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SayOne Technologies

Django Development for Entertainment Broadcasting Company

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Project summary: 

SayOne develops various IT solutions for a broadcasting company. The project is ongoing and involves coding in Django and performing numerous backend tasks.

Feedback summary: 

SayOne delivers high-quality, scalable products within deadlines. The team is highly responsive and remains on standby around the clock for troubleshooting and addressing issues. Furthermore, their ability to work with a wide variety of technologies qualifies them for most endeavors.

“They can probably build anything.”


Could you briefly describe your organization?

I run a media company that works in the digital space, offering technology solutions to businesses and other organizations.

What is your position?

I’m the CEO of the company.


Could you describe the business challenge that you were trying to address when you first approached SayOne Technologies?

I’ve used a number of different developers and agencies for various projects. At the time I hired them, I needed an agency that was experienced in Django and the corresponding technologies. We didn’t have as much experience with Python and Django, so we knew we wanted a company that could offer a more nuanced and experienced eye.


Could you describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail?

We have projects involving Bootstrap, iOS, Android, Django, server-related stuff, Java, API [application programming interface] development, and some more basic things. I’ve given them a range of tasks in this space, and they turned out to be great in Django and some other lightweight back-end stuff. They’re pretty brilliant in that area, and that’s where I concentrate their resources.

How did you come to choose SayOne Technologies as your partner?

I generally find my developers through freelance platforms like Elance or oDesk. We started with a freelance project, which turned out to be great. I then added more responsibilities on another project and gave it to them. They performed very well, so I decided to keep them as our development partner

Could you provide a general cost estimate for this particular engagement?

It was between $30,000 and $40,000.

Do you maintain an ongoing relationship with them?

Yes. We are now working on a contract basis, and we have several upcoming projects.


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the quality of their performance?

We have a different kind of process. It’s not standard where we just get the scope and they develop and deliver, and then the job is done. I deliberately made the decision that we’re not building this business on one goal. We’re basically building individual components that can be put together and become a bigger unit. With that perspective, I think the biggest measurement is that everything works and everything scales, and that’s good news. If something doesn’t work, I can reach those guys throughout the day, and we can troubleshoot. I’ve never had an issue with poor quality in any of their deliverables, which is great.

When working with SayOne Technologies, is there anything that you would consider unique about their strategic approach or development methodology that distinguish them from other vendors?

I’ve tried several different developers before, and it’s very common for an offer developer to want a specific scope to work on, then they deliver to those specifications. With SayOne, we’ve created almost an in-house environment, where we work together on various components or prototypes. If they run into a roadblock, they have no problem letting me know that they don’t know how to do something. That’s very unusual, though, and it takes considerable courage. In my book, that’s worth the money. In today’s world, technologies change so fast, and we need to figure out how to work with them. They are open, and they have good communication in this area. These guys can execute. They can probably build anything.

In retrospect, are there areas in which you think they could improve as a service provider?

In general, regardless of the developer, there’s a lack of translation and communication. With SayOne or anyone you work with, if you can’t manage the project yourself, it can usually end up badly. I always wish these developers had it in them to stay on point for the duration of an engagement, but that doesn’t seem to be how many of them operate.  

What advice, if any, would you give a future client before approaching SayOne Technologies with a new project?

Outside of what I mentioned before about project management, I would say that if you have an open mind, you can basically do anything with these guys. They’re very competent and professional.


Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    They did much better than I did. I don’t really push them in this area because I’d rather keep a good working relationship with them.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 4.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I would definitely recommend them to someone who has experience in the technology space.