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Drupal Development for Leading Information Technology Firm

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ImageX redesigned a Drupal website to make it more user-friendly. They were involved in strategy, requirements scoping, implementation, testing, and deployment.

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The redesign led to a 35 percent increase in unique page views, a 40 percent increase in average visit duration, and a 47 percent increase in new visitors to the site. The site rarely experienced downtime. ImageX impressed with their timeliness, solid communication, and consistently exceptional work.

"They've got some seriously talented developers and designers on their team."


Could you briefly describe your organization?

We’re one of the leaders in the enterprise performance management space for large-scale networks. We drive performance managements for some of the top companies in the world like Comcast and Verizon. We help them manage their networks and network performance. If they have an issue somewhere in their data center, we have an application and a hardware appliance that can alert them on issues before the end users are impacted.

What is your position?

I’m the director of digital marketing.


Could you describe the business challenges that you were attempting to address when you first approached ImageX?

We had an outdated and obsolete site that was just extremely cluttered. We had a whole lot of different resources, things like white papers and case studies, customer testimonials, user interactions, and all sorts of custom videos. It wasn’t well organized and hence very user unfriendly. We had drop-down menus, and things that were a mile long. We wanted to undo this completely by implementing a brand new responsive design, and updating the information architecture of the site. We wanted to be able to tell our story effectively and allow users to find the information they needed in an intuitive and convenient manner.


Could you describe the scope of work in greater detail?

ImageX came in and took us through the whole redesign and deployment. They were heavily involved in each and every phase, from inception to deployment. They flew down here during the RFP [request for proposal] process, and we discussed what our business is, and gave them a tour of the company, and gave them information about what exactly we do. They took that back with them and created a 37-page system requirement document. Then, we moved through the next discovery phase with them. They produced a 140-page document with all the navigation and features, and every single page across the entire website. Once we reached an agreement on the scope and deployment strategy, they began the actual process of developing our core components, testing them, implementing them, and enhancing them.

How did you select ImageX as your solution partner?

We were looking into a couple of different vendors. We were looking for those that were considered the top Drupal firms. We had talked with one locally, Lullabot, but they were way outside of our price range. There were a couple other creative studios that we looked at, too. We looked at some of the pre-existing templates for Drupal, and outsourcing it. We also considered doing it in-house, but our website is absolutely massive, and it would have been a daunting undertaking.

I had known a couple people who had designed some fairly large Drupal sites, and they recommended ImageX. They’d heard really good things. That’s when we decided to send them an RFP and have them look at our project. I had unknowingly been visiting some of the sites they designed for years, which were some of my favorites. Once we did the RFP with them, and saw their design style and what they did, we chose to go with them.

Could you provide a general cost estimate for this particular engagement?

To give you an idea of a price disparity, a different company was going to be close to $120,000 or $150,000 for only mockups. ImageX was gave us the same estimate, but included the entire thing, from inception to deployment.

We went through an initial design, and then a redesign. The total cost of the site, had we avoided doing the redesign, would have been about $120,000 to $130,000. With the redesign, we went up to about $200,000. We also have ongoing contracts with them, and we’re doing more work with them right now. That’ll probably bring us close $300,000 by the end of next year. They’re worth every penny.


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the quality of their performance?

On average, we’re seeing about a 30 percent drop in bounce rate. We’re seeing about a 35 percent increase in unique page views, a 40 percent increase in the average duration of users visiting our website. On average, we’re seeing about 30 percent increase in pretty much all of our numbers. It’s right about a 30 percent difference for goal completions, which is basically a conversion to us. It’s lead generation. We’re seeing about a 47 percent increase in new users to the website, compared to about two months.

When we went live, we kind of flipped the switch and we were up in just about two hours. The two-hour delay was kind of an internal issue here, nothing to do with ImageX itself. They also pushed us to host on Acquia, which they consider more than sufficient for large traffic websites like ours. We haven’t had a production down issue since we had the site up. It’s been fantastic.

On our old site, I would say we had about three hours a month of production down time. It was kind of nice not to have to deal with those emergencies. We have a production and development server now, which is a big help, but the fact that we’ve had 100 percent up time has been the best part.

When working with ImageX is there anything you’d consider unique about their strategic approach and/or development methodology that distinguish them from other vendors?

For us, communication was pretty much paramount. We had a tight deadline on the last phase of the website, but they definitely kept up, which was very impressive. They’ve got some seriously talented developers and designers on their team, and it shows in the quality and consistency of their work. We were also very impressed with their response time. They seemed to always be available when we had questions, comments, or concerns.


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