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Hudson Integrated

Web Design for Sporting Goods Corporation

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Hudson Horizons redesigned, developed, and launched a sporting goods e-commerce website. They also provided maintenance, functionality improvements, and regular updates.

Feedback summary: 

Hudson Horizons contributed to a variety of exceptionally successful projects, which significantly decreased the amount of performance complaints received. Their friendliness, collaborative mindset, and dependability built a trusting long-term relationship. 

"They are very personable. That’s why we actually chose them."


Please describe your firm as well as your role and responsibilities.

I’m the IT manager. Our company is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts and accessories. We’re a mail-order business.


What was your goal for the work with Hudson Horizons?

We had a website, but it was growing way too busy, way too fast. It wasn’t very modern in appearance. We needed a scalable, modern-looking, definitely faster-performing website.


What was your process for selecting them to work with on this project?

We wanted someone who was in driving range of our business because we find that you really have to have a face-to-face personal relationship with someone who wasn’t afraid to come and talk with us so. We wanted actually to meet individuals as opposed to someone just on the other end of a website. We selected probably a dozen of them that were within driving range of our location. We chose them after interviewing all 12.

Please describe the scope of the work.

There was both design and development. We also paid them to support our website, so we don’t have to monitor it. We don’t have to see when there are errors. It wasn’t just, “We wanted you to build it and see you later.”

How much of the design elements did you provide to them?

We let them handle that completely. I just approve designs. Sometimes, they give us a couple of options.

Can you provide a sense of the size of that project or, if not that in monetary terms, just the amount of hours approximately they dedicated to your work?

I wouldn’t be able to. I’m sorry. It’s huge. We’re one of the largest e-commerce sites. Almost anyone we interviewed talked about it. We have a half million SKUs [stock keeping units].

Is the work ongoing?

Yes. Originally, we hired them for one project to redesign, build, and complete the website. Now, it’s an ongoing project because we need functionality, we want changes, and we want updates. 


What are the results of the projects?

Phenomenal. We signed up again for a whole other year with them to maintain and update and monitor our site.

Do you happen to have any statistics or metrics that you could share about the success of the site?

We’re very tied to world events, politics. I can tell you complaints about performance. We’re down to from thousands of questions a week to only a couple hundred. At least 80 percent of the complaints have dropped right off.

How did Hudson Horizons perform?

They are very personable. That’s why we actually chose them. They took the time to come just like the others. They sat, talked, and gave us feedback. You aren’t just brushed off on one guy. You’re assigned a team. You deal with the entire team. You don’t have to worry about one individual, one guy going on vacation. They’re a full-size company.

Looking back on the work so far, is there anything that you think they could improve upon or something you might do differently looking back?

They’ve never done anything on our scale. It was new to them this time, but that’s not their fault. One of the reasons we went with them was because of their history and their sales. I think they might have done things differently if they’ve done something on this scale before. I don’t have complaints about it.


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