Web Development for Aviation Staffing Agency

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Cheeky Monkey was hired to build a Drupal-based website to allow network capabilities for its users. The project is ongoing.

Feedback summary: 

Though the project is still in development, the client is very pleased with the progress and highly recommends Cheeky Monkey. The site has already received positive feedback, specifically for its user-friendliness.

"Whenever I need something from Cheeky Monkey, their response is amazing."


Please describe your organization.

We’re an aviation recruitment and placement agency that provides website-based networking for users.

What is your position?

I’m the office manager.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Cheeky Monkey Media?

We wanted to launch a website that allowed users to network through the site, something other similar agencies don’t provide. It was our intention to build the website using Drupal as the content management system.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail.

They’re building our website from start to finish. It’s still in development, but we’re quite happy. Whenever I call them on the phone, they take care of anything I need. I would highly recommend Cheeky Monkey to anyone.

How did you come to work with Cheeky Monkey Media?

Initially, I investigated a bunch of British Columbia companies building websites using Drupal. Cheeky Monkey has an excellent reputation in British Columbia. We met with them and decided they were a very good fit for our company. I chose them specifically because of their website design. The graphics and other design elements of their own website made me excited about the possibility of building something similar for my company.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

We have spent between $50,000 and $70,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

We’re still working closely with them. We’re doing our final launch in July [2016].


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

The people we’ve asked to test the website absolutely love it and have expressed that it is really user-friendly.

How did Cheeky Monkey Media perform from a project management standpoint?

They’ve been amazing. I’ve never been so pleased. I worked with another web designer before we started working with Cheeky Monkey, and I was always frustrated with the first company. Whenever I need something from Cheeky Monkey, their response is amazing. They have everything in order, organized on an Excel spreadsheet that is presented to us in a weekly meeting. As items are completed, they drop to the bottom of the spreadsheet; those that are up and coming are at the top. We’re never surprised by what’s happening. Everything is always well thought-out.

What distinguishes Cheeky Monkey Media from other providers?

I’ve been to Cheeky Monkey's office, which is very warm and inviting. They’re all knowledgeable and extremely friendly, but always professional. They get back to me right away when I have an issue and are just great people.

Is there anything Cheeky Monkey Media could have improved or done differently?

The only thing I would say is that in the beginning, we were moved from one project manager to another. Because of this, it took some time to get the bugs worked out between the two. If we had been working with the same person from the start, it would have been a better initial experience.


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