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Drupal Development Government Agency

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Project summary: 

The client is a government agency offering a range of public services to local residents. Due to limited internal resources, the client sought a qualified technology partner to support their transition to a Drupal-based custom platform. Iterate was one of several potential vendors to receive an inquiry from the client, and they were chosen as the solution partner based on their previous experience and demonstrated capabilities. Once commissioned, Iterate began to collaborate closely with the client on their new Drupal site, which involved the following: User requirements gathering, project scoping, data preparation and migration, custom backend development, systems integration and configuration, information architecture, user interface/user experience and performance testing, maintenance and ongoing support.

Feedback summary: 

The client remains quite pleased with the work delivered by Iterate. According to the client, the successful deployment of their new Drupal site has resulted in significant improvements in their process efficiency and administrative oversight. Iterate was praised highly for their meticulous attention to detail and ability to provide strategic recommendations on process improvement. The client maintains an ongoing relationship with Iterate and recommends them to others. 

"They take a very collaborative approach to development. They really look to incorporate the client's perspective."


Could you briefly describe your organization?

The South Dublin County Council is the third-largest local government authority in the Republic of Ireland. We provide a range of public services to our local residents. 

What is your position?

I'm a systems analyst. I head up the Web and applications development teams.


Could you describe the business challenge that you were attempting to address when you first approached Iterate?

At the time, we had 13 independent microsites, which offered an inconsistent and fragmented user experience. We wanted to consolidate all of those properties into a single website, which would be easier to maintain and scale. Drupal has already been selected as the platform of choice, so we knew we needed to find a partner that had experience using it. We simply didn't have the internal resources to make the transition by ourselves. 


Could you describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail?

Most of what they did was custom development, data preparation, systems integration, and testing. We managed the project and dealt with most of the visual elements of the site. They also modified and implemented some different modules after we launched the site. 

How long did this deployment last?

In total, from conception to deployment, it took about 12 months. 


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the quality of their performance?

I can't share any specific metrics or stats, but I can say that the overall deployment was a success. We transitioned to our new Drupal site without issue. The new designs and functionalities were implemented as specified. We were impressed with the rollout. Feedback has remained very positive, too. 

When working with Iterate, is there anything you'd consider unique about their approach or development methodology that distinguish them from other vendors?

They take a very collaborative approach to development. They really look to incorporate the client's perspective. They're not afraid to make suggestions when and where it counts, even if it might not be the way the client would have approached the problem. They're very thoughtful in that regard. 


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