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Best Website Content Management Systems - 2019 Reviews

Last updated Apr 4, 2018

Best CMSs

  • BigCommerce

    Comprehensive, e-commerce website builder, no transaction fees, built-in blog

    • $29.95 - $249.95/mo.
    • 15-day free trial
    Made for:

    Businesses looking to expand to e-commerce and mobile commerce, unlimited merchandise options

    Not for:

    Selling high volumes of low price merchandise, users who don't want to code at all

  • Shopify

    Robust, e-commerce focused; check out in over 50 languages

    • $29 - $229/mo.
    • 14-day free trial
    Made for:

    Managing online stores from a mobile app, social selling and mobile e-commerce

    Not for:

    Customizing websites without coding, low transaction fees or low monthly sales volume

  • Getsocio

    An easy-to-use website builder for creating customizable online stores.

    • $15 - $2000/month
    • 14-day free trial
    Made for:

    Quick online store setup with extensive developer support

    Not for:

    Large sales volumes

  • QuickSilk

    Secure, Standards-Based, SaaS CMS for SMBs, Non-Profits & Digital Agencies

    • From $100/mo
    • 14-day free trial
    Made for:

    SMBs, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, and other SEO-focused users looking to build an online presence, simply and safely, without requiring code

    Not for:

    Editing source code

  • Duda

    Dedicated to mobile responsiveness and feature-driven eCommerce options

    • $0 - $46/mo.
    • Free version
    Made for:

    Customizable setup, transparent eCommerce functionality, and mobile-only websites.

    Not for:

    Online stability and customer support.

  • Quintype

    Data driven publishing platform for digital news and webzines. Get a free demo.

    • $100 - $1000
    Made for:

    Digital media organizations and content creators looking for an easy-to-use interface with robust features.

    Not for:

    Large companies outside of the publishing and digital media industry.

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