthrough Technologies, Duo Consulting, Realnets, EDUCO, LaunchPad Lab, cre8, Caxy Interactive, Imaginary Landscape, Geeks Chicago, Loadsys Solutions


E-Commerce Developers: Forte Group, Surprise Highway, SYDCON, Inc., Orbit Media Studios, KitelyTech, Imaginary Landscape, Pivofy, CSW Solutions Inc., ArtVersion, Promet Source, Fresh Design Studio, Wojo Design, Lakeview Labs, Helio Interactive, Devvela


Magento Developers: ArtVersion, Comrade Web Agency, Pivofy, Surprise Highway, Xumulus, Forte Group, KitelyTech, Devvela, Wojo Design, LLT Group, Millennial Web Development.


PHP Developers: Duo Consulting, EDUCO, Surprise Highway, Breakthrough Technologies, Dom & Tom, Palantir.net, Bright Bright Great, cre8, Geeks Chicago, Hello Interactive, SYDCON, Inc., Caxy Interactive, Realnets, Wojo Design, Codal


Ruby on Rails Developers: Table XI, Hashrocket, Dom & Tom, Eight Bit Studios, DevMynd, 8th Light, Doejo, Codal, SYDCON, Inc., Lakeview Labs, Plego Technologies, Realnets, Loadsys Solutions, Sphere Software


.NET Developers: DevMynd, Eight Bit Studios, NEXT/NOW, Chicago Software Solutions, CSW Solutions Inc., 8th Light, Simpalm, Intersog, cre8, Forte Group, KeyLimeTie, KitelyTech, Sphere Software, ORA, Solid Digital, LLC.


Shopify Developers: Pivofy, Surprise Highway, ArtVersion, KitelyTech, LLT Group, Devvela, Fresh Design Studio, Xumulus, CSW Solutions Inc., Greygoo


WordPress Developers: Dom & Tom, Orbit Media Studios, StickOutSocial, Doejo, cre8, Nelson Cash, Bright Bright Great, Mightybytes, Fresh Design Studio, Realnets, Mabbly, Codal, LaunchPad Lab, Comrade Web Agency, Indigo Image


Drupal Developers: Promet Source, Duo Consulting, Breakthrough Technologies, EDUCO, Orbit Media Solutions, Palantir.net, Caxy Interactive, Realnets, Geeks Chicago, Plego Technologies, Ameex Technologies Corp., Kahoots Creative Group, More Gold Tech


“As the online economy grows, having a strong digital presence is important in a bustling city like Chicago,” said Sara Philibotte, business analyst at Clutch. “These leaders stand out from the crowd, with not only their diverse and specialized skills but also their commitment to staying on top of the latest digital trends. This expert knowledge, along with unmatched customer service, earns them a top spot in our rankings, and we are excited to award them the praise they deserve.”


It’s free and simple to get listed on Clutch. However, only the best companies in each industry are chosen as leaders. Clutch adds new companies and reviews to its platform daily, as analysts research and evaluate new segments.


For a chance to be featured as one of Clutch’s 2019 Chicago Leaders, apply now. Getting listed is a simple, two-step process that takes less than 20 minutes.


These results are a snapshot of Clutch’s leaders matrices as of March 19th, 2018. Rankings may change daily and may not be what is currently reflected on Clutch’s website.


The full research can be found at:


Chicago Creative and Design Agencies:












Chicago Developers:
















About Clutch


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