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Tiny Frog Technologies provides a variety of services for the client including website building, blog management, and internal communication.

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Tiny Frog Technologies produces quality work, listens well, and is extremely responsive. The team offered positive templates and solutions that encouraged seamless brand uniformity among branches. They have a thorough understanding of the client and project needs.

"Tiny Frog Technologies is far superior to the other firms I’ve worked with in the past."


Please describe your company.

We lease commercial buildings and investments. We’ve been in business for 35 years. We started out in California, and we now have about 52 offices nationwide.

What are your role and responsibilities?

I’m the chief operating officer.


What was your goal in working with TinyFrog Technologies?

We needed a company to handle all of our website needs. Our previous vendor couldn’t work with the APIs [application programming interfaces] that were provided. So, our entire Web – technical, hosting, maintenance, everything – needed to be turned over to a new vendor.


Please describe the scope of their work.

We started out seeing if they could handle creating microsites for our individual offices. We had them create the sites, and we’re now working with them on agent sites and specialty group sites. We just signed contracts with them to make our national site and all other corresponding sites this year.

They’re also taking all the pages from the software program that created some of the problems with the previous vendor. They’ve also taken on controlling, servicing, and updating our very large blog, which we use as our intranet and what services all types of communication across the whole organization. So, they are our one stop for everything technical with regard to our website and internal communication.

What was your process for selecting TinyFrog Technologies with which to work?

They were suggested to me by a group of our top retail investment agents out of our San Diego office. They had created a website for that team and were working with them at that time. We had a few phone calls with them and reviewed their work for previous clients.

Can you provide a ballpark dollar figure for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

The contract we just signed is around $60,000. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

When did you start working with them? Is the work ongoing?

Our relationship with TinyFrog Technologies started in April 2014. We’ll be working with them on a full-time basis all through this year [2015].


Do you have any statistics, metrics, or feedback from the project?

We’ve had 100 percent satisfaction and that’s not easy with a firm that is 35 years old and that has grown from a single office in California to a nationwide organization. It’s been hard to get the understanding across to all of our offices as to why we need to have a similar look and feel. TinyFrog Technologies was able to offer positive templates and solutions that caused my life to be much easier when facing the lack of wanting to conform. Everyone is extremely happy.

Is there anything unique about TinyFrog Technologies that really makes them stand out compared to other companies?

The ability to have contact with the owner and the project manager is very important. We can understand how they’re adding people to the team just to help us along the way. Also, their solutions and understanding of the client and the client’s needs are outstanding. They listen really well, which is hard to find in vendors, who often have their own ideas. We’re a tough firm to work with, but they don’t flinch. They’ve been a joy to work with.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or something that you might do differently?

At this moment, I have no complaints. TinyFrog Technologies is far superior to the other firms I’ve worked with in the past.

What advice would you give a future client of theirs?

Make sure they understand exactly what it is that you are asking them to do, make sure that they understand your needs, and then start slowly.


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