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Working from wireframes, Unleashed Technologies developed and implemented a Drupal 8 website to improve user experience and refresh public image. They also handled all automated data migration.

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Users love the attractive, full-featured site. Unleashed Technologies impressed with their accessibility, meticulous attention to detail, and proven Drupal expertise. Although the project was set back by occasional scheduling issues, the team still delivered a polished, adaptable product.

"Unleashed Technologies brought the professionalism of a larger agency."


Introduce your business and what you do there.

The Washington DC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMADC) is the leading network of marketing professionals driving innovation, professional development, and career advancement throughout the region.

I am on the board of directors.


What challenge were you trying to address with Unleashed Technologies?

We were in the process of redesigning our website in order to update our brand. Accompanying the project, was a new look-and-feel and logo. In addition to this, we wanted to have some user experience improvements which were part of the redesign, using Drupal 8.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Unleashed Technologies was responsible for the technical design, not the visual elements. We came to the table with a visual package finalized by another member of our board, including a homepage design and a general look-and-feel wireframe. The navigation elements were pretty much nailed down when we initially engaged them.

Unleashed Technologies handled the coding, development, and implementation of Drupal 8. They also handled the automated migration of our previous site's content. Anything that required manual porting was done by another agency.

How did you come to work with Unleashed Technologies?

A person from our board was acquainted with the head of Unleashed Technologies. They had worked together on projects in another professional setting. She was aware of Unleashed Technologies' Drupal skillsets, and recommended them to our board.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with Unleashed Technologies in October 2015. We're hoping to make some further improvements to our site in 2016 using Unleashed Technologies.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

While there are some outstanding concerns, we are overall happy with the quality of delivery. The internal feedback was very positive. The site looks great and it's high-quality. As a team, we had a bit of a misstep on some migration elements, which was through no fault of Unleashed Technologies. The board needed to write some content, which was not done on time. We had some coordination issues which colored the general opinion over the finalized site. This in no way had a bearing on Unleashed Technologies' management or completion of the project. They did a good job of managing the project in general, but there were times when we didn't have full visibility of where we stood in terms of schedule. I would definitely work with Unleashed Technologies again, though.

How did Unleashed Technologies perform from a project management standpoint?

Even though we weren't a high-paying client, Unleashed Technologies treated us as though we were. They were always accessible to us and we liked their method of communication. Unleashed Technologies setup a Teamspace account for us, which we used every day. We had weekly calls and had access to the Unleashed Technologies’ team on a consistent basis.

What did you find most impressive about Unleashed Technologies?

Unleashed Technologies brought great Drupal expertise to the table, which is somewhat hard to find in the marketplace. They're experts with the technology. For a small-to-medium agency working with smaller clients, Unleashed Technologies brought the professionalism of a larger agency, which impressed me. I've worked for a much larger organization, and didn't see a significant difference in terms of the level of service or communication style. Unleashed Technologies was buttoned-up and professional.

Are there any areas Unleashed Technologies could improve?

Unleashed Technologies could offer more visibility in terms of schedule, and have more of an emphasis on testing. A tighter round of user experience testing, with an opportunity for the client to enter defects, would be an advantage. In all fairness, we pinched Unleashed Technologies for time. Any opportunities for longer tests were consumed by the migration effort. In retrospect, we could have worked together more closely in order to formulate a more workable schedule. These are things which happen in larger projects, even for people with 20 years of experience.

A bit more clarity in terms of who is assigned with what, from Unleashed Technologies, would also be appreciated. It would have also been good to have a greater emphasis on risks, with Unleashed Technologies disciplining us in this regard.

We have identified some defects in the platform, which we're fixing with the help of Unleashed Technologies. We've found them to be cooperative in the process, so this isn't something outside of my expectations.


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