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Drupal Development for Digital Products Firm

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The client tasked Therefore Interactive with the development and design of a Drupal development project.

Feedback summary: 

Therefore Interactive's high-quality work and personal approach to the project are highlighted by the client. Additionally, their documentation on the development was well done.

"I appreciate the fact that, even though Therefore Interactive is not a huge company, they're a high-quality one."


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We are an entrepreneurial organization that builds the next generation of digital products for early stage start-ups and large enterprises. I am the vice president of products for the company.


What challenge were you trying to address with Therefore Interactive?

We are also a design and development technology company, mostly focusing on development. A client came to us with a Drupal project, for which we didn't have the specific skill sets required.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Therefore Interactive was brought in to provide help with our endeavor. For the most part, Therefore Interactive has handled the majority of the Drupal work. A portion of the project deals with AngularJS, which is closer to our skillsets. We've also worked with Therefore Interactive's technology architects to design the solution. 

How did you come to work with Therefore Interactive?

I'd known Therefore Interactive's principal for 5 or 6 years, but we'd never worked together in a professional capacity. I chose Therefore Interactive because I knew that they were one of the best shops in Toronto for Drupal work.

How much have you invested with Therefore Interactive?

The cost of Therefore Interactive's services has been around $50,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with Therefore Interactive at the beginning of August 2016. We're within the last couple of days for our current project.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

I never had any concerns about the quality of the deliverables. The initial work and planning were also fantastic on Therefore Interactive's side, with well-done documentation answering the clients' questions precisely.

How did Therefore Interactive perform from a project management standpoint?

Therefore Interactive has been good in this regard as well. We keep synchronous and asynchronous communication; we've worked with Therefore Interactive's project management constantly. They're always available for keeping things on track, but they're also not afraid to mention when something is out-of-scope. 

What did you find most impressive about Therefore Interactive?

I appreciate the fact that, even though Therefore Interactive is not a huge company, they're a high-quality one. The work is excellent, but their team is also personable. I've never had the feeling of sending requests into a black hole, and not knowing when they would come out.

Are there any areas Therefore Interactive could improve?

I can't think of anything significant. Therefore Interactive has run a typical, well-planned project.


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