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Agriya developed the second version of an existing website within a limited timeline and budget. The team helped shift the website's industry focus, improve its performance, and provide information to users.

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Agriya surpassed expectations in expertise and level of service. The team demonstrated the ability to follow through with commitments and meet unique business requirements. The project is now moving from prototype to production, with the team set to provide support on a long-term basis.

"I am very impressed with their expertise and level of service."


I am a social entrepreneur out of the Boston area building a Tech Ed site with a limited budget and time.


This is the second version of my site. We are currently working on the second prototype. I needed someone who was flexible to work on it and improve the performance.


My business is shifting from one industry to another. I want to provide a website for users who want to gain knowledge about various educational topics. I work with Agriya on Web development for this site. I plan to work with them for at least the next year on this project.


I worked closely with Agriya during the last six months and am very impressed with their expertise and level of service. Through building my prototypes, they showed the ability to work with my business's unique requirements effectively and followed through with their commitments. My project is now moving from building prototypes to building the actual product. I am very much looking forward to working with Agriya on a long-term basis.

I have no complaints. I should have done more research before the project about Web design and development, but that is not Agriya's fault.


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